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  1. I like the overall look of the forums and the search function is a lot easier to use and very helpful when trying to find something specific!
  2. I want to get fitted for set of TM or Mizuno. During your fitting, were you able to try your TM with different shaft options? Or do we need to wait for the release to have the ability to do it?
  3. MY apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I live in the middle of the country in Michigan and looking for a club fitter to get fit for irons, and potentially my entire bag, but most importantly irons first. I'm willing to take a drive and make a weekend out of it if needed. Any recommendations on good golf fitters? I've done a little research and there is: Miles of Golf Carls Golf Land Maple Hill Club Champion Any experience with there or any others? Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone! I am going to get fit. I'll take a drive and maybe make a weekend out of it. I'll start a new forum for recommendations to go since I'm in the middle of no where in country land of Michigan.
  5. Alright here's the scoop. I was given permission (from the wife) to purchase a NEW set of irons. In the passed, I always purchased clubs from Ebay or WRXer's. I'm currently gaming Srixon Z565 irons and they have Dynamic Gold S300 shafts in them. I'm set on either the TM P770 or Mizuno Forged from this year. Okay to my question: How important is shaft in the irons now? Like I said, I always look for what ever "Stiff" shaft when searching for new "to me" irons. I am on the fence for going for a fitting because i'm set on 2 different irons, i'll make my choice when i get a chance to
  6. I'm currently a laser guy, but my laser is having problems. I've had 2 sky caddies back in the day, and both had the same battery issue after one season and the customer service was terrible for a unit costing $300+ dollars. No replacements, just $100 off a new unit. Have you had experience with this in the newer models? Phone apps are free, or very cheap and basically do the same thing as a sky caddie, that's why i'm wondering if it's worth it to go back to it.
  7. not asking for a friend... asking for myself lol
  8. Long story short, i'm moving and there is no room for extra clubs in my new tiny place. I was in bad lighting so if you would like more pictures than what's posted here, just let me know and I'll take more! All prices marked are shipped, not looking for trades, but if my price is not reasonable we can talk it over. I try to be a fair seller and go in the order requests come in. Any other questions please feel free to message me! ~~**34 inch Center Shaft TaylorMade Spider Tour Red with sight line. $OLD**~~ ~~**Mizuno ST180 3-Wood 15 degree Tensei Blue 60g Stiff $OLD**~~ **Callaway E
  9. No preference. Just something to read.
  10. So my girlfriend says I should read in my spare time rather than watching golf all day long... so i figure, why not read a golf book lol. Any recommendations out there?
  11. When choosing wedges, is it safe to buy off the rack wedges, or should you order wedges with the same shafts that are in your irons to keep it consistent?
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