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  1. I still have issues searching for things. Not sure if there is a way to make that better but as a user it is the most cumbersome thing to do.
  2. I have always preferred carrying over the cart, however I did snag a Costco pushcart last month and I have really enjoyed it. It’s been great.
  3. looks like they added the locking mechanism up front. I just picked one up. I have always preferred walking and now my bag has been loaded down with a few "refreshments" so the pushcart will help. courses are open here, but no bevcarts or drinks at most.
  4. If there any other first responders watching, I learned from a friend that golf galaxy is giving 10% extra discount, including sale stuff. They aren’t advertising but I stop in there while on duty from time to time to use the bathroom and most of the employees know me. They gave me the heads up yesterday. I picked up a couple Travis Mathew polos, a puma polo and a bike polo that were already on the sale rack for an awesome price.
  5. to each their own on the hoarding and selling. It’s not my style but I won’t complain. I missed out several times. I’m at work all weekend and couldn’t stay on top of it. ended up going to under Armour and using my first responder discount. I like some of the puma stuff better but the deal at ua with my first responder discount is tough to beat.
  6. Buddy of mine bought a set of PXG irons last year. He is a very good player and is playing to a 2 handicap this year. His iron play is usually his strong suit. After about a dozen rounds this year he felt like his irons needed some tweaking and wanted to bring them back in to the pxg fitter that he originally went to. The fitter is outdoors and does everything via trackman. He set the appt more than 3 months ago and it was cancelled for the virus, however they rescheduled it for him recently now that things are opening back up slowly (MN). Today he got a text from PXG that he would have to pay a $50 safety fee for his adjustment. He called and they refused several times, but finally relented. They couldn't say what the money went toward and insisted it was to keep their staff safe, but no mention of how that was going to be accomplished. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this normal?
  7. "They are equal to or better than any premium ball on the market in my opinion." well unfortunately that was the prevailing opinion of the ball a little more than a year ago and I was severely unimpressed and disappointed. I hope for their case the new balls are much better but I will be more than happy to wait for concrete evidence and a little more than one opinion. I will jump ship right back to the CS ball if it is better, but again I will wait for proof and not a couple people on the internet.
  8. To be quite honest it wouldn’t have mattered. I bought 4 dozen last year and I noticed quite a few blemished balls in my batch. Then the my golf spy report came out and I ended up giving away two dozen. I won’t buy another Callaway ball for the foreseeable future. I have Callaway clubs but went back to Titleist and even have a couple dozen Srixons in the closet.
  9. i refuse to use golf now mainly because of the fees and the fact they don’t have any good courses where I’m at, but is there any point to booking on the site if I’m not a member? Why not just call the course directly?
  10. Finding a decent pair of shorter 9" shorts at a good price is really challenging.
  11. > @mcc0819 said: > Where my short people at????? lol I'm 5'9" and constantly looking for shorts that are shorter. Im an in shape 40 year old who wears a 30 waist and shorts like the Adidas ultimate look like im wearing capri's vs golf shorts. I recently found a pair of shorts at Burlington that were Gap Fit for $6.99 on clearance. They look just like some Lulu's but were a fraction of the price and I love them for golf. Super comfortable and look really nice with a belt and a Travis matthew polo. My wife, who is constantly giving me grief about how picky i am with golf attire even complimented them. She really liked that they only cost $6.99 too. More to spend on something else golf related.
  12. go get fitted and find out. Best thing for anyones game. Far better than guessing or listening or listening to someone who doesn't know your game, length or tendencies.
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