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  1. Saw a raw prototype blade when I was there for my fitting back in July. Had no stamping except the 7 on the bottom. Go ahead and sign me up for a raw set to match my wedges.
  2. @Fujikura Golf Thanks for taking the time. I recently switched over to Ventus Black 7x in my driver and am really encouraged with the results so far as I work on my swing changes with my coach. A question for you guys, in the past I had played the Motore Speeder 8.2 TS X flex in my 3 wood and loved it (and really regret getting rid of that shaft). They are getting pretty hard to come by now, what would me the most similar shaft in today’s lineup, would it be the Ventus Black 8X? Thankfully I kept the 9.2x for my 5 wood and have recently put that back in play and it’s as wonderful as
  3. I know how much I have into 3 custom wedges and a putter from Artisan and it’s less than some of these Lamb numbers. Granted I live in Houston so no real travel costs outside of gas, but I am totally with you. You could spend a day there with airfare and still come out ahead with clubs built for you by legends.
  4. Serious question, why would I pick a more expensive Lamb putter over an Artisan putter that has been custom fit and built just for me?
  5. It’s not steel but the Fuji Pro 115 Tour Spec always performed really well for me as well in a driving iron. I had it in an original UDI 3 iron and that shaft played like steel. They are fairly inexpensive as well compared to most other options.
  6. I’ve used both now. It really is a wonderful blend. I have the 112 gram version and it gives me the best of both worlds. Lighter than X100 but maintains the feel of an iron shaft but some launch characteristics of graphite . Worth is subjective, but for me it was worth the money. It makes the 2 iron versatile off the tee or fairway for me.
  7. I played with a 12 year old a few weeks ago and watched him shoot the easiest 2 over I’ve ever seen (and which should’ve been a 2 under in his words). Kid was unbelievable and got everything up and down if he was out of position. This was a course the pro’s used to play yearly so not a point and shoot muni. Very sobering when a 110 lb 12 year old beats you handedly.
  8. I’ve had the SIM UDI 2 in the bag for about a month now I suppose and it has been fantastic. Originally I got it for when I was struggling off the tee as a fall back option but it has ended up being excellent for second shots into par 5’s as well. Much more versatile than I had hoped for. I have mine with the Nippon GOST Tour X and it is a combo that will be sticking around for a long time.
  9. If your okay with something that isn’t golf specific spend a little extra and get a Filson it will last you for life. They make a small that I would say is similar in size to what’s in your picture.
  10. Just got a Ventus Black 7X that I plan on putting up against my XD 70TX (tipped 1”). Going to try the Ventus untipped (the shaft was already cut to length but a good deal). The 1” is honestly probably too much on the XD for me, it makes you feel like you have to work for it at times when the swing isn’t there. I had switched over to a DF 70TX tipped 1” for awhile and it didn’t require as good of a swing as the XD but it felt too loose and I could really turn one over at times (I always want to like “White” profiles but struggle with them from time to time). Will be curious to see if the Ventus
  11. Need to settle the spot between 4 iron and 3 wood once and for all. Been rotating around 5 wood, 2/3 iron, and hybrid.
  12. I’ve got a set of artisans and was fit into TW grinds, will be curious to see these in person and how similar they are.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to post the write up. A question that came to mind; I think you had tried the KK XD in the past, would you say the Raw White 2.0 is closer in terms of feel/performance to the XD then say the original Pro White?
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