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  1. No, unfortunately it is relatively difficult to get on the course here in Korea. Will report back when I do get a chance.
  2. Mizzy is actually the left! Can't tell much of a difference between the two at address.
  3. This is a side by side address position photo for the 8 iron. Can you tell if there is a big difference?
  4. I've hit the new Mizuno Pro 223s in a few range sessions and all I have to say is that these are butter soft.
  5. I was able to have a few range sessions now with the new 223 irons and these feel butter soft, a trademark Mizuno feel. I haven't played Mizuno irons since MP-64s and realized again how good Mizuno irons feel compared to other OEMs. Forgiveness wise, I keep going back and forth with the P7MC and it is clear that the 223 is much more forgiving, which is what I wanted as I am no longer able to practice/play as often. Overall I am very happy with the performance and feel of these irons. It may be a honeymoon period review but having played this game for over two decades, I have a feeling that I am going to stick with these for a long time.
  6. Based on what Vosh had said over the Mizuno Golf Live stream a few weeks ago, the 223 is the new version of the MMC, but with more punch and forgiveness. He also said that the 223 basically has the tech of the JPX 921 Forged rolled into a smaller head and supposedly is more forgiving than the JPX 921 forged. Rory Sabbatini put in his bag last week and had a T3 finish and in Korea, Sei Young Kim (LPGA Tour) put it in her bag, as she was interviewed about the 223 in Mizuno Korea's Youtube channel. Excited to try these out but we just had a cold front roll into Korea today and the expected temps for the next few days are around freezing to mid-50s. I may need to start hitting these first on the driving range next to a heater.
  7. Posting address photos for the 6 iron and PW.
  8. Mizuno Pro 223s. Cant wait to hit these. Coming from my current P7MC gamers, I wanted a more forgiving head without sacrificing feel. Will see if this fits that billing.
  9. There is a slight grind on the back of the soles in these irons. Not sure for what purpose though..
  10. Just got a set of Mizuno Pro 223, my first Mizuno irons. I will revert with my thoughts after testing these out. (previously played P7MC, T100S).
  11. Mizuno pro 221/223/225 official release was yesterday here in Korea. Adding a few photos and a comparison to my current gamer taylormade P7mc 6 iron. The head is slightly larger with a wider sole. A more forgiving head that I wanted.
  12. I am getting my pre-ordered Mizuno Pro 223 set on Oct. 15, which is the official release date in the far east. I'll post some photos comparing these with my current gamers (P7MC).
  13. I am getting my pre-ordered Mizuno Pro 223 set on Oct. 15, which is the official release date in the far east. I'll post some photos comparing these with my current gamers (P7MC).
  14. Looking forward to your comparison as well! I think this may be just as forgiving as the Z if both weights go on the back.
  15. I have a G400 3 wood at (-) setting and it is the best combination of forgiveness, accuracy, and distance I have ever had. I think the shaft is also just as important but the clubhead itself screams PING; it gets the job done.
  16. I think hoofer 14 is better if you primarily ride when you play golf because it should be better than the regular in terms of chatter. Vice versa If you are a walker.
  17. So according to the Ping website, the trajectory for Modus 105 is Mid-High. But it seems that people here say it lowers the flight. Not sure how to comprehend this. Is the Modus 105 similar to Steelfiber i95 in terms of trajectory and performance? Thanks in advance.
  18. I've played mostly Pings this season but I can't get rid of these because I know I will regret it eventually. Great irons.
  19. I just had a Titleist fitting and was fitted into 718 tmb with Modus 105. Rather than spending almost $2000 on a new set of irons, I found the exact set I needed in 716 on eBay and jumped on the opportunity. I have played 3 rounds so far with these and it is impressive (distance, trajectory, feel). I doubt there is any noticeable difference between the 716 and 718 TMBs ( according to Titleist, more tungsten in 718 90g compared to 83g in 716 leading to higher MOI) but others on this board can chime in if there is an upgrade.
  20. I was waiting for the 718s to come out so that I could get a great deal with the 716s. Finally got it. Can't wait until I get to try it next week!
  21. Awesome write up! Although I did not get an experience like this, I did get a free fitting experience with Titleist fitting day events where I got to find what shaft fit me the most. It was an hour session only with irons but at least I was able to find what shaft fits me the best now. I then went to find the best deal I could find with those iron shafts and head combo and found a great deal. Cheapo version of a fitting but I am excited nonetheless! New Irons coming in!
  22. They may have an x but it probably isn't one of their "stock" offering with lower upcharge.
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