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  1. I’m slower than that right now as I continue tweaking my swing (I’m hovering around 115-118) and I don’t think it would be an issue. I’m at 1 3/8” in the 2.0 85TX and for me it’s not an issue (granted I live in Texas so I like to see my woods launch at a little lower window).
  2. Totally agree with this, the PW made you work for it sometimes. Waiting on my SIM2 5 wood to show up (hopefully tomorrow) and am strongly considering the 2.0 for it as well. Going to start with a VC 9.2 that I’ve had success with and go from there. On a related note my Ventus black snapped down by the head while working with my coach so I put my PW 70TX back in until I can take to my builder to see about a warranty replacement. First time putting the PW in the SIM head, I’m actually really enjoying the combo. I kind of want to try a 2.0 in my SIM2 if it ever ships.
  3. Couldn’t agree more. It is the one club I will never sell. I have it in the T3 and it goes too far gapping wise, and that’s the only reason I’ve been trying to replace it for awhile. I built it when I wasn’t hitting driver well as a second tee club.
  4. Finally got a chance to hit this shaft. Put a 85TX 2.0 tipped almost 1.5” (1 and 3/8” to be exact) into my SIM2 fairway. Was playing the PW 80TX tipped 1.5” prior. Flight window and distance look to be similar on the range (maybe a touch lower but he’s to tell with range balls), but the 2.0 definitely feels smoother. Will have to get this on the course with my own ball and see how it performs.
  5. Have both (my SIM head is a tour head) and I prefer the SIM2 as well. Feels better and is smaller than last years, albeit my favorite fairway wood was the smaller 2017 M2 Tour so I have a preference for smaller headed fairway metals (and this is as close as Taylormade has gotten to that since).
  6. Had a hour lesson then proceeded to hit balls for 2 more hours in them.
  7. React foam in the heel I believe the description says, and you can tell it’s there.
  8. Spongy feeling (in a good way) in the ball and heel of the foot.
  9. Wore the Victory Tour 2 today, super comfortable. Remind me of my infinity react running shoes.
  10. Literally 5 minutes after I wrote my reply I got an email that it mine had finally shipped. Now just have to wait for the driver, hope they ship earlier than June.
  11. I hope for your sake they caught up. My 3 wood was built and shipped without their website ever updating its progress (still doesn’t say it was built even though I have it) so I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in their dates.
  12. Good luck. I ordered my 5 wood on 2/20 from TM and expected delivery isn’t until end of April. When I called about it in March the head was backordered.
  13. Listed in the specs: PURE ROLL INSERT The soft Surlyn gray Pure Roll™ insert uses 45°grooves to increase topspin and improve forward roll for distance control compared to a solid face.
  14. Doesn’t he use the 80/20 aluminum insert and this is surlyn?
  15. That’s interesting you say that. I just built up a 2.0 85TX for my SIM2 3 wood, haven’t had a chance to hit it yet but was a big fan of the VC 8.2 and 9.2, still have the 9.2 to put into a sim2 5 wood whenever it gets shipped.
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