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  1. nothing like losing with class….almost as good as Winning
  2. Why is Rory crying? He going to miss a pool party in Jupiter
  3. Of course Xander will get boat races by Rory. Can’t wait to see more photos of his gold medal though
  4. Actually, yes. Over the course of two days DJ has contributed more than Collin. Collin is playing well but not the best out there.
  5. you care so little you decided to carve time out of your day to post about it. In a thread that’s all about the topic you don’t care about
  6. Incredible day 1. Hopefully it holds and can build upon it in future cups
  7. Yeah, it’s a rough life for Sergio. I hear people sneak into his gated community in Orlando to heckle him
  8. he loves being the center of attention and if breaking records gets him there, that’s what he cares about. it’s obvious he doesn’t love the game and anyone that thinks he does isn’t paying attention
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