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  1. Hey Everyone – Selling this beauty for a buddy of mine. For sale is an Artisan 0119s putter in tour satin. 34” length / 3.0 Loft / 70 lie. The putter currently has 10 gram weights in the sole, bringing total weight to 340 grams. Will include Artisan 15 gram weights as well if you prefer 350 gram weight. Super easy to install with Allen wrench. Friend gamed for a year (at most), and to my eye, it looks to be in near perfect condition. Comes with scotty head cover. Putter was purchased directly from Artisan in August 2019 for $625. Asking $400 obo (including shipping to lower 48). This putter will be a nice addition to someone’s bag! 15 g weights.heic
  2. I picked up a 60. degree. Great out of bunker as expected, but was shocked how good it performs from tight lies.
  3. Has your PT looked at dry needling. Was only thing that produced true, long-term healing for me
  4. Spyglass. Front is what you came to Carmel for, back 9 is just ordinary
  5. Looking to unload the following. For trades, I'm looking for a Tour AD-DI driver shaft in the 70 gram stiff version (ideally with TM tip). Prices include shipping, but please add $5 extra to total cost if you are west of the Miss. Thanks for looking, and please send any questions my way. Open to reasonable offers. Have a perfect rating and always ship quickly. Cally MD4 RAW 58 degree X grind wedge w/upgraded KBS shaft. $95.00 Received directly from Callaway. Standard loft, lie, length. Ordered with with stiff KBS Tour Hi-Rev 2.0 shaft. I would say this wedge has 12-15 rounds on it. Grooves super sharp and it has rusted nicely. I'm just a W grind player, but this is a great wedge.Cally MD4 Black 48 Degree Gap Wedge. $100.00 Purchased from a local golf store. Stock grip, shaft, and standard loft, lie, and length. This wedge is nearly new. Hit only 12-15 balls with it on the range and it became clear that the lighter weight stock shaft just wasn't going to work for me. Pictures tell the story. Tour Ad-DI 6 (Stiff) Driver Shaft with TM Tip (tipped 1/4"). $135.00 First, I love this shaft. I just discovered that I really benefit from a slightly heavier shaft. Ideally, would love to just trade this for the same driver shaft in the Ad-DI 7 stiff version. Length from butt to tip is 43.5"....played 44.5" in my M2 driver. There is a small scratch right below the grip and a little paint chip about an inch from the top of the adapter tip. I don't know why the TM adapter tip looks a tad scuffed, but it works perfectly. [ attachment=4848024:TOUR AD FULL.jpg]
  6. Agree on the AP3. I think the P790 are fine irons, but if you're going from a blade, the thinner top-line of the AP3 might make it an easier transition for you.
  7. Of course, I would see a physical therapist...but I suffered this affliction a year ago, and dry needling worked wonders. Would highly reccomend inquiring with a PT about it.
  8. Are those wedges the raw version or black stripped? I didn’t think cally offered the raw version in the W grind. Thx!
  9. For those that went shorter, did you find the need to increase the loft as well?
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