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  1. You’re right. How am I supposed to chip with that going on, Doug?
  2. I always love the “Dude would be as good if he didn’t have [important part of the game]” thing. Shaq could barely hit the backboard from outside 10 feet, and rec leagues are full of 5’9” dudes who can rain threes but couldn’t make a DII roster. Saying BAD wouldn’t be as good without the length is as silly as saying Shaq wouldn’t have been as good if he was only 5’9”. It’s a tautology, like saying someone wouldn’t be good if they weren’t good. Here, however, it goes one step further. We have a guy (Fitz) who (1) fully recognizes the advantage length gives a player, (2) says he c
  3. For the first time in my life, I was ready for Nicklaus to jump in with a comment. Thanks, Gary Player.
  4. Wasn’t him, then. Unless he was being funny. Which is a possibility.
  5. It was a funny article, written by someone who had likely never played at a high level. Fixation on the loft of a certain iron is funny when such is so easily manipulated by anyone with tour-level talent. Edit: To say I certainly don’t have such talent. Just commenting on observation over the years.
  6. ? I remember an article in Golf Digest back in the late 90s with the headline: "He hit a 7-iron How Far?!!" or something like that. (I got the print version for probably 20 years). It went into a thing about how pros use lofts that aren't "really" 7-iron lofts, etc. and how we shouldn't believe what we see on TV. It might've even been Dan Jenkins. IDK why, but your post reminded me of that article.
  7. Question for the panel: Are these modern pros also swinging for the fences with impunity with irons?
  8. That's correct. But they say such feats are supposed to be rare. In the end, it's because people struggle to wrap their heads around the fact that more players are physically able to do it now than there were then.
  9. Short hitters can get longer if they want. If they are unable, well... I was just brainstorming about course setup. Risk/reward for long hitters, etc. Sorry if it was just stupid. Stupid. Stupid...to those who have everything figured out.
  10. Strictly speaking to the topic of course setup, what about this?: Make the fairways WIDER, but the rough twice as long. Like 10”. At 20 yards wide with 5” rough, I’d choose to hit driver every time because I’m not much more likely to hit that ribbon with less than driver anyway, so might as well send it. 20 yards wide with 10” rough would be unwatchable. But a wider fairway with much more penal rough could make me think about taking the risk, and bring some strategy into the decision. Just a thought, likely riddled with holes. But ultra narrow with hackable rough d
  11. To be fair, if you've only been watching for 10 minutes, you've probably only seen 2 shots.
  12. Cool. I was just wondering because we have a lot of plus handicaps (some former [then] Nationwide guys) who maybe hit it over 300 once or twice per round. But our course is pretty much all carry and about 400 yards from the ocean. I’ve found elevation matters a lot less than atmosphere for some reason. I definitely gain a club on the east coast, or in the southeast, even at sea level.
  13. Thing is: there are simply a LOT more "longest of the long" players out there these days. Just out of curiosity, how far is the nearest ocean from where you usually play such that 300 yards is ho-hum?
  14. Lol, I remember being a kid when one of us would find a Super Condor (small ball) in a range bucket and pocket it to go out and hit bombs that day until it went OB. Happened a few times per summer. Given that our range balls largely came from the wooded areas OB, it might’ve been the same ball the whole time.
  15. K. I think your proposed tee height restriction is ridiculous, in part because you’ve said 1/2” 47 times, but now say it’s arbitrary. But mostly because it’s unworkable given different turf characteristics. I also don’t care about so-called classic courses. If they were that classic, maybe they would be better able to stand the test of time. If your main defenses are bunkers at the corners at 275, maybe you’re not that classic and timeless after all. I also think people should chill out and just watch pros play golf, or not. If they don’t like the way pros play golf, they should watch
  16. Could be 3.5", could be 1/8", could be a foot. Who knows? Simple fix.
  17. I've been wondering this for like three pages. I just assumed he meant 1 1/2". 1/2" would barely work on a green. It would pretty much be like one of those plastic ball markers if they held the ball.
  18. Haha! So, those sports aren’t really scraping off the potential soccer talent, it’s just Lebron, Iverson, Westbrook, probably a lot more guards, WRs and DBs in the NFL, but that’s it. That’s barely enough guys to field 6-7 teams.
  19. And how many people watched Sky Golf in 1975?
  20. Works both ways for Nicklaus when he puts it those ways. Shocking.
  21. Yeah, they all suck. If they folded sweaters on the off weeks and hit it with smaller club heads, we’d see the cream rise to the top.
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