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  1. Might have been discussed already but.. what if there is a tie for second? Third? Is there a playoff?
  2. I prefer the feel and performance of the regular z star. launches lower off the driver for me. Prefer the green side control it offers as well.
  3. They will replace it I know that most companies require a shaft in the head , that has been my experience anyway
  4. So buy one from the store? Put your shaft in it. Done
  5. Kale_m

    Alberta Courses

    I will be playing there before the end of the season. Never played it before.
  6. I swing the driver at 122 mph. The recoil in x stuff is ok. Will upgrade in the off season probbaly
  7. L i just got one. I really like it. Stock shaft in it right now. Easy to flight high or low. Very nice feel. I have hit 90% of the driving irons on the market and this one is the best feeling to me
  8. Stz has been great for me. I never seem to be able to find a 3w I like. Need to find a more stable shaft and I think it will be perfect. That will be an off season thing though
  9. I get that ppl like to keep your clubs looking nice but these are wedges…. you hit them out of sand, you take big divots, hit them of the nasty lies… they are going to wear.. if it is work down to the Chrome that is a good thing, it means someone used it and practiced lots not sure why ppl hate wear?
  10. Yah it is good. The back has a mirror like finish. So at address you can’t really see the junk in the trunk as it reflects off the grass. So all you see is the top line. love the feel
  11. Kale_m

    Alberta Courses

    Played Sirocco this morning. They had the club champs last weekend so the course was mint! They are cutting down some rough right now, it must have been thicckkk for the club champs! 74. Was -3 after 7 then a couple brain farts, and a bogey bogey finish .. oh well, game feels good!!
  12. Haven’t updated this in a while. Lots of changes. Driver: Sim2 9* at 8.25* ventus black 6x 45” , tipped 1/2” , 200gr head weight Flat spotted the Sim head so got the sim2 on warranty. Really like this head. I added a new front weight to get the head weight up. It’s a bomber! Love the sound and feel. Very low spinning for me. The Ventus is probably the best driver shaft I have ever played. 3 wood: Mizuno STZ 15* at 14* atmos black TS 6x The never ending 3w search, it might be over! I love this thing! So easy to hit! I before I was searching for this
  13. Don’t get the ad di utility shaft. It is super soft feeling. I didn’t like it. the hybrid shaft is a totally different feel abs profile. Much better. Just had your builder sand down the tip a touch and it installs no problem oh, and the zx7 is the best feeling driving iron out there
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