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  1. Did you try the mp25 with the px? I swing a bit faster than you (92mph #7) and i am having great results with px 5.5. Just love the feel. But on the other hand i have not tried any other shaft in the mp25, just fell in love right away.
  2. I went from Apex Pro '14 to Mp-25. Just love the feel. For me, they are just as long as the Apex Pro but with a higher flight. I had kbs tour stiff in my Apex Pro and PX5.5 in my MP-25.
  3. The finish on my kbs tour black nickel has weared of in a lot of places. Is there any way for me to remove the finish? or do i have to stuck with this mess.
  4. 9,5 set at standard loft Back weight all the way back Front weight a touch towards the heel Aldila Tour Blue 75x at 44,25"
  5. It's not really properly fitted. Just the stock Rogue X Are you sure?
  6. How about this. You hit a few shots with the 5 wood and after that you hit a few shots more. Take an average of the total carry distance. Then make the same thing with your 4 iron. And then try the hybrid that you like in a few different lofts and pick the one that fits in between the average carry of your 5w and 4i.
  7. I have a 712u, great for shots under the wind. But I have problems hitting the high fade that rises and sits.
  8. Only one x? I thought that the majority was a double x, at least.
  9. If i had 43 as my highest lofted iron. id go with 50-56
  10. This takes the golfwrx humble brag award of the day. Not knowing exactly how far but knowing it's well over 3 bills and casually saying you rip 3 wood as far as henrik . Henrik is that you ?!?! Sorry bud but no but I do have a swing speed well over 110 mph with my going after it swing at around 120 mph. I have put numbers up at 124 mph to 129 mph on different launch monitors this year. I can pick up almost any driver on the market and show u a 300 yard drive. It's not my long game that hurts my game it's the short game and putting. I'll never play on tour but u don't want to meet me and a c
  11. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/803981-jason-day-witb/
  12. The Callaway V-Series is easy to launch from the deck.
  13. Driver 400$, fairway $100, irons 200$, wedges 150$, putter 80$, bag 110$, rangefinder 500$
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