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  1. Thanks! They actually replied at the same time you sent that. They have confirmed that they never released this finish which is good for me.
  2. Quick update, the shop are telling me it is genuine but after managing to get my hands on a QB6 SBS the difference in face milling is night and day different in quality so in my mind there isn't even a question it is fake! I have contacted Betti and waiting for a reply. Anyone know how long this usually takes? I understand it will be slower than usual obviously given the world right now!
  3. My thinking exactly, thanks! Ive actually noticed some miss threading on the Headcovers too which isn't Betti quality. Luckily the shop I get it from is letting me send it back for a full refund, the hunt for a new putter is on...
  4. Hi Guys, Any Bettinardi experts out there that could give me a bit of help? About a year ago I purchased a Bettinardi QB9 from a reputable 2nd hand equipment seller that was listed as Limited Edition. After a quick search at the time I couldn't find much so assumed it was indeed limited edition or a custom aftermarket torched blue finish. However, I just pulled the shaft ahead of looking at fitting a stability and noticed the headweight was 371g not the specced 362g. Also, it hangs at about 20* and Bettinardi states 45*. A further google then showed up the same finish head available
  5. I recently picked up a QB9 and looking at swapping out the shaft for a KBS CT Tour in black so just wondering if anyone knows the tip size of the shaft I need?
  6. Just got hold of this Betti QB9 with special blue finish. Anyone know the tip size? Thinking of putting a matte black shaft in.
  7. I did this a few years ago in my Titleist 915hd. I had already tried cutting it to 2 iron length with the D+90x shaft but still found the high left shot to be an issue (this had always put me off hybrids) so got my club guy to put a px lz 6.0 in an adaptor to match my irons in shaft and length. For me it is the first time I have ever been happy with this spot in my bag! Launches with a much more iron like flight but slightly higher and more forgiveness as well as a better feeling of workability compared to the D+. It feels slightly odd at first with the higher static weight but I quickly got o
  8. Check their website www.thegripmaster.com they are in Australia. Scroll down to the bottom of their homepage. There is info to order from Europe. I followed the link but no Roo putter grips on the site. Thanks though!
  9. Just wondering where you can order these from? Looking at getting a kangaroo paddle in the UK but the only place I can find that stocks them is golfworks.com but it is unavailable to ship here. Any help would be most appreciated!!
  10. Just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with a graphite Rifle wood shaft? I am looking at buying a Callaway XR 3 Deep off a friend of a friend that has a x75 Rifle shaft in it that he says is tour only. I have never heard of or seen this shaft before so just wanted to know what, if anything, any of you guys know about it! I have attached a picture I have found to show the graphics on the shaft.
  11. How do you like the Salty grip and which size is this? Thinking about putting one on one of my putters......... I'm really enjoying it! I ordered the slim but i think it might be a mid-plus, will have to measure and check! Worth bearing in mind that they feel bigger than superstrokes as they are much firmer.
  12. This is my murdered Rife Aruba. Also got the bottom smoothed over and made to the weight I wanted and added a slim Salty cork grip.
  13. I got them from a guy from Devon who I have got things from before without an issue and after contacting him he said he gets them from an official stockist of lamkin grips
  14. The grips are new logo I did use NDMC before and never had this issue so I may simply change back
  15. I did actually mean 3 wraps haha. But I did wonder if that was the case as I keep my clubs inside so they must have been bad when I got them. Thanks for the reply.
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