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  1. Holy ****, you nailed it. That's exactly what it is. They also get one shell in a .38 revolver per round to shoot another player's ball off the green. Can't shoot another player or their clubs, though. This is golf; there are rules.
  2. I guess I'll be the one to say it: This is pretty awesome. I hope she wins it.
  3. Fair enough! And let's not lose sight of the fact that I 100% do NOT clip anything correctly anymore, so, it's not a fair test, haha.
  4. Haha, c'mon, man. I agree we weren't (unintentionally in my case) spinning them up on a full wedge any more than we do with the balls today. But, if you clipped one correctly off the FW from 25 yards, it was stopping after the first hop. TP5x, not as much.
  5. It’s funny you bring it up! A few days ago I was reading a NYT article from 1987 talking about the Tour Edition Norman used to win the 86 British Open. Tour Editions were even spinnier than balatas. I think it was called Ziniythane or something. Norman talked about the added spin gave him more accuracy and helped on the concrete greens in ‘86. I remember finding a few Tour Editions way back, and they definitely made the short game a point and shoot endeavor on the greens I grew up on. I never did notice much accuracy difference between Tour Balata 100s, Professional 90s, Strata, and Pro
  6. Genuinely curious, 15th, what "odd extensions" are currently being undertaken at, say, Pebble Beach? What about Riviera and Kiawah Island? What are they going to do to LACC for 2023? Whistling Straits? I honestly don't know...
  7. It definitely wasn’t enforced here even before the rule change, haha! I joined this club in 2014, and I remember the pro saying they decided to do it to curb the bagging.
  8. Hmm, our club requires two signatures on every card, and they are put in a box before being posted by shop staff. If you’re on the tee sheet (other than just playing a few holes before dark) and don’t turn in a valid card, you’ll get a warning letter in the mail. But, you’re right, if I go play a resort course somewhere, nobody is checking to see if my score is attested.
  9. I find this part fascinating. Do you think it would be a good idea to set up courses like that every week? I've heard more than once that a problem with the PGA Tour is it feels like the same boring TPC setup every week (or something to that effect). If the Tour sets everything up like the last two weeks, wouldn't it simply be week-to-week monotony in a different form? Same as if every week was firm/fast/minimal rough/minimal trees/ground game, as some have said they want to see (which are simply demands that attempt to make a roll back the only option). Just my opinion, but I think it wo
  10. I thought it was called shot value. In terms of what I’m guessing are called International Shot Value Units (“ISVU”), does the drive that gets me the 8 iron in receive more ISVUs than yours that gets you the four iron in? Or, is the drive given a lower ISVU measure because “anybody can just bomb it down the fairway these days”? What if I intentionally feather a 5 iron instead of hitting the hard 8? Is the 5 the better shot? Do you get to cash in your ISVU balance at the end of the round? i have to say I’m digging this idea. I play with guys who bomb it past me on their way to shooting lo
  11. I don’t. Is there a unit measurement? I’ve only heard of shots being measured as one stroke.
  12. What are shot values? How are they measured?
  13. It doesn’t get much more exciting than the back 9 on Sunday at the Masters from a viewer standpoint. It feels like anything can happen. With two par-5s that are extremely reachable, yet heavily guarded by architectural elements, and the Sunday pin on 16, I wonder why that is.
  14. It's interesting, and perhaps very telling, that most of your "memorable shots" occurred long ago. That said, as far as drives go (pun intended), I remember most of these: https://youtu.be/or34HUCNS4Q Do you watch very much golf on TV?
  15. That’s all the proof we need. That settles it. The PGA Tour should know this info. I heard it is hurting in the revenue department.
  16. I agree the PGA Tour should be the entity handling professional golf on the PGA Tour. I’m also interested to learn that 90% of the golfing world finds distance really boring. That’s an enlightening study.
  17. Hold up. Are you saying the organization that conducts the PGA Tour decides to hold tournaments on courses that it owns? The next thing you know, the Texas Longhorns are going to want to host home games right there in the stadium on campus.
  18. Kids born today might be old enough to vote before the USGA makes the “decision” (again) to defer to others. We’ve seen it before.
  19. If the courses were designed the “proper” way, it would’ve been 71.4, max. I could write some books about it.
  20. Congratulations! I did it just over two years ago (on good terms), and it was the best decision I've ever made in my professional life. I definitely watched a ton of golf, and ripped a few beers, at my desk the last week I was there. Oh, yeah, Piercy, don't do that.
  21. That’s one way to keep the bill down. Maybe build it into a “Prepare for...” entry later?
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