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  1. Scotty Cameron "Cash is King" head cover used maybe 10 rounds $150 shipped First Up, all specs are standard from Scotty except for the grip and its a Super Stroke pistol GT tour. I did game this for about 6 weeks, doesn't show much ware and I can send other pictures if requested. The shaft band is pretty worn but that's about it as far as ware goes. I will throw in the purple Scotty cover pictured and the stock Scotty grip that the putter came with. Looking to get back what I have into it at $1300 $1200 PUTTER SOLD!!shipped in the US through Pay Pal. Not looking for any trades
  2. I can't imagine someone won't manufacture weights for these heads, why would they even put a screw on the weight if they're not meant to be adjusted? Just seemed odd that 2 different guys on the TM chat said they don't make them and that the weights weren't meant to be removed! Then you follow Chris Trott on IG and he's pulling weights off saying how important SW is and that is the reasoning for all the weights being adjustable!
  3. The guy I chatted with claimed TM doesn't offer custom SW's and I noticed that when you custom order you can't select anything with SW. How brutal is that!
  4. What's odd, TM chat is telling me the weight screws are not meant to be removed and they don't offer any weights for the driver or FW heads!
  5. That does seem on the lighter side, I ended up buying a tour issue head. I wouldn't think the tour issue is heavier but I'm going to weigh it today when it arrives.
  6. That might be the route I go, I've played a 45" driver for years but went back to 45.5" this year. If I take just under 1/2" off I should be pretty close to D4. These heads are like Thor's hammer! I would think TM would eventually offer weight kits with how heavy these heads are, D5 stock SW is crazy!
  7. Need lighter mine is D6 with a ventus black 6X 45.5"
  8. Anyone have a lead on weight kits for the SIM2 heads? These SW like hammers!
  9. 1. Miura 501's 3-9 irons, built by Will Peoples. KBS C-Taper 130 soft stepped 1 time (no shaft bands), standard length, BB&F Co ferrules and loft D2 SW. Lie is 1* upright from standard Miura, grips are BCT Cord with 3 wraps. Great shape, gamed for 1 season. I included a closer up shot of the 9 iron that has the most ware. Nothing major at all, normal signs of play. $1350 $1250 $1150 $1050 shipped and PP no international shipping or trades. I would be willing to have the iron heads pulled if anyone would be interested. DM me SOLD!!! 2. Vokey wedges works RAW SM7 46 (10*
  10. Everything includes shipping in US, PP only and no trades. Scotty Cameron Phantom 8 putter, standard specs 35 inch and comes with stock HC. Used for a few rounds last season SOLD!!!!Scotty Cameron Army Guys HC for mallet used a few rounds looks brand new SOLD!!!!Patrick Gibbons hand made LV blade HC used 2 rounds and has magnetic closure SOLD!!!!!Piedmont Leather Company valuables pouch "Aloha" SOLD!!! pin 5/5
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