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  1. Does Trackman have a setting that will show you your dispersion pattern for each club? I keep reading about applying your dispersion pattern to the hole but need to figure out what that is first! If they have some kind of setting on those things that show that it sounds like I need to go rent time on a Trackman or the like and see what my cones look like.
  2. Thank you JJ. I look forward to listening to the podcast. Willy
  3. You hear them on TV talking about strategists that the PGA Tour (and probably all levels of play) but they rarely name them. I know about the guy with Decade, but does anyone know who the other gurus are? Like the NBA, NFL, and baseball, analytics and those who know how to analyze and use the data are changing the way golf is played. I'd love to learn more about these people and how they do what they do for the players we watch every week on TV.
  4. Something was suggested to me over the weekend....private label bottle of bourbon or vodka? Thoughts?
  5. Not sure I know what a Challenge Coin is. Same as a ball marker? you guys are awesome. Great ideas and I learned about challenge coins...win win for me. Thanks again
  6. Not sure I know what a Challenge Coin is. Same as a ball marker?
  7. I run a golf tournament each summer that has approximately 24-30 good players participating. I'm looking for a unique tee favor to give out this year. Our budget is around $25-$35 per player. In previous years we have done nice golf towels, beer glasses, wine openers, and flasks. Looking for some unique ideas that will help our event stand out a bit. I'm not the most creative guy out there so I'm leaning on you all to spark some ideas. This is a serious but not stuffy event and most the guys that play are guys that play in state ams, some national am events, etc. Appreciate any help.
  8. I was wondering how the wind was factored into the equation. It gets plugged in through the app on the phone? I appreciate the tip on this unit as I will be checking it out. Don't understand why Bushnell does add the slop feature to the hybrid. They would have the perfect unit that way
  9. So I used the Bushnell hybrid for several years before switching to the new Bushnell Pro XE version this spring. I’ve been underwhelmed with it because I don’t see the benefit of the slope and weather conditions aspects like I thought I would. I also miss the hybrids screen that showed me front, middle, back details or other yardages to things like bunkers, doglegs, etc. my question is if there is a unit out there where I can point and measure to any kind of target, get slope and weather conditions factored in, and also get the gps info like the hybrid all in one unit? thanks
  10. In my opinion, Butch Harmon is probably the best teacher out there over the last 20-30 years. I have always admired his ability to work with, and improve, so many different swing types and not just teach a certain style of swing. As a regular amateur, I don't have the connections or the cash to get a lesson or two with Butch, but I'm guessing he has many teachers out there who learned under him and who might be available to work with. Does anyone have any first hand insight on "Butch guys" that are available to the masses?
  11. So I run a small company and recently I've had sales people and inside backroom people squabbling over petty things that turn into "he said, she said" disputes that I have to get dragged into to squelch. I'm in a service industry but dealing with people that often have more street smarts than book or business school training smarts. I'd love to give them all a book or video or something to teach them how to deal with others and handle conflict resolution a little better. That way I'm not singling out anyone and can treat this as an exercise that all of us need and training instead of the parenting moment it really is. Any of you have any suggestions on a book or article or the like that works in these types of scenarios? Willy
  12. Came down to Nashville to play this weekend and the whole area is a swamp! Got out to play 9 at Hermitage but tomorrow need to find and area that is much drier between Nashville and Indy. Any insight from anyone? Willy
  13. Not to thread jack, but.... I'm heading to Nashville soon to play at Hermitage and trying to figure out area to stay. Any suggestions? Will be for two nights...will try to get down to the "city" area to check things out and eat at least one night. Thanks
  14. Guys, How are the courses at Vandy? Might be bringing my daughter with us now and she could look at Vandy and Belmont with my wife while my son and I play golf...
  15. Thanks for the help guys. I appreciate it!
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