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  1. I'm headed out on Friday and playing Spanish Saturday, Pebble Monday and Spyglass Tuesday. I've been told they aerated the greens and was wondering how they are recovering? Thanks!
  2. How did you find this information out? We are going there August 31 - September 5. I'm hoping the aren't aerating then.
  3. You guys are awesome! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Can't wait to get there!
  4. Clambake, thanks for all the info! If you really want to come back we will be there aug 31 - sept 5th... drinks on me!
  5. Interesting, thanks! I might look at canceling Spanish bay and playing Poppy Hills!
  6. This is great info! Thanks for your response!
  7. Hello Everyone- Thanks in advance for all the feedback and thoughts. My wife and I are going to Pebble Beach with another couple. I would love any recommendations you can give. Below are a few of the questions I have. Only the husbands are playing golf. We are playing Spyglass, Spanish Bay and Pebble. Should we walk all 3 courses with a caddie? Everything I have read says you get a much better experience walking the golf courses. Where are the best places to eat dinner? What other activities do you recommend on the trip? Again, I welcome all recommendations. Thanks!
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