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  1. Then they should change the name of the Apex MB to the X Forged MB. Have an X Forged MB and CB and then an Apex line. For me though the typical forgiveness of the X Forged vs MB is marginal. I have the same challenges in the 5i and 6i with both-- which is land angle and enough carry gap over my 7i. If I were building a set from scratch now and they were all released at the same time I'd likely go PW, 9i (MB); 8i, 7i (CB) and 6i and 5i in the Apex Pro with the cup face depending on if I could test them. 6i and 8i could go either way from the model below or above them depending on if I want
  2. Agree with you they aren’t necessarily for the same player. But with the continuing growing trend of combo sets why not give us the options together and not staggered 6 mo apart? i don’t want a cup face in my 9i. But in my 6i... maybe? I’m doing that at the moment. Need the help with launch and gaps.
  3. Yes. I actually disagree with most in here complaining they look the same. I’m glad they do. I want Callaway to clean up their players iron category and release it together so we can get all the combo options at once for fitting. I wish they’d release the new Apex and Apex Pro with the Apex MB and X Forged so you can test and build the set that works for you. I just don’t know why they don’t do that. There is NO WAY I’d go get fit this fall for Mb and Forged knowing I have more options in a few months. I have the ‘18 Apex MBs and ‘19 Apex Pros with lead tape all over to get the swing
  4. I would argue (for me) that it's easier to "turn over" a shorter length club to a longer length club up a point. It's more of a length and loft than head size to an extent.
  5. Good looking clubs. I have to repeat that I'm disappointed (AGAIN) that Callaway has chosen to release the Apex MB with the X Forged CB apart from the rest of their Apex line which limits combo opportunities. If I were in the market for irons and preferred Callaway I'd have to wait until the remaining pieces of their lineup will come out to test.
  6. Me too... and I'm hoping Callaway is considering releasing all of their players stuff together from the MB, solid CB, multi material CB down to the players distance (Apex). For me the idea of a "set" of irons has changed as I'll likely never get another full set of the same head. I like to combo. And honestly I really want to be able to really combo- maybe as many as 3 heads in a 6 or 7 club iron set. Right now I have the '18 MBs with the '19 Apex Pros and I like that setup but if they'd release it all at the same time in a clean look I might end up with something like.. 9i & PW -
  7. These irons look good but I’ve gotta say I’m disappointed again that Callaway has chosen to release Apex MB with X Forged separately from Apex and Apex Pro. I’m not combo-ing those. I’m sure others have no issue with it but I want a clean line offering like Taylor Made did recently with P7MB, MC, 770. Thought they could have even tried to blend Apex and X Forged branding with something like Apex MB (obvious MB) ApeX Forged CB (one piece CB) Apex Pro (Multi material CB) Apex (the players distance one) All with consistent finishes and you’d have some a
  8. Excited about this release. I guess the screw provides an alternative to this...
  9. This is VERY well articulated. If you look at my signature its clear I'm no "hater" of Callaway products, but this is very well said. You are correct that those of us that follow Cally closely know their woods and irons had been on predictable releases (for the most part). Epic Flash replaced Epic (but don't forget that was Great Big Bertha Epic so they were using the 'Big Bertha' naming with that one) and Mavrik replaced Rogue (non-adjustable). If you like bonded hosel fairways you're a Rogue/Mavrik player and if you like adjustable you're an Epic player. Apex was also on an approximate
  10. Can anyone tell me if the Mevo + has any kind of "normalization" or process for converting range balls into premium ball data? I'd like to have one of these for dialing in carry distances but only have access to crappy range balls at my home course.
  11. I'm in the Hzrdus Yellow Handcrafted (the yellow one) but did end up lofting up to 10 degrees to add a touch of spin. I also think head and loft is always going to override shaft in terms of changing your numbers more dramatically.
  12. I play a blade 47 PW bent to 46. I go back and forth between a 52/58 wedge setup and 50/54/58 wedge setup I use more often (without a 5 wood). My first reaction though was how do you have such a big gap between 46 and 52. If you hit the 46 145 you should be hitting that 52 easily 125-130. What is going on with your PW?
  13. I've been torn on the screw since I saw the proto in a bag. However I must say, I understand for fitting why they did it for those that maybe don't like the look of lead tape. As you'll see I've had to add lead tape to my MB 8i and my CBs 7i to get the proper swing weight. It's a bit easier to mask in the cavity.
  14. Good decision. Apex irons are some of the best overall irons around. Strong, forgiving but just enough good shaping to them to appeal to a lot of folks. And they're on 2-3 year product cycles so you just "feel better" about them being in the bag in my opinion. With the Mavrik and Rogue they just flip flopped things around... the Rogue Pros were pretty well received and I'm sure the Mavrik Pro is good (cheaper, slightly less visually appealing Apex IMO. Both are Cup Face irons but the Apex has a 'forged' body). With Rogue and Rogue X - the Rogue X was bigger (more "forgivin
  15. Yes, they released the Apex and Apex Pro as an easy combo offering- they even have a "combo'" set of the Apex/Apex Pro direct from Callaway with the lofts custom for that. You're correct I think the Apex Forged is an improvement over the CF16 from a shaping stand point. Again, they're all great clubs. I just want MORE combo offerings. Maybe I watch too much Crossfield on YouTube but I agree with him that new trends should be fitting like every club in the bag not just a "stock set". I combo the '18 Apex MBs (8-PW) and just replaced my long irons with the '19 Apex Pro's. They
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