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  1. Currently my set is matching but next season I’ll probably play the Ben Hogan Icon 6-8-PW and might get the Sim driver. When I was unmatched I had no issue, I also have no issue being matched. I tend to hear “where are all your clubs?” more than “aRE YOu A tITLeIsT STafFer?”
  2. -You, YES YOU reading this; you don’t need 14 clubs. -Stop with the “dress code”. Let me wear whatever tf I want. How is a t-shirt offending you that much. Life is short, chill Karen. -Music/podcast are a great way to enjoy walking rounds. Again life is short, chill Karen. First is an unpopular opinion, the other 2 are rants bc I’m seeing a lot of “obey the dress code/no music or get fined” people.
  3. Only reason I still have my SM4 vokeys is because of groove sharpeners. Pick one up on Amazon for $7. The add some years to it but it does eat up a ball a little more.
  4. 1 with a d grind the other low bounce. Dealers choice.
  5. Miura + Linksoul Color Theory Irons OR/and Have National Custom Works build me a minimalist set of irons
  6. 2nd to this lol also @Tommy56 I like the bag set up ?
  7. u510 but I’m stupid and will still hit driver.
  8. Right on. I should’ve had the caveat that the heads between the two are probably marginal in performance but the shaft on the u500 when testing was wayyy better. I believe I was testing in a tour AD DI as well only bc I kept referring to it as the Jordan Spieth Open Shaft lol
  9. Both are great wedges. I’m a big fan of CBX2 wedges.
  10. I’ve battled with this for years but I always end up using my set PW. I can confidently swing my PW at 110% but I wouldn’t feel confident doing that with a Vokey for some reason. Plus I can use my PW on tight lies around the green for bump and runs due to lower bounce than a 46* Vokey. I will continue to have this internal battle bc I don’t want to make a $160 investment on something I might not like.
  11. I can only speak on the 3 & 4 iron but u500 was significantly better than the 712u for my game it had higher launch and a tad more forgiving (Longer) on slight toe/heel strikes. Had higher (still low in comparison) spin with a steeper decent angle as well but still able to get the stinger and flight it low. I actually ended up with the u510 with a low launch shaft and its an ugly one but does everything better for me. If the 712u is still working for you maybe look into a new shaft to get some higher launch characteristics or just make the $250 upgrade you probably won’t regret either choice.
  12. I have a 46* pw and 56* sw for the past few years and never once kicked myself for not having a 50/52 or 58/60.
  13. I had 910 D2 and for my game the 913D2 was an upgrade and that’s still in my bag.
  14. I’d say for me it’s a little bit of OCD, Trust, and Fan Boy. I know if I’m buying clubs I can pick up the newest Titleist offerings and know exactly what I’m getting. I’m in the boat of all golf club companies are +/- 1% from each other on performance so why not buy something that looks good and that’s usually Titleist for my eye. That being said I’ll probably game the Sim driver next season lol.
  15. “Great advice, hurts my feelings every time” -Dwight lol
  16. Don’t be long on a back pin and don’t be short on a front pin.
  17. Usually will give my old clubs away to a friend starting their own golf journey.
  18. I’m blade putter but if I ever bought a new one I would buy a Spider.
  19. I only carry 1 now (56) but prior to that I was at 2 with PW(46), 52, 58.
  20. I had the Nike Air Sport Stand Bag and it had the best insulated pocket by far, it’s not the biggest for reference it could fit 3 standard beverage cans but it was great.
  21. I still game 913 D2, nothing out there significantly better for a $500+ investment IMO. Guessing from your yardage you might gain an extra 6-8 total yards on a newer model great strike. Based off the 915 D3 if you still want that specific look then TS3, Maverik Sub Zero, and ST200g were all beautiful at address and has great numbers.
  22. From my 913 the Maverik SZ and TS3 would carry about 7 yards longer. M6 and TS2 were about 4 longer and ST200 was about 2 yards longer.
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