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  1. The legacy of Bruce Allen and the Good Ole Boys network lives on in the metro area of DC. The trainwreck that Snyder built is never far enough away. Only a click away you can always find some drama when a search is conducted on the WFT.
  2. The Grudens. A little overrated. Nepotism in the NFL.
  3. Andy Reid needs a defense and an offensive line. QB’s aren’t really super heroes until the chemistry is correct. Bills defense is stellar. Ravens are very well built and coached. Lamar had 3 years to hone his passing game to the point where he is a dual threat now. Possibly the best all around QB by a nudge over Mahomes,Allen, Herbert. Herbert and Allen landed in great spots. Would they be this far along playing for the Jets or Jacksonville? They are all incredible talents. But they are not the only ingredient in the batter. The biscuits need some buttermilk. Is Trevor Lawrence just as good put on a better team? Joe Burrow could join them soon. If Jalen Hurts finds some accuracy he’s right in there. The young Guns are making the league viable for another 5-7 years. The next generations will model their games like a MaHomes or Jackson. Not a bad template. Just don’t go to a bad organization like the WFT.
  4. Sorry late. Better late than never. Really busy week. Gonna take Jets/ Falcons Over 46. Both teams travel to London both defenses suck. Over 46 Falcons/Jets Carolina getting 3.5 gonna take some of that. Carolina +3.5 prime time bonus pick Buffalo +3. Book it.
  5. I think they will make the playoffs. Chiefs have no defense. Chargers are my bet now. But a Raiders have shown they are capable of beating the best teams so why not. They beat the Ravens. I know the Chargers best them but they have been beating everyone. Herbert is the real deal. But the Raiders are starting to take root. They sure are better than my home team. The WFT. What a tease they are.
  6. I say contenders. Their defense is for real. And Carr is a real QB Speed kills at WR. Edwards and Renfrow are legit Waller is their best weapon. I vote Contender
  7. I have no idea where Tennessee was laying 7.5! If I was in a Survivor pool I would take Tennessee in a heartbeat. Vegas Insider has them opening at 7 now at 6.5 and even 6. Ravens are a much admired team by this guy. I love what Harbaugh gets out of his teams. But the 3 out of 4 road games to start the season have got to take its toll on the Ravens this week. This game will finally put Denver in a conversation. They should go 4-0 with a well played game by Teddy Bridgewater at the helm, as the Ravens wear down in the thin air in Denver in the 4th quarter. It will be close but Denver wins by a field goal and they go 4-0. Denver -1 Give me this Juicy Dog in the NFC West. I will take the 4.5pts on those high flying Stafford's Rams Andy Dalton and Carson Wentz not exactly game breaking Qb's they did beat Brady and the Bucs. But Kyler Murray is more of a threat to run than Brady. Give me the Cards +4.5 But the two hottest teams in the NFC are the Panthers and the Cowboys I am going to the dogs!...Barking Dogs bark! Give me the Panthers +5
  8. Xanders Wife has got my attention! She is gorgeous. I love his game and his choice in women. Not into the trendy dogs but everything else is spot on. That said I know the US is dominating the Euros, but my favorite part of the whole tournament has been watching Sergio and Rahm. They personify the spirit of the Ryder cup unlike Koepka whining about a pipe that just might affect his swing. Watching Garcia spit out his drink was classic. Sergio is fun to watch in Ryder Cup play. Let's hope that Morikawa, Xander, can lift the US to future Ryder Cup victories, guys like Koepka and DeChambeau will come and go. But we all will remember how important the Cup was to guys like Couples, Crenshaw, Azinger, Seve, Sergio, Poulter, these guys really get it. Team first egos put on hold. https://twitter.com/itismarkharris/status/1441787341169958913?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1441787341169958913|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sportingnews.com%2Fus%2Fgolf%2Fnews%2Fbrooks-koepka-ryder-cup-officials%2Fpwi4pnt1ejyr1m8rqqnzz2i2a
  9. I also would have taken the Chiefs -6.5 coming off a gut punch loss to the Ravens CEH will get right after that fumble, and T. Hill will find room to roam after being double and triple teamed by the Ravens. Chiefs -6.5 as a for fun bonus pick
  10. I think there is a bit of overreaction here Raiders 2-0 Dolphins 1-1 Getting shut out and losing their QB News flash Tua is "Pooha." Brissett was pretty good with the Colts. Dolphins +5 I am sticking my toe in that cold water but will I take the plunge!? The polar bear express is a cold weather train But wait! We have a new QB The red BB gun is on the shelf and we have a guy who can throw and run. It's a big test playing against a stacked Cleveland defense on the road. But I am taking the Justin Fields plunge He makes enough happen to keep the game close Bears +7.5 Tonight I like the Under and will make it the prime time bonus pick Houston/Carolina U 43.5
  11. That must be Bill Cosby’s mentor. He’s a cunning mixologist
  12. I feel bad for their QB. They needed a veteran QB to mentor him.
  13. I vote for the Abortion. The Washington Abortion. The logo could be the burgundy colored embryo of Dan Snyder being sucked into a gold colored vacuum cleaner. Channeling my late Norm McDonald. I apologize for my crudeness but I am over the name game. They all suck. Call them the Wizards. They can both suck equally. Red Hogs. Simple minded hogwash. The red hog looks nothing like that fierce wart hog in the logo The red wattle hog is hardly a fierce creature. Can’t really see that pig opening holes for the diesel to plow through. I just can’t stand the need for the team to muddle their brand and sound like the team in minor league baseball or hockey. Just leave it as the team. I named my cat Kitty. Because that is what it was a kitty. Just call it the Burgundy and Gold or the WFT. Market it as the team above all others. Burgundy and Gold WFT. There! Just like Manchester United, or Barcelona FC. Class up the organization so we are not reminded of the stench that comes from the owners box every Sunday. That said Give me some sexy Euros. Rahm Rory One American. Schauffle
  14. I don't care how much marzipan they slabbed on that cake. I am not eating Fido. Is this a Chinese wedding? Good call on the 70's gold drug kingpin look. Who is bartending Isaac from the Love Boat!?
  15. Well, I am winning my bets on the online app. I had coin on the WFT money-line. Where that -4.5 came from I have no idea. But I was not about to lay -3.5. I also had the over thinking the team is having trouble pressuring the QB and DJ was 4-0 against the Team. I went 2-0. Yay! It’s Heinicke or the Hershey Highway moving forward. You say how can that be when you are 0 for 3, and in the family and NSA pool you are in the books with a paltry 7 picks? No lines! Well, let’s just say when money is on the line I can make a putt to win a double press for the rent money, and still shoot a 103. win a all in hand with a pair of crap, And take the money line when all else starts crumbling around you. With nothing on the line the juices do not flow. I become lethargic and addicted to talking and not focusing. “Doctor, Doctor, what the F are you babbling about!?” “I don’t know better half” I just want to curl up in bed and listen to the CURE AND WALLOW AWAY. “ Doc that’s not a good attitude, not a prescription for good pick making.” “Thank You better half” “ I will sit up straight, loosen up the grip In my mind, and just let them flow with a good feeling.” So I will make picks like my IRA depends on it. Let’s start by saying the Ravens looked like a team that is dealing with injuries. Quality team, they will come to play. But I am thinking this is a trap line. All the idiots like myself will jump on KC and give the 2.5. So call me an idiot I will give the -2.5 and take KC -2.5 Miami and Buffalo look like a great divisional game down in hot Miami, Buffalo got a little exposed by Pittsburgh last week, lousy run game and put it all on Allen, who has some accuracy issues going deep under some pressure. Miami has a top 10 defense as does Buffalo. You would think take the points and pound the under. I think that line is to tempting. Tua and Josh will find ways move the ball downfield. Just enough big plays and a few field goals will punch it to the over. Give me the over 47.5. Miami/Buffalo Let’s stay in the Same division and I will take the Mac attack to cover against the Jets who on paper look a little better. But New England might have the best defense this year outside of Pittsburgh Pats -3.5 Book it!
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