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  1. Here goes nothing.....[list] [*]What city/state are you located? [b]El Paso,TX[/b] [*]Current Handicap: [b]4.8[/b] [*]Have you participated in testing for GolfWRX before? [b]No[/b] [*]What's your current 'gamer' ball and why? [b]Taylormade Lethal. Premium ball with stopping power, holds flight well in the wind and is fairly durable.[/b] [*]What balls did you try recently? [b]B330-RX, Maxfli U/6, ProV1[/b] [*]What's your swing speed with your driver? (Estimates are ok). [b]100+[/b] [*]Do you agree to participate in an ongoing discussion and post your review/feedback of on this mystery go
  2. I've been looking for pictures of these or more than the soles for a while and i'm glad i can come here after being away for a good chunk and get what i need. Thanks Wrxers! I'm a devout YES!/C-Groove believer and I can't wait to try one of these if i can ever get my hands on one. To be honest I haven't been a fan of what they've put out post sale to Adams/then TM. [b][i]TO ME[/i][/b] the quality and designs haven't been quite the same but i still give them a roll when i see them. Sure the yellow is a bit gaudy, i would probably paint the top part if it turned out to be a keeper, but people
  3. Had always wondered when they would bring soccer tech to golf shoes. Finally starting to happen, about time! Im in!
  4. [quote name='Tim Delgado' timestamp='1311722796' post='3426519'] [quote name='ShoxTP' timestamp='1311717576' post='3426216'] No the only thing i did to my Donna was take out the paint fill and do a little of my own and add lead tape to the sole. It hung face up perfect well before all of that. Your toe hang comes from how the shaft is inserted, check it with a pen. Hold the pen so it is like a continuation of the shaft right before it bends, it should intersect right in the middle of the face. [/quote] Here a couple photos of my new Donna. I have no doubt whatsoever that it is genuine,
  5. [quote name='Tim Delgado' timestamp='1311714399' post='3425957'] [quote name='ShoxTP' timestamp='1311710313' post='3425676'] Ok so after close examination i think some of the markings are too off just to be production errors, so i throw it to you guys. is this legit? Comparison hang to Tracy and Donna [attachment=828647:100_2605.JPG] Thanks, ShoxTP [/quote] Very interesting photo. Did you modify your Donna to make it perfectly face-balanced? I just received my Donna, and it feels great.....BUT my Donna has a slight toe hang, and the photo of yours shows it to be perfectly fa
  6. Ok so after close examination i think some of the markings are too off just to be production errors, so i throw it to you guys. is this legit? (I'm not a pro at posting pics so bear with) In this one the paint fill is sloppy and the black to grey is sloppy too [attachment=828626:100_2590.JPG] Scratches on right "pop-sickle stick" [attachment=828635:100_2623.JPG] Missing rubber ring and epoxy smears [attachment=828639:100_2622.JPG] Missing micro milling across face (You have to look close but can see it near the top of the face but not near the toe [attachment=828640:100_2618.JP
  7. ATTENTION!**** (Please bear with and don't jump the gun on this one) I [b]THINK[/b] the Athena mallet i bought [b]MIGHT[/b] be a fake..............FYI it came with that Teal marble AVS grip on it. I will post pics later of the Athena and if need be my Donna i bought years ago. Emailing YES as we speak. I want to get official word and post pics on here before anyone gets hasty. So i'll post pics soon.
  8. [quote name='Pitch'n'Putt' timestamp='1307737885' post='3298841'] I have a TaylorMade Pro-Formance Putter that has come into my posession. I don't know anything about it, other than it is from the 80's and the PGA trade in value is $5.17. Are/Were these any good in their day? It has a huge offset, and a fairly heavy head. I will probably never putt with it, but does anyone have any experience with or knowledge about these putters? A search here yielded no results. [/quote] Don't know much about them either, but i have one too. The head is a blade, with a smooth curved back and
  9. I have one of these putters too, and have been wanting to make a post on these putters myself, just haven't got around to it. My model looks like the Scotty Circa62 #2 or the California Hollywood. I'll try to post some pics in a day or two.
  10. I love this contest! When people ask me where the "Magic Kingdom" is; i say Carlsbad, California
  11. I didn't even know it was 440cc. From Experience I'd wait for the 460cc version, because those 20cc's make a world of difference when you miss hit it. I bought an R9 and my miss hits were dramatically shorter compared to my Super-Tri now.
  12. "Double Bend" shafts align the shaft of the putter with the center of the face, thus making the putter face balanced, ideal for a "Straight Back Straight Through" stroke. "Plumbers Neck" hozels don't run through the center of the face, making them not face balanced and ideal for more of a "Arched" or "Gated" stroke. This is where the "balance the putter on the end your finger test" comes in. Try it with your own putter. If the face of the putter points skyward; its Face Balanced. If it doesn't, it has whats called toe hang (That's where you hear of the "6 o'clock" or "4 o'clock" talk on
  13. PW 48*- 140yds GW 52*- 120yds SW 56*- 100yds LW 60*- 85yds
  14. For me this combo didn't really work. The shaft felt buttery smooth, but i was hitting high spinning moon ball fades that didn't really go anywhere. I played the TP 73s x5ct version. Maybe if it had been in x-stiff it would have played better for me (since most say they play softer than said flex). This one i didn't get fitted for, it was just a get a fubuki and give it a whirl idea . Idk my SS is 100+ and my 7i is 175-180 if that helps at all. This combo just wasn't for me.
  15. ShoxTP

    TM Supertri

    I use an 8.5* with a Motore F1 65-S. It seems to be plenty of shaft for me, and I was fitted for it. Like above we need more info to make a better grasp at a straw (ie: whats your ballflight, tempo, miss, and why you don't like the shafts/ combo's you've hit). But i can't also stress enough to get fitted for a driver, bite the bullet and get it done, you'll be glad you did.
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