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  1. It's that way now. It's just that some don't like what happens when someone who has lived golf since he was seven years old, trained exclusively for golf, and worked his ass off to excel at the game, swings for the fences.
  2. Wait, I thought the smaller clubheads would make the pros hit "proper" drives because they would have to throttle back. Or, is it more crooked drives swinging all-out? You've said both. Which is it?
  3. You have classic missing the point design features.
  4. I didn't (attempt) to make a point about where JT's "worst drives" would've went with a smaller clubhead whilst completely contradicting myself. You did. That's why. Also, you asked for clarification, so . . .
  5. You know, it really boils down to the fact that some people see a hole with a fairway, some rough, some trees, some bunkers, maybe a pond, some more bunkers, and a green, and they want to see it played the "proper" way. Whereas, the best see a chunk of land with a flag in a hole at the end of it.
  6. It's not difficult. You say that pros wouldn't be able to go all-out with a smaller clubhead (I somewhat agree).You asked where we thought JT's worst drives would've ended up with a smaller clubhead, that he didn't hit, suggesting the worst drives would be even worse.I asked why that hypo is even relevant.You suggested maybe he would've actually hit the smaller clubhead straighter, which is counter to the point you attempted to make in #2. So, which is it? Would these guys hit it more crooked on their worst drives with the smaller clubhead going all-out (which you admit isn't an option); or
  7. Really? "if you were watching, where do you think JT’s worst drives would have finished yesterday with a smaller club head?" You were suggesting that his worst drives would've been better because he would've hit them in a way you deem "proper", right?
  8. Great points, @Sean2. I think I remember you having some insight into the women's game through a relative (If it wasn't you, I apologize for the mistake). I'm seeing it now. When I was in college, a woman who could break 80 could get a scholarship somewhere. That wasn't THAT long ago. It isn't enough anymore to "like" golf and play it well. It has to be one's life from an early age. There has to be natural talent AND work ethic to even sniff a tour these days.
  9. That may be. But, he still cashed. Sorry he didn't do it the way you wanted. Still wondering why it's relevant to ask where a club he didn't hit, in a way you admit he wouldn't have hit it, would have put the ball.
  10. "And it didn't take any hard work for Rickie to do so." -Nicklaus What a joke.
  11. Exactly my point. I'm still unclear regarding the relevance of asking where his max speed tee shots would've went with a smaller clubhead, given that the other side of the mouth says max speed would not be option with a smaller clubhead. Bottom line is JT played the clubs he played how he played them and won $1.82 million.
  12. Well, he didn’t hit that. So, I guess that hypo is about as relevant as wondering how far offline he would’ve hit it with an onion on the end of a walking cane. “They can swing for the fences now. They’d have to throttle back with the old stuff.” and then ”Dude would’ve hit it crazy far offline on that shot with the old stuff.” love it.
  13. Never said that, at all.See topic. The point is the card-keepers are now comfortable given prize money and endorsements. The opinion is that, therefore, they don’t have to work as hard. Which, many seem to believe, is false.I’m just saying I think the media is starting to realize it can produce some click worthy material by getting him to talk about the modern game, and I find it rather lazy and pathetic. Guy did a lot to get the game where it is now. Time to lay off him.
  14. Talk to any octogenarian, and you’re going to hear some off the wall opinions presented as fact. I think it’s just as much the fault of the media seeking comment(s) from Nicklaus as it is Nicklaus saying nonsensical things. They know he’s going to say something wacky, and it’s going to get them clicks. Stop sticking a mic in front of the guy, let him enjoy his one tournament, and let him live out the out the rest of his days.
  15. The good thing about the USGA is it can take 20 years and a ton of money to conclude that something is “unpleasant”, and then take absolutely ZERO action, whilst making sure to remind everyone that it makes the rules and is the steward of golf. Leadership like you read about.
  16. I'm right there with you on 'level of fandom'. I was watching English League like 15 years ago in Santa Monica at this place called Ye Olde King's Head (not kidding). I was with a buddy and we were trying to learn about the game. At one point, I wondered aloud if it would be more exciting if they got rid of offsides to create some break-away opportunities. We nearly got kicked out of the place. Pun intended.
  17. I kinda dig having a soccer game on in the background sometimes. Not much action, but it’s continuous, which is cool. It might pick up here if the next Lebron James or Jadeveon Clowney picks soccer over basketball or football, but I don’t really see that happening. I will say the flopping theatrics in soccer are really annoying.
  18. Totally. And if you gave Cameron Champ a spade shovel and a tennis ball, there's no way he'd be able to hit it as far as he does now.
  19. It’s been nice watching players play this course without hearing Nicklaus whine about golf balls 700 different ways.
  20. Interesting post. I'm 7/8ths on board with you, but I can't get all the way there. Here's why: In golf, it only takes one or two other players to prevent a single player from dominating like TW did. The whole field doesn't have to be stronger than 10 years ago, just one guy does. Put another way, I would have to think if we see another TW, we'll probably see two at the same time, so, like with quarterbacks, if you have two, you really have none. Fun topic to think about regardless.
  21. Thx! I was wondering if he was going to hit it.
  22. That seems to be the plan thus far. The USGA conducted a years-long "study" and chose to do absolutely nothing in conclusion.
  23. I still watch that video of his warmup at Wentworth like once a month. It's such pure poetry. I'm pretty sure if I was able to do that, I'd just quit the game. Nothing else to accomplish . . .
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