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  1. For sale: Ever heard the sound of churning butter? Just imagine watching a line of pros hitting Mizuno forged heads and you'll only start to get the feeling you're hearing something special. In a 4 to PW, .355 head only configuration you're looking at some sweet butter. Decent players head to the first tee and pronounce "Titleist" as their choice. But the true mark of a professional is the one that mutters only one word: Mizuno. Yeah, these seem a little flat because a real player's miss is to the right, always. And there's no doubt they've been well used cause they show a bunch of
  2. For sale: There's no guarantee that these will help your game, but there's no guarantee they won't. One of the classiest, thin CBs are available as a 4-PW head only option right now, so if you feel like you've got game (or you want to impress the ladies with a players bag) then here is a deal for you! Sure, it's one thing to say something boring like "Titleist" when they ask what ball you're using. But it's quite another to politely say "Mizuno" when they ask what blade you're using. Because, as anyone on the first tee knows, it's Mizuno means serious business. Some might say the mode
  3. For sale: Excellent condition Nippon blue peening stiff shafts, 4-PW with good condition Lamkin crossline grips (7 iron shows wear + built up, on left side of pic, rest are good). .355, played to 38" 5 iron in MP63s. Asking $SOLD Thanks Matt!
  4. For sale: Good condition TaylorMade AeroBurner TP 9.5 head only, .335 generic knit cover. Overall, head shows a few minor wear marks, but nothing extreme. A few marks in white as shown, plus normal face and sole wear from half season's use. Asking $140 shipped, OBO. Additional pics available upon request!
  5. Solus. Thought those were pretty b!tch!in wedges
  6. Debating a new iron/wedge bag so I'm going to see what kind of interest I can gather on these items... shipped tracked and insured through Canada Post/USPS within 24 hours of payment. 1. 2013/14 Nike VR Forged Pro Combo 3-PW heads, .355 tip and in great condition. Overall, they show some wear but nothing overly glaring or questioned for a set used 10 times, if that. 7 iron and PW show a very small amount of face wear, but the others look like they hit maybe 10 balls. Slight bag chatter as expected with a uber soft forging like these puppies are. ALL SOLD!! 2. 2013/14 Nike VR Forged
  7. Can't say I really liked the M1. From address it looks pretty good, but I definitely felt more comfortable with the AB TP in my hands. Better numbers for me, but also different shafts. I do like the r15 from address as well, but haven't hit it. Would be interested to see if it compared favourably; I like the idea of adjustability...
  8. Gosh, 36 drivers? Sounds like a BST regular
  9. Headed to PO tomorrow for other sales. How about $70 shipped??
  10. For sale: Timeless beauties calling your name. Hear that whisper? That's the sound of awesome, and it only comes from these classic forged Mizuno heads. Surprisingly forgiving for an unforgiving era of forged blades, these well-kept irons will turn you into the maestro on the teebox, they'll be the butta to your bread, the holy *&^% these things rock of your new golfing world. Simply put, show up on the first tee with these bad boys in your bag and your partners will just hand you their wallet. Hey, you've earned them simply by reppin' these players irons. 4-PW, .355, good con
  11. Oh good.. Add more confusion to the average players tee shot and slow down play even more! "Gosh, do I hit my 46" driver, my 45" driver, my 43" deep 3 wood, my 43" 3 wood, or a hybrid off the tee?" I'd be much more impressed if they came out with something revolutionary that would be used to actually save strokes. But meh, that's just me. ~from the guy still pounding a 9032TI from the tee AND the fairway.
  12. Hotter than hot. Love Callaway drivers, and now they have a lineup for me to choose from between RFE, Opti, and BB/BBa
  13. Awesome! Two years ago I started a company with some designs, however business-wise it didn't work out. Now that I'm on my own I am thinking about re-starting the idea. I've attached a photo of our old best-seller, to give you an idea of what I was able to create. This time around they will be even thicker, double layered, plus I have a really cool marketing idea via the packaging material. If I do go through with another order, I plan to advertise with golfwrx, which I'm positive will include a bunch of freebies to the membership!
  14. Hi all! Looking for feedback on some new colour combinations, what do you think??? Thanks!!
  15. SLDR 2: one loft, adjustable fade/draw, face angle, adjustable COG, adjustable counterbalance in butt of shaft....
  16. [quote name='scottvw13' timestamp='1372734614' post='7368126'] I think some of you are missing the point that Callaway is trying to make by releasing this driver now. Callaway has been known for quite a while as a big, slow, paper pushing dinosaur of a corporation. But they are trying to send the message to all of us that they can EFFICIENTLY bring to market a new, innovative product that compliments what is already in the line. Also, why does every new driver have to be revolutionary to be worthy? This is a product designed to be another choice for consumers. The Optifit does not ma
  17. [quote name='Mob' timestamp='1372732198' post='7367830'] I think it's telling that wrx'ers are confused by this club. It sounds like a lightweight option for slower or older swingers to generate more clubhead speed. It isn't to fit most of the guys on this site; at least that's my initial impression. [/quote] Good point... shouldn't a club clearly fit into an existing product line? If WRX is scratching it's head, how confusing is it going to be for the average jimbo jones walking into their local shop?
  18. And here I was shopping ebay for razr fits... just gotta give it another week and they'll be giving them away with purchase of a razr extreme
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