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  1. The answer is the lead hip opens up while the trail hip stays back long enough for the arms to get in front. The drills where people have a ball between the knees drop the bucket in transition or Monte's zipper away from the ball move all accomplish this. Spinning the hips right away is a death move.
  2. Tiger looks like he is doing MORAD to me.... he looks closer to the model than many other.
  3. [quote name='nfbandon' timestamp='1447822588' post='12613850'] And you are an anonymous internet troll who will not reveal his identity or put your swing up for scrutiny. But continue to play with your various avatars over here. [/quote] Clearly you are confused. I been here 8 years. My swing has been up.
  4. [quote name='nfbandon' timestamp='1447821197' post='12613792'] EJ You seem to be a sad, sarcastic soul. I don't know who you are or why you keep bringing me up. You seem to have a fetish for my swing. If you are going to continue to post it, at least post a recent version. https://youtu.be/NoelFN2y3Ug [/quote] Is that intended for me, Nostradamus or 3-J?
  5. This is a gem of a drill here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAU1Mpbysxc
  6. Nostradamus EJ - what is the lower body lie that is killing golf?
  7. [quote name='Golf nerd' timestamp='1447818150' post='12613644'] [quote name='iteachgolf' timestamp='1447795953' post='12611854'] [quote name='bhughesgolf' timestamp='1447795307' post='12611810'] [quote name='iteachgolf' timestamp='1447793843' post='12611704'] Again I posted my swing to prove how I don't team and arm swing and flip as you and your minions have implied. It was for comparison purposes. I don't like my swing all that much and it's far from the best looking out there. And if there is someone who cares less about a look than me id like to wet them. Again you're making a bunc
  8. I am sorry imposter EJ but that trophy is premature bc this is in fact GOLFWRX. Everyone know that to get to scratch you need x7s. Grady is only at x500. Still needs few more modules + credit card fees.... BTW that's the guy Grady who wrote this about Minte Scheinblum I don't follow Monte, but I will say it is a sign of the times that people flock to a long drive champion for instruction on the golf swing. Long driving and scratch golf are two very, very different things. Yeah he used to have mod 4 drills up where he was doing a spin dance on the driving range. I wonder why
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