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  1. Mine with that same shaft came with 10-2.5-2.5 I Hit it OK with those weights but it was really light. To change the swing weight to match the Proto - I would need to add about 6g to the head but the overall weight was nearly similar with the 3 SW difference, so I am using 12.5g front and 2.5g in the other two. I am still learning this thing though. Yesterday was pretty much all fades and today It was straight with a few a little too much right. The one consistent though is the near center strikes no matter what happens.
  2. The Gen 4 has pretty much knocked the Proto out of the bag and I was hitting that better than I even have - I am hoping my fitting on Tuesday can yield some more yards with a shaft change, but it is pretty good right now. The only bummer is this life-long drawer of the ball can not hit a draw with it, and I do not want to weight the heel It is easy to hit straight or a fade though.
  3. The Gen 4 X has gotten the top spot in my bag at this point, and it has been great with each additional round I play with it. I moved from the Proto X set at 10.5º to the Gen 4 X set at 9.5º, small - and it has been a great option for me. I can easily hit it either way. I have a fitting on Tuesday to play with shafts in the driver and to see about a Proto hybrid, but I will hit the Gen 4 hybrid as well. PXG has made some nice improvements from release to release, but you have to dial them in to realize the maximum gains.
  4. OMG - that was awesome - I read the topping the ball part and was wondering where this was going Great story and I second playing with the weights. I would play with them from time to time as well. I was a firm believer in big weight back and then changed to Big weight forward and some weight in the toe. Great story on your setup! Thanks
  5. I have to say the Gen4 X is growing on me as just a straight driver that I can hit either way. I am going to try and find a shaft that can help bring spin down a tad (fitting on the 22nd), but overall I really like the club. Others have said off center hits really affect distance and I have not found that to be the case. I also swapped back to the Gen2 FWs - the protos ARE super easy to get airborne, because they spin too much - I am also experimenting with shafts for them as well. Great strike ability but at the price of 20-30 yards. On another note - PXGs inability
  6. I have seen the same thing with the Gen4 X - I was wondering if they did that with the design versus the Proto X. To my eye the Gen4 X seems to have more club towards the toe to put more mass out there and they dial back from a fade biased club - that is the only thing that would make sense if they eliminated the toe weight. Keep the great reviews coming.
  7. Nice shooting! And congrats on your son as well. So which driver did you use? The reason I am asking is I gamed the Gen4 and played my league on Thursday night - hit one drive with it - a nice shot but went a bit right and stayed there - then all hell broke loose with a close lightning strike and a major downpour. I think put the Proto and the Gen4 on the launch monitor and the Proto was better - so I gamed the Proto today - shot 2 over and made no putts today. I am shelving the Gen4 until I can get with the fitter and see if we can find a shaft combo to get the spin
  8. I second the very good on the Forged Wedges - they have been awesome for me. I can also say that the milled wedges are super great feeling. I have a set I need to get rid of due to shaft weight.
  9. It is interesting how we are all reacting differently to these drivers. I have both Protos and the G4X. I dial the clubs as much as I can on the quad, but the ruler for me is how often do I hit a good shot. If one of them is the longest but not as accurate, it is not necessarily my gamer. For me the Proto is better than the Proto+ - I could use the + and be very happy, but the Proto is a bit more consistent and a bit longer. I am looking forward to getting more quad and course time with the G4X
  10. Haha on the driver - that is the price you pay for living so close you can pick your stuff up My problem with my G2 22º hybrid is that it is too close to my 5i - I would like some more of a gap. I even changed to small - to get it at 21º, but I had the feeling that a 22º proto hybrid might be what I need for my current gap. I think that the 4h is going to be sitting close to either the 5i or 5w and I just need to choose which one. With how well the Proto fws go, I am leaning in that direction. Since the pricing runs through June, I may set up a fitting to check out
  11. I hate to ask this, but I must - I have the Gen2 hybrids and am wondering the relative merits of the various lines - Gen2-Proto-Gen4 are versus each other in the hybrids. The lack of a toe weight in the Gen4 driver is not an issue for me, and that is the main concern about the Gen4 hybrids. I am also wondering if the Proto hybrids have the same hot face of the Proto fws. Last thing - how does that square toe look at address? It seems like you can not even see the squared and slightly higher toe versus the Gen2. Also the silver crown on the driver is very cool IMO -
  12. Haha on the range only feature - I thought I would like playing the courses but I have not done that very much at all. The range and data collection is what this Club Ho Nerd does inside. The quad is so cool with being able to connect to a computer or to an iPad or go solo. It is rock solid and super portable. I have been thrilled with it. I bought extra dots on eBay - they are way cheaper than from Foresight. I leave them on my clubs all the time. THe quad is a lot of money but when you add up the purchases of some club hos that live in my house, it is not that ba
  13. Man - if there is a club you really like I would not sell it. I have done that so many times in the past and regretted it every time. Hang onto it for a while to really make sure it should begotten rid of. Funny on the Proto 3w - I am not sure what it is with mine, but the thing sounds more like a driver to me. Totally different sound than the Proto 5W - I look forward to getting it on the course. I like my Gen 2 fws but the Protos definitely are a lot easier to get up out of the grass. So glad I saw comments about that and took a shot on them
  14. Well my prodigal box arrived today with my Gen4 0811x driver and a Proto 3W - at -0.5". Driver - the face looks closed to me - I ordered it at 45" and they sent it at C8. I thought WTH - that is kind of light, but swinging it was pretty amazing. The nickname should be SPLBE - Strike Pattern Like Big Eddie It is very easy to center strike this club. The lack of a toe weight did not seem to bother me. I was hitting into my cage with the GX Quad, so I need to get on the simulator to see the flight, but I could see they were pretty straight. Versus the Pro
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