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  1. Jumping from instructor to instructor is probably why he is not any better.
  2. If you have the $ to play high-end public course, have the $ to tip the cart girl and bartenders inside after the round, you've got the $ to tip the cart attendants after the round. Check your clubs after and have them redo the ones you think need attention.
  3. Damn ... too late for a guy in his 60s to make a career change ? Congrats - might need a hall pass to come down to see you guys and eat some good Q
  4. Unwatchable with all of Chamblee's subtle and not so subtle hints at an unrestricted swing, injuries, Mickelson's never had an injury, Vijay watching BDC, etc. Surprised he just doesn't come out with "if you don't raise the lead heel, you can't win".
  5. Agreed and Goobers held her own quite well in the Slicefixer discussions.
  6. Better get one while they're hot - if Bryson wins another 20 majors, could be more valuable than a '52 Topps Mantle rookie card.
  7. 1. Bryson was in or near the lead in each day of the tournament 2. If you've ever stood behind the 6th tee @ Bay Hill and realize the balls it takes to even attempt to clear the water @ 350 yards in the actual tournament, worth the price of admission and TV coverage. 3. Chicks dig the long ball
  8. Hard to play Bay Hill @ 7400 yards when your average driving distance is about 225.
  9. He made about 8 mil in the NFL and his parents are worth about 50 mil.
  10. JD drove the 9th at Metrowest CC not far from Bay Hill ( about 325 carry ) and they had a plaque in the ground on the tee for awhile. Not sure if he ever was able to drive the 6th at Bay Hill.
  11. With no hurting wind, he could do it - Hank Kuehne did it in a practice round awhile back.
  12. Still here Hawk - just a little older and maybe a less less vocal. Life gets in the way sometimes but I'd be up for a golf trip where we could all meet and share some tall tales or any tales. Just have to shake the rust off my game to keep up with Schnee ! Good news is the itch to play more this year has returned.
  13. This and if the average driving distance continues to rise the Tour level as it should given the improvement in technology, course redesigners will run out of real estate and have to make major mods to the existing layouts to make them more challenging. What would they do to ANGC if the average driving distance approached 330 ?
  14. True but you reap what you sow ... https://golf.com/news/tournaments/a-brief-history-of-patrick-reeds-highs-and-controversial-lows/
  15. Existing pitch hole ? Maybe ... as all the locals are aware the famous La Jolla sea turtles lay eggs left of the 10th and it just so happens the eggs are the size of a Pro V1X. Hell, might have been a leftover pitch mark from WW2 when the current Torrey Pines golf course was mined to protect against enemy attack. Or maybe he just cheated ...
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