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  1. Guess they'll just have to start figuring in "global pandemic" into those release cycles.
  2. That's going to be a real kick to JR. I mean, you ALWAYS blame the clubs.
  3. Grips sold!For sale: 1. Rossa TP Maranello, 34.5" with matching headcover, blue Iomic grip. This is a thing of beauty! It shows some minor wear (including a bit of paintfill loss on bottom), but nothing major. I can send more pics if needed. Asking $155 shipped 2. 8 NOS Mizuno BCT blue tour velvet cords, 58R. I've never gotten around to using these grips so I might as well sell them. Asking $68 shipped No trades please!
  4. For sale: Basically new in box Garmin Fenix 3 HR titanium edition GPS watch. Fenix is Garmin's top of the line watch and does all sorts of sport tracking including GOLF!! Plus it's a great looking watch for general wear (does a bit of smartwatch functionality as well). I already have the non-HR version otherwise I'd keep this. Includes everything! Asking $320 shipped, OBO
  5. Where did he say he chose Honma so he could play an Axis putter? Not saying he didn't, I don't know. But where can I read more about it? I heard/read the Honma deal allowed him more freedom with his club choices, not necessarily to game an axis specifically but to have the freedom to do so if he pleases. Based on early results I'd say it's a good deal.
  6. Swag... "Precision Milled In The Windy City" Bettinardi doing some private label putter runs??
  7. Looks like they'll sell. Working my way through several PMs on them. Thanks!
  8. Your PM thread was deleted, are you interested or no? You are first but there are 3 others after you. LMK asap thanks!
  9. Hmmm not sure why they deleted, but uploaded them again. If you need anything else let me know! Thanks
  10. For sale: Likely, the best feeling forgiving iron heads ever crafted, the mighty Mizuno MP 52. 3-PW, these are a great iron head for someone looking for both the fine forged feel of a Mizuno while still being able to have a bit of wiggle room for the odd mishit. Heads in good condition as you can see in pics. No browning! $SOLD!!! Thanks for looking!
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