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  1. Well Masters Sunday is almost 24 hours behind us and it was a ton of fun. From the golf outing, I struggled mightily but managed an all double bogey run on the front nine with no others and a bogey on a par 3 Again from not playing in two years it's about what I expected. Even when we did play was no more than twice a year. Got to "practice, practice, practice" unless you are Allen Iverson. The back nine starts with a monster par 5 with a partial island green over water on the left side. I cracked one of my better drives about 230 towards the left center of the fairway. I had my Roy McAvoy mo
  2. Screw the picks! Fleishman pays off big if I hit on a 10 bet GO FLEISHMAN I doubt he wins but he's only two back and has been putting pretty good.
  3. Only you and the Commish have walked those hallowed grounds...bucket lister for sure. Nice pictures!
  4. A tip of the Cap to the Q man, Mr Green, Pete3 for taking some of the higher odds guys. That is the brass. I should have gone less chalk but Koepka with the knee is as far as I went LoL
  5. Well as the week speeds by, we come to day one and the Ceremonial tee shots to start the Masters. I am so used to seeing Player, Nicklaus, and Arnie. But time is always chipping away at us all Good Luck ALL Enjoy the Masters!
  6. I think the leaderboard will be a great one! Minus Tiger. Koepka is sandbagging. I see a three headed race with Koepka, JT and baby daddy Rahm Book it! Koepka JT Rahm
  7. The only problem I have with the US Open is how they trick up the older courses and you almost have to be lucky to win the US Open. With the Masters you see that same majestic course and you are rewarded for your mastery of a course which plays the same for everyone and you are rewarded for your knowledge of how to putt, chip and hit great approaches. Where driving is not as much of a premium with the rough only severe enough to impede your approach from landing on the the green in birdie territory unless you hit a stellar shot. DJ won last year because the course was not the regular Masters c
  8. You have to wear the kiltie laddie. With a ball marker built in. Win Win!
  9. What did they give up? I was hoping for WFT to get Darnold. He's not great but he's still got upside and you can build around him. CMC is going to be back and I am sure will still be the focal point of the offense. I think people have written Darnold off to soon though I like the deal as long as they didn't give up to much.
  10. The Adidas Stan Smith Masters Golf Shoe... Stylin and profiling in Masters Green!
  11. Sorry, correction taking the 4.5 points
  12. This is my favorite tourney of the year, I am not going to be like little Johnny at Christmas sneaking around trying to see what gifts I am getting before the big day. Don't want to jump the gun to early so for now folks let's just savor the introductory trip down Magnolia Lane. Good Luck ALL enjoy each day of Masters Week starting with that goose bumpy ride down...
  13. I for one am happy spring is here although it's still gonna be tough to get out with my current caregiving situation. It's partly bad to mostly bad to Hurricane category 5 on a weekly basis at the old folks house. That said it's Masters Week and it's my favorite golf tourney of the year. Not to mention my O's just swept the Gimpy Bosox 3 in a row on Opening Week while my other adopted team the Nats were sent to their rooms over the weekend with 4 players testing positive from Covid. Pair all of that with the finale of March Madness and the overrated Gonzaga Bulldogs taking on the Baylor Bears,
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