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  1. A course I played through high school actually put a fence up right next to the tee box to try to keep you from trying to drive over trees and cut off a dogleg.. Problem without the fence was if you hit it too far to the right it could hit someone playing the previous hole.
  2. I didn’t know where to put this, moderator please move if there’s a more appropriate place... I’m sure most of us have played a course with some strange layouts. A public course near me, built 40+ years ago, has several holes that look like the designer never thought anyone could hit a drive over 200 yards in the air. Shortly after it opened, they knew they had a problem, so they added in-course OB on a couple of holes...that was later abandoned because so many players just ignored them. There are at least 3 holes where the best play is right over the edge of the green of a
  3. Two points: 1) Would it speed up play? If yes, I’m in. 2) If I invented a car than ran clean and efficiently on saltwater, would the petroleum industry make sure I disappeared? Would the golf ball industry make you disappear? Just kidding...I think.
  4. Well, my LMH900 is being returned. I took multiple readings of the same pin...it would lock on and give me 3 different readings, sometimes 8-10 yards different. And these were also inside 175 yards. The search continues...
  5. OK, responding to my own question. This is intriguing, because it appears you can use an older phone that doesn’t have a cell plan attached. Or download the course on your regular phone, put in airplane mode, and get yardages but save your battery. https://www.golfgpsapp.com
  6. That is the actual name of it, “BirdieApps.” Anyone tried this? Claims to use far less phone battery. If you pay $30 a year you can download a course and use offline.
  7. Thanks for the update. Stating to wonder what’s inside these things, LOL.
  8. Mine came in today. I had read on Amazon someone put the battery that came with it in before removing the battery’s shrink wrap. I forgot and went to put the battery in and noticed it was a tight fit...that reminded me about the shrink wrap that was hard to notice. Took that off and reinserted. It powered up...it will be a few days but I’ll compare it to some more expensive units.
  9. Any chance it’s the battery they sent? Did you have another one to try? I’ll probably regret not getting the H100 for $56. That deal is gone for now.
  10. Yes, I saved screenshots of the listing...even emailed the seller. So if it fails this year I can send it back. This will be my first unit with slope so I will compare that as well, thanks for the advice.
  11. Read the thread nearby about Bridgestone vs TaylorMade. Sounds like the Bridgestone Tour BXS might be worth a try for you.
  12. One thing: I think this one has the old battery door. There were complaints of people losing these on some WoSports models. I take that to mean it comes completely off the unit. The updated door on the H-100 just opens but stays attached.
  13. Probably will regret this...I was going to buy the H-100 today, 30% off for the blue one gets it down to $56. BUT...there is a 60% coupon today 1/12 on the LM900H, net price is $36 !!! I ordered it...more later.
  14. I love the “product specifications.” Distance “Maximum.” Wedge Spin “HIGH.” How does anyone play anything else? Well, unless you don’t want SOFT feel.
  15. Just found 3 dozen golf balls, probably 3 year old, sitting in a closet, never been hit. Chrome Softs and Pro V1s. They’ve always been kept at room temp, so they should be fine, right?
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