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  1. I’m loving the autoflex so far...~10 yards longer with similar dispersion so can’t complain.
  2. There is a small paint defect or chip (honestly can’t remember it happening) right above the “twist face” stamping on the face of the driver. It’s completely invisible from address.
  3. Selling a handful of items so that my fiancée doesn’t call off the wedding after she found out how much I spent on an Autoflex shaft... TM SIM 10.5* head (used for one season) - $275 shipped OBO TM SIM 3w 15* head (used for one season) - $200 shipped OBO Spider X Navy Single Bend 34” basically mint, used less than 5 rounds (decided to stick with my slant neck version) - $250 OBO Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 60tx 44.25” TM Tip - $225 OBO 6 Brand New Titleist Permasoft Small RH (for Left Handed player) - 6 for $85 shipped, 3 for $45 shipped
  4. I’ve always felt the same way about “feel” personally. I switched to the LD because I felt that it gave me similar long game characteristics (spin and performance in cross winds) to the ‘19 TP5x, but spins a bit more around the greens for me which I liked. I haven’t tried the CS low spin ball yet, sorry I can’t help there. I’ve just never been a fan of their balls.
  5. +1 - have been deciding whether it’s worth the investment to take a shot on switching from the Ventus Blue, so would love to hear your results.
  6. Any sense of which way you’re leaning? I have the previous Spider X, and have been eyeing the 5.5 but didn’t the feel of the past few iterations of Futuras
  7. With the issues that you’ve had, do you think you would “DIY” next time around versus buying the out-of-the-box package? I’m looking to put a GCQ in the house we’re building, and am trying to decide if there’s enough benefit to sourcing all the components myself and assembling versus just buying the package?
  8. Has anyone tried E6 on the GCQ? Any comparisons to FSX for playing courses?
  9. You don’t need the putting analysis tool in order to be able to putt while playing courses on FSX or E6, do you?
  10. 3 - TM woods and putter, Mizzy irons, Titleist DI and wedges
  11. I think fittings are also a way to potentially monetize. It gets a bit complicated depending on whether your pro “owns” the pro shop (perhaps there’s some kind of chargeback arrangement with profits from equipment sales when generated through a fitting). Will depend on your club’s specific economic arrangement, but using them as part of the fitting process to bring more equipment sales in-house versus big box or specialty fitters could generate revenue.
  12. Has anyone tried the 21 v1x against the LD? Any thoughts?
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