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  1. If you are a solid ball striker you will be fine. Just dropped my players CB for blades and actually find them easier to hit. Lower trajectory, more controlled out of the rough and then coming into greens downwind. I am a +0.4 cap. Hit the ball well. you will be fine. Not as much in it as you think. If you have speed then your mishits with blades are punished much less I find, and the flushed ones are way more consistent
  2. Love mine. Best 3w I have ever had. had plans of switching the atmos black 6x out of it but I hit it so well that I decided to just keep it in there.
  3. Hit them with some steel wool after you use the CLR. It wil make them look way better
  4. Kale_m

    Alberta Courses

    Do they play in 8 somes for this? 2 foursomes playing together. I know guys cheat when the prizes are balls or gift cards… can’t imagine how his goes ..
  5. Lol. A lot of work for something you won’t even notice…
  6. zx7 - bigger , thicker, soft , stronger lofts 921 - smaller, slimmer , solid , more traditional
  7. Kale_m

    Alberta Courses

    How far back is the tee on 2? That was a driver and a sand wedge from the back tee before
  8. Mizuno stz it won’t leave my bag until it falls to pieces
  9. Not much use standard loft lie and length stock 95g x stiff recoil shaft right handed 20* 3 iron will trade towards a tsi3 20* hybrid $220 usd PayPal and shipped from Canada
  10. More forgiving irons are not going to fix a swing issue. Your irons are fine. Get lessons
  11. I had the Tm p750’s for almost a season and a half. They were good but since switching to a set of blades I realize the p750 flew too high and didn’t spin enough for me. I don’t spin the ball a ton so the blades that spin more , give me more control and more consistent yardages. with my low spin, anything out of the rough was hard to judge don’t be afraid to try out blades! Not hard to hit if you have a decent swing !
  12. Isn’t “gapping” about carry yardages?
  13. Gapping is a personal thing. Won’t be the same for everyone. get on a launch monitor and get your carry distances. Don’t rely on what the number is on the bottom of the wedge
  14. Srixon z935 with graphite shafts. Mine feel incredibly soft with px6.5. I bet I wouldn’t even feel The ball with graphite in them
  15. Kale_m

    Alberta Courses

    Priddis is prob my favourite I have played in Alberta. I love Stewart creek as well. around Calgary I enjoy Speargrass, delacour , Sirocco
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