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  1. The 3w head is way to big. The smaller 5w head with an open face shoulda very appealing
  2. Who is playing the 5w lofted down to 17*? how do you like it? thinking this will be my next purchase. Throw my synergy green proto 80tx in it cut to 42.25” and it should be a cannon. insight is welcome!
  3. In Calgary. We have hundreds of breweries. Lots of great hazy ipa and NEIPA to try!! cabin, establishment, 88brewing. All some of my favourites
  4. Kale_m


    Looked at them today. Didn’t get to hit them. Look the same as my p750
  5. It is probably a 5w head just digitally lofted very low sim fairways are super long. Get the 19* 5w and dial it down to 17*. I might do this over the winter.
  6. Any comparisons of the sim udi to the p790 ? thinking of just going the p790 route
  7. That soft you feel is actually just how smooth it actually is
  8. Both in 3 iron , same loft and length what am I gaining by spending the extra $110 on the UdI? Just the graphite stock thump shaft?
  9. G410 2 hybrid you could turn down to 15.5*. paired with a low/low shaft (thesis pro white 100tx) it is a cannon
  10. Yah not sure why they went with such fugly labels
  11. Kale_m

    Alberta Courses

    30 rounds in for me so far. game has been up and down this year
  12. Just a local metal shop. They stripped the heads. The gun SOLD!!
  13. Just a local metal shop. They stripped the heads. The gun blue was easy to apply myself.
  14. 4-p Right hand mcc+4 grips midsize brand new PX 6.5 shaft heads stripped raw, dark finish done with a gun barrel bluing (so nice) heads have basically ZERO wear 1 round played on them since custom worn done 1/2” longer then standard / standard loft and lie 1 of a kind custom set in a classic, much loved iron head!! $575 shipped not looking for trades
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