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  1. TaylorMade Soto Long Neck Putter Only rolled a couple of times, indoors 34.5" Std Lie/Loft Headcover included $275 shipped
  2. Like new condition. Only indoors putting, not outside. 34.5", standard lie. Headcover included. No trades please. SOLD
  3. Callaway Mavrik Pro #3 20* Hybrid w/ KBS Tour Prototype 85 R. New headcover included. Like new, has only been hit a couple of times. A little paint wear on top of face. Must have happened in storage. Can't see from address or anything. Sells for $370 with this shaft on CallawayGolf.com Take it for $185 shipped iliac head covers. Hybrid cover is new, others used. SOLD Seamus driver cover. Only used once.
  4. Heard nothing until i emailed him 4 months after my order in April. Then heard nothing again until a week ago when I reached out regarding cancellation. Unfortunate because huge fan of his work.
  5. Good luck! Amazing putters but I gave up after 8 months and no communication. I finally just pulled the plug and then got hit with a cancellation fee. Hopefully he improves on his processes. The wait would have been a lot easier to swallow if there was at the very least periodic updates/communication.
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