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  1. Thanks guys. Ball is off the left toe. I typically get the ball toe-center of the club face. I have quick hands which doesn't help with the inconsistency. I have been to a couple of teachers for video analysis. Worked on keeping right shoulder lower and staying back a little on the ball, but although it has gotten the launch up, it leaves the left miss still there since the hands still try and keep up on the serious lag. I definitely need to get a swing fix and know the club isn't going to solve the issue. I hit and have really always hit my irons well, but would be great to get a shaft that helps. Of the stock shafts for the new 915, the Whiteboard and Rogue Silver, I would assume the Aldila would be best. Thoughts on others to consider? Fubuki? Kuro Kage?
  2. Hopefully you guys can help me! I am 33, 5'10", and have a swing speed of about 116mph. I have been swinging a Taylormade R1 with a Ad di 6x shaft, which I am likely replacing with a 915 D2 10.5. Issues: 1) I have a very low launch angle, 4-7 degrees, even though the club and shaft should be launching far higher. Driver head set to 10.5 and Ad Di should have a higher launch. 2) Consistently inconsistent with the driver. Recently developed an occasional pull/duck hook miss...or a banana slice. I like the feel of the load of the Tour Ad Di, but bought it on a whim a year or so ago and don't know if its the best shaft for me. I put the ball out there more than 280-300 regularly, but would love to find the fairway much more frequently. Please help!!
  3. These all look sick!! I may have to drop the extra $80 to get these now! Anyone do a simple white mesh with blue swoosh?
  4. Hey guys, I have been searching for the companies and where to find some of the button downs brent wears on the Big Break Mexico interviews. Can anyone help? In particular, the pink stripe one he was rocking this evening and the blue and yellow plaid one he wore a few weeks ago. Much appreciated!!
  5. Hey guys, can someone please help me locate the button down shirts brent rocks on the shows/interviews? The pink stripe this week and the one he wore a few weeks ago, the yellow and blue plaid one? Been driving me nuts. Thanks in advance!!
  6. GolfWRX, the greatest golf blog on the interweb, I am really looking forward to crushing this black beauty off the tee. When is the drawing?
  7. Although new to being a registered member, I have been scouring the WRX site for years. With assistance with finding the correct flex and shaft, to keeping informed about whats going on inside the ropes, no other site provides the most insightful udpates. Thanks Guys. PS, this R1 would look beautiful in my bag!!
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