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  1. Going to add to the Titleist love. Made the switch from a Cobra F9. Driver: TSi3 9* w/ AD-IZ 6X 3W: SIM Max 15* w/ AD-IZ 7X 5W: Cobra F8+ 18.5* w/ Aldila 2KXV Green 75X
  2. Looks like your wedges are 50-54-58. Title & listing shows 50-52-58...
  3. 1. Accra TZ6 65 M5 shaft w/ Titleist adapter. 44” grip to tip. Brand new midsize MCC 2 wraps total. Only hit about 20 balls on home simulator during shaft comparison in TSi3 head. - $OLD 2. Cobra F9 9.0 head with Atmos Black Tour Spec 7X shaft. MCC+4 grip 2 wraps total. Will include wrench and 2/14/18g weights. Length shown in photos. No Cobra headcover but will ship with another for protection. - $OLD
  4. I had the same 3W built by my fitter. It's nearly as long as my driver and is a great club off of the deck as well as off of a tee. GLWS!
  5. Those JPX 850 Forged are probably the best irons I ever owned. Sometime regret replacing them. GLWS
  6. Sitting at 9 hcp. Float from 7-9 depending on work/home balance. Currently gaming a Srixon 565/765 combo set (5/6, 7-PW) with Project X 6.5 LZ shafts. Previously gamed Mizuno 850 Forged with PX Rifle 6.5 shafts, but the Srixons beat out the Mizuno MP-18 lineup during my last fitting so made the change.
  7. Fore_life and Cherokee, thanks for the advice. I'll book a tee time on Friday morning (7 days out).
  8. Thanks Cherokee! Looking for a sub $100 round for next Friday. Any suggestions? Thinking we're going to play Estrella Sunday of WMO before flying back home.
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