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  1. If we're going to hot-mic golfers like JT and potentially ruin his career for a slur he's apologized for, perhaps we should also hot-mic the Citi boardroom and Congressional bathrooms just in case. JT has already paid a social and monetary price for his actions and seems contrite enough for me. Perhaps he should dump Citi and look for sponsors that will care more about his golf and less about his word slip that will dominate Wikipedia.
  2. I did until I read this thread but I'm a hoarder.
  3. Looks pretty good to me ... https://twitter.com/Skratch/status/1340000183434829824/photo/1
  4. We did 12-16 in Kiawah for a few years running a few years back during Masters week. Plenty of condos to share, a few decent places to go just off island, and you can drive into Charleston in about 45 minutes. A little pricey, but we played the Ocean Course every year. They may have shuttles now to to the golf courses, but not sure.
  5. It's a two-way street - a good coach may have isolated a student's issue(s) perfectly and prescribed the right fix be it drill(s), mirror work, swing aids, etc. Most of the time the fix is a medium to long term fix requiring patience, correct practice & continued correspondence with the instructor preferably with video. As Monte said above, Tour players speak in terms of months before ingraining a change. How could a part-time amateur expect to replace a bad pattern in a few days/weeks with a couple buckets of balls ? Most ams don't improve, get frustrated, and move on to another instructo
  6. The main problem is that students don't realize the time and # of correct swings it takes to make a successful change. So they may say they've practiced the change, but their idea of practice is never the same as the instructor's.
  7. IIRC, that was his last year at the Masters and he took someone out in the gallery with that toaster. If only he had his old Wilson Dyna Power persimmon ...
  8. Doubt it - did Snead hit the ceremonial tee shots at the Masters with a persimmon and steel driver ? He would've adapted like every one else.
  9. Ghost of Snead


    My money is on Woody Austin
  10. Lots of excellent aspiring baseball players don't have home run power and never will. They'd be better off working on hitting to all fields making positional defenses useless and getting on base so the home run hitters can drive them in. Same thing with golf - there's a reason the tour's average driving distance is not 330. Lots of tour and excellent ams just can't get there and never will. The distance gap can be made up with excellent iron and short games. I'll take Webb Simpson week to week over Bryson any day.
  11. So you're saying DJ would hit it 260 with persimmon and balata ? Bullcarp ... Jack in his prime was up around 120 in SS as were Snead and Hogan so I don't think DJ would have to slow down at all.
  12. Good thing you said half ... https://golf.com/news/watch-dj-crush-jack-nicklauss-persimmon-driver/
  13. What % of a major would you call it had Rose, Westwood, Fleetwood or Poulter won ?
  14. Still playing Callaway X-Protos but it might be time to replace them. Blueprints look interesting as do the Titleist 620 MBs.
  15. On the way to 64 and still waiting for the drop off. Driver swing speed 110-112. Still flexible and fit and probably as long now as I was with persimmon and balata 30 years ago.
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