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  1. Ppl have to expect delays. This happens every time. The amount of clubs going out, some of the complex orders being made. if you want it faster wait till it hits the store shelves and go buy one and hit it an hour later on the course
  2. I love the feel of titleist fairway woods. They feel much softer off the face then Tm. And, I have broken about 6 Tm fairway woods, only 1 titleist so far...
  3. Why change if you are confident and comfortable with the old stuff? I know if I was playing for big money I would be playing what I am comfortable with. I imagine after a few weeks once he gets it dialed in it will be back in the bag. No point in trying to get comfortable with a new club while trying to win a tourney
  4. My sim is going back on warranty. They are saying to expect a sim2. Hopefully just as good as the sim cause I loved that thing!
  5. Just get last years SIM. Not sure how anything can be better then it. low spin yet forgiving!
  6. Kale_m

    Alberta Courses

    Going to start hitting the range pretty regular here right away to get the swing tuned up. Been to the range twice since the end of the season and the swing already feels better then it did then all of last season. Not sure what was up last season. also think the bag is pretty much set. might tinker with the Fairway wood slot
  7. Yah I went with the p790 3i
  8. The 3w head is way to big. The smaller 5w head with an open face shoulda very appealing
  9. Who is playing the 5w lofted down to 17*? how do you like it? thinking this will be my next purchase. Throw my synergy green proto 80tx in it cut to 42.25” and it should be a cannon. insight is welcome!
  10. In Calgary. We have hundreds of breweries. Lots of great hazy ipa and NEIPA to try!! cabin, establishment, 88brewing. All some of my favourites
  11. Kale_m


    Looked at them today. Didn’t get to hit them. Look the same as my p750
  12. It is probably a 5w head just digitally lofted very low sim fairways are super long. Get the 19* 5w and dial it down to 17*. I might do this over the winter.
  13. Would the P770 3 iron e a good driving iron?
  14. Any comparisons of the sim udi to the p790 ? thinking of just going the p790 route
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