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  1. I am on the 3/4/5 w search right now thinking sim ti in either a 5 or 3 wood. have a g425 4hyb that is my 250 yard club. need a 275 yard carry Off a tee club and I should be good
  2. What area are you in?
  3. I imagine they are just using that weight to adjust swing weight. There is already the 80 or 90 gram V steel weight in there. probably only used to tweak to a players personal preference
  4. Might grab a few doz tomorrow . have not played Z stars in a few years, been playing tp5 and proV
  5. Sim2 sounds and feels softer. Still super hot but just a different sound and feel. I personally like it. sim2 is more neutral flight to me. I am playing it at a lower loft and in the upright setting. Dead straight bombs. Sim was much more fade biased, even when in the upright setting
  6. Kale_m

    Alberta Courses

    played delacour again the other day.. so mint. like the best I have ever seen it and I have about 150 rounds out there
  7. Kale_m

    Alberta Courses

    Ah damn. hopefully it is fixed soon!
  8. Only played 1 round with it but man it is sweet. Hopefully not a honey moon phase. But prob my most favourite TM driver to date. I added a heavier front weight to it when I got it and opened the face to 7.5* loft. was windy yesterday when I played. Wind didn’t touch it
  9. Yes I got them covered. just got my sim2 as a warranty replacement after 3.5 months of waiting
  10. I have cracked a few TM m1 3w x 3 tm m2 tour 3w x 1 TM m1 driver x 1 flat spotted a M6 driver and my SIM driver cracked a 2 week old Ts3 4w it sucks. I am learning to have a back up driver abs a back up 3w now.. swing at 122 mph with the driver . think it is just the way things are made now. i saw keep a cheap back up that you like and get something new abs current that will have a current warranty
  11. I found the feel of the OG sim to be lacking. felt hollow and dead to me. have not hit the sim2
  12. Also don’t want to order one and wait for 4-6 weeks to get it…. would need a x flex …
  13. I have the 4 hyb. Turned down to 20.5 it is a rocket. Hit it well.
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