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  1. When I realized clubs from 10 years ago I hit as well as anything new. Also, I haven't been playing much. Put golf on the back burner and you'll stop obsessing over clubs. (Recovered club ho right here).
  2. For sale: Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Midslant putter with matching PP cover, all in used but overall good condition. A few topline dings but don't get in the way of the PP buttery feel. Hasn't been a Cameron with this type of feel since! Putter is 34" measured straight down shaft, aftermarket Winn grip in ok condition. Shipped via Canada Post/USPS with full tracking and insurance. SOLD!
  3. Don't you know all touring pros play hand built one off custom rebadged muira irons??
  4. For sale: One of the best (IMO) Scotty Cameron headcovers, the Studio Stainless! It's now time to thin the herd and this beauty has to go. It's actually never seen a course and is therefore like new as you can see in pics. It has sat in a backup bag for too long now, and needs a new home. Velcro is great, no marks in pleather, ready for a collection or use. No divot tool. Asking $56 shipped. ebay has a wide range for this cover so trying to hit middle ground. I will ship with full tracking and insurance via Canada Post/USPS to your confirmed PP address!
  5. For sale: TaylorMade MC 4-PW heads in good condition! These are std lie and .355" tip and show normal wear for forged irons. Great heads!! Asking SOLD!!!!!!
  6. For sale: Good condition Adams XTD 9* adjustable driver with Matrix 6Q3 shaft, X flex. Unfortunately no cover or wrench. Driver is in overall very good condition with a few light marks on the club overall. Sharp matte finish with a great stock shaft! Asking $100 OBRO. Not really looking for any trades at present. Shipped via CanadaPost/USPS with tracking and insurance. I can send more pics if needed... just let me know!
  7. I can't read Japanese, does it mention anything about the Fukushima disaster still flooding the Pacific with nuclear waste?
  8. For sale: Ping S56 4-PW green dot + Tour Gorge 52 SS heads only, .355" in good overall condition! Asking OFF MARKET Shipping to Canada and USA only to verified PayPal accounts. More pics available upon request!
  9. The M family complete until someone forgot the rubber :blush2:
  10. Good to see he has the bravd spanking new M1 hat though. Could you imagine him wearing an old r11 hat?? Lolz
  11. True.. but also true that Scotty and Ping did not do it so credit to PXG as well for putting in adjustable tech. Uhhhhhh both Ping and Cameron have adjustable putters and have before pxg came along. The Brandon looks good, but nothing new here.
  12. It's that magical time of the night, when something uber-cool comes to the WRX classifieds... Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400, .355 4-PW shaft pulls!!! (Rumoured to be PUREd as well!!) These shafts are in good condition and have nearly new grips installed as well (4-9 are Z-cord, PW is white MCC), and (rumour has it*) have been installed logo up in the PUREd position! (so shaft bands are not consistently installed). They played to 38.25" in S56, raw 4 iron length is 37.5" from grip to tip, 1/2 increments from that measurement as seen in photos... Looking for SOLD!!!! No trades at this ti
  13. Really like the looks of the putter. Haven't seen it in stores around here (jailbird, not the tour only one from this post)
  14. So, I picked these up... and then I found my perfect set :air_kiss: My hoing days are over! :wave: :rofl: Anywho.... for sale is a sweet set of Adams 4-GW heads only, .355 tip and in great condition! I was told they were a backup to a backup, so likely hit maybe 5 rounds. I know I haven't hit them, so I'm going by that review. They are, in fact, used but very lightly, as seen in photos. A couple irons look unhit, while a few look like they've seen a bucket on the range. Minor bag chatter but still retain a lot of the look of new (cool) Looking to recoup costs so I'm asking $SOLD hea
  15. This is the larger #7 head for those looking!! Price drop for TGIF $56 shipped!
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