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  1. Organizing a work-related golf outing coming up and having a hard time picking a game. Will be 12 people w/ handicaps ranking from 6 to 25+. Some want a scramble (not going to do that), others a bramble and on and on. Does anyone have any recommendations for a fun game given the group, and one that won’t be that difficult to explain or keep track of? Thanks in advance!
  2. For the CC of Savannah, are people referring to Wilmington Island GC (http://wilmingtonislandclub.com/Golf.php)? Looks like a local but cheaper option than Savannah Harbor at the Westin (almost $80 cheaper, actually!). Thoughts? I played the Ocean Course today. You're all right - you can't swap that course out of a rare trip to Kiawah for a big golfer. Just too special. Had a great day despite having some real tough holes. Good playing partners and caddie, to boot. Wind was howling at 20 mph sustained and the last five holes played like 10 holes. May try to get out tomorrow AM last minute - either at Cougar or Osprey. Those seem like the consensus for this thread and from everyone I talk to. We'll see!
  3. Awesome - thanks everyone If Ocean was Aug 6-10, it should be fine by ~Sept 4-5
  4. Awesome, thanks. I've played GMN and Okemo - both great courses, although I'm partial to Okemo I think.
  5. A few quick questions for you locals as I prepare for a week-long vacation to Charleston, Kiawah Island and Savannah. I plan on playing two or three rounds of golf the week of Labor Day. We're headed from Charleston to Kiawah that Mon, 9/3 for three days and hope to play the Ocean Course (played last year and it was amazing, though it's obviously super expensive). Afterwards, we're headed to Savannah for two nights before coming home. My questions for you: 1. If choosing one other course on Kiawah in addition to the Ocean Course, which would you chose and why? Also, would you opt out the Ocean Course and play two other courses instead? If so, which and why? 2. Which are the best/most fun/etc. courses would you play in Savannah and why? Are there private courses that an out-of-towner could get out on, if the public options aren't the best? Not looking for an essay (obviously), but any insight you can provide to this out-of-towner would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. Any feedback on these course? Layout, condition, etc. would all be appreciated. I am headed up there in a month and curious what I am in store for. Thanks in advance!
  7. Last 10 rounds: 79 Last 20 rounds: 80 Low 10 rounds (w/i last 20): 77 High 10 rounds: 84 What do I win? A sleeve of balls, as someone suggested. DM me your address
  8. Almost the exact opposite! Like any golfer, I have my days with the two-way miss (yuck), but normally get off the tee pretty straight and consistently. Approach shots are not an issue, including placement on the greens. Short game is the obvious issue - too many 3 putts, and not enough good "ups" to make easy (~3') "downs." See above. Also, a miss on my history with this game (or others) :blind: :rolleyes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Nailed it! Ha! So my handicap revision (based on the stats I posted, which is only fair) is a 6.2. Pretty obvious what I need to work on! In addition to the short game and a penalty stroke here and there, maybe playing more tennis, picking out paint colors for our house, and the spinach-in-teeth issue. Thanks for playing. Lots of close guesses.
  9. My goal was to get a sense based on those two stats which I feel are disproportionately better than my actual handicap would suggest. Scramble % is ~20%-25%. I am not an 18 and I am not scratch.
  10. It has been an interesting golf season for me so far - some ups and some downs. I've been tracking all of it with Golf360 and I've now logged 21 rounds (either 9 or 18 holes), which I believe is every round I've played so far this year. I've posted a screenshot below showing my GIRs and FWs over my last 20 rounds. I'm sure it's telling by what I am/am not posting within the screenshot, but I'd like to see if you can guess the missing pieces (maybe not scrambling). And then I'll definitely be soliciting feedback!
  11. Clothing Sale - RLX and Ralph Lauren Golf - ONLY ONE ITEM LEFT - 7/15 PayPal only. All items shipped within 1-2 days via USPS Priority. Item 1) RLX Ralph Lauren Navy Blue/Green Striped Pants - Size 34/32 -- GREAT condition (wrinkled here from the drawer!): $35 $25 Item 2) Maide (Bonobos) Navy Blue Pants - Size 32/32 -- GREAT condition: $SOLD Item 3) RLX Ralph Lauren Grey Sweater - Size M -- GREAT condition: SOLD
  12. Spring Clothing Sale - EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! PRICED TO MOVE QUICK!!! PRICE DROPS AS OF 5/24!!! PayPal only. All items shipped within 1-2 days via USPS Priority. Item 1) Nike 3/4-Zip Rain Pullover w/ Sports Illustrated logo (left sleeve) - Size XL (note: fits like L) -- VERY GOOD condition: $15 $11 Item 2) RLX Ralph Lauren Navy Blue/Green Striped Pants - Size 34/32 -- GREAT condition: $45 $28 Item 3) Maide (Bonobos) Navy Blue Pants - Size 32/32 -- GREAT condition: $50 $38 Item 4) RLX Ralph Lauren Grey Sweater - Size M -- GREAT condition: $50 $35 Item 5) RLX Ralph Lauren Pink/Grey Polo Shirt - Size L -- VERY GOOD condition: $OLD Item 6) Nike Adjustable Belts - Grey, Blue and Red - Blue/Red cut to ~36"; Grey not cut -- PERFECT condition: $OLD Item 7) Greg Norman White/Blue/Green Plaid - Size L/34 Shorts -- GREAT condition: $8 $5
  13. ONE ITEM ONLY: Greg Norman golf shorts - Size 34" / L - only $8! In very good shape. Just don't need them anymore. Item will ship right away via USPS Priority with tracking and insurance!
  14. Has anyone played? What's the story with this course and its current conditions (if known)? Anything I should know as a first-timer? Also, has anyone played Sugarloaf in the last month or so? Conditions? Thanks!
  15. My only "gripe"s (that word is probably a stretch) with Charleson National's layout is three of the four par 3's (2, 14 and 18) are more or less the same hole - similar distances, with forced carries over wetland. Not a big deal, but no real differentiation there. The other is the landing zone on hole 15 - I just don't like landing zones as I feel they are a bit gimmicky (carry -> landing zone -> carry...ehh). That's all. Really good course otherwise and I enjoyed it.
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