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  1. Well some of these responses aged like milk. Spieth will do it before Mcilroy but I wouldn't be surprised if DJ beats either of them to it. Kiawah Ocean course is long and requires some pretty decent accuracy off the tee, which is not Spieth's strong suit.
  2. I just picked up the new Callaway X-forged UT. It is fantastic. Very consistent and is my go to when Either the Driver isn't cooperating or the wind picks up.
  3. Depends how often I play. I know for sure this is the last year for my current set, even after sharpening the grooves (I don't play in tourney's). They are just worn out unfortunately. I'm thinking moving forward I'll probably get two seasons out of each set.
  4. Masters.com Has pretty much every shot plus constant commentary coverage of 4-6, Amen Corner, Featured Groups and holes 15-16
  5. Not to sound like some fashionista but who let Rory go out in that outfit? Bright Blue Hat, Black Shirt, White Pants, Grey Shoes??? How are you expected to play well if you don't look good?
  6. Not quite 117 MPH (I'm 113) but I went and tested drivers yesterday but only made it through 5 before I decided to take a break. I didn't hit the max but did hit the Speed and it was very forgiving on mishits as was the Sim2 and the TSi2 and 3. Currently hitting an OG M2 and overall its still keeping up with all but the TSi3 on distance but there was definitely a big different on mishits with the newer tech. IMO the biggest difference from 5 years ago is forgiveness on mishits. I was still getting upper 200s low 300s (total) with hits towards the toe or heel while still staying relativel
  7. They are definitely closer and the TP5x feels a lot better and still made it into the final selection I just prefer the softer feel of the TP5 off the putter and for chip shots. That said for all but one course in my area if you held a gun to a head and made me choose between the two I would go with the X since most of the greens here are pretty soft and the spin difference becomes negligible. To further expand on my review while the ZStar and XV had excellent flight and spin characteristics their covers are still the least durable of everything I tested. First full shot out of a fairway b
  8. Not sure how much help this will be since I typically preferred the softer versions but I just did a test of pretty much every tour level golf ball. Started with Putting, then moved further from the green. I surprisingly didn't like the PROV1X off the putter. Bridgestone BXS won out for me. The Srixon Z-star an XV both made it to the final round along with both the TP5 and TP5x. The TP5 vs TP5x comparison is tough for me because I prefer the TP5 around the greens but much prefer the X on longer shots and off the tee. In the end it didn't really matter because the Bridgestone was
  9. Well I finally received my order of ZStars and played them in a round this weekend and I have to say I was very impressed all around and especially around the green 50 yards in. I have played the newest TP5 Pix and felt they did not check up on the green as well on short shots but spun more on the longer iron full shots. The Zstars were very predictable though which I find to be most important in a ball. My balls do have the visible seam but I didn't notice any excessive damage. One ball lasted around 9 holes before getting seriously scuffed. That said I didn't notice any difference between t
  10. Sometimes I really dislike this forum. "uhh don't you think yelling when sinking a 50 foot putt is disrespectful?" No, and why are your panties in a bunch about it. If anything someone getting even a little bit offended about a professional athlete yelling when they do something crazy says more about you than the athlete.
  11. Sounds like someone got into a customer service industry and doesn't want to give decent customer service. As someone who worked in the service industry starting in highschool through college and then moved into construction management, you have one of the easiest jobs in the service industry which is also one of the easiest job types on the planet already. You need to change your mindset or quit. Customers can tell when you're being an ass or intentionally obtuse. Here is my counter to every point so you can perform your job to what I would consider an adequate level of customer service. If
  12. Never noticed much of a difference as long as everyone accepts their capabilities. Playing with randoms I often am the long hitter (Represent GolfWRX!). I like to play from the 1 up tees because it allows me to hit more clubs in my bag. So I'll line up on what are the blues at my home course. The other players are max 250 and some probably only 200 with the driver. They should be playing from at least 1 tee up and possibly even 2 (Ladies tees), most of the time. Ego will not let them do it though. The pace of play of guys having to hit extra shots, not to mention trying to find their ball mult
  13. After an up and down round I chipped in for birdie on 18. Nice way to finish a tough day.
  14. I understand that, I'm saying he could go either way and it wouldn't be overly difficult.
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