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  1. I'm having this exact same issue lately. I have a 47 degree blade PW (that I bent one strong to 46) and then go 50, 54 and 58 in specialty wedges (Roger Cleveland designed Callaway Jaws wedges)... but for whatever reason I struggle to hit the yardage number needed with the 50 degree. One of the weakest parts of my game. I occasionally will use the 50 degree around the greens but almost all of my short game is done with the 54 and 58 and sometimes a PW or 9i for a bump and run (skipping the 50). So I really need the 50 to hit a 115-120 number and it just doesn't feel right off the face. Maybe I should look for an approach wedge to match my PW through 8i... Back to the OP... point is the wedge design itself may dictate what you need. If it were me, I'd start with a 52 and be prepared to bend it one degree strong then 56/60. Or if you prefer 54/58 you could probably not carry another wedge and just go from 47 to 54 and be fine (maybe bend the 54 to 53) and open up a slot for a specialty club at the top of your bag.
  2. Gosh those are sweet looking wedges!
  3. So I picked up a 54 degree and have played two rounds with it so far and not disappointed. However, I will add that I didn't get it to replace a PM grind. I still have a PM grind in the 58 that I love around the greens. I honesty was excited to pick up a 54 jaws full toe because I thought it would "blend better" and not be such a gap between my 50 degree wedge and then the 58 PM grind. The thing is the PM grind in my opinion is just designed to be played with the face open. I would never carry a 60 in this wedge because I honestly always play my 58 degree pretty open around the greens. I don't hit much more than 3/4 swing pitch style shots with it from 60-70 yards. Anything more than that I go with the 54 degree but I'm comfortable with partial wedges. In fact I'm more comfortable with partial wedge shots in the higher lofts than I am fuller swings. Haven't tried a lob wedge loft in the new Jaws Full Toe but with the 54 I don't think it's quite as inviting to lay open as the PM grind but on the flip side it's so much more "traditional" looking and pleasing sitting in the natural square position.
  4. So maybe dumb question but recently grabbed an Epic Speed 7w to try as 3hy replacement but it doesn’t work. Too high. Can I make this club adjustable by adding an adjustable loft sleeve to the shaft? Or is that not doable? If so, could I add a LH sleeve so I can bump the loft down 2 degrees?
  5. I'm in the middle of a 7w experiment. After driver I carry a low spin adjustable head model 3w that I have bumped up to 16 degrees (4-wood-ish) loft. From there I was carrying 3hy (20 degrees) and 4hy (23 degrees) and loved that combo for years but lately I was second guessing the 3hy. I had started to get it turning too far left AND wasn't consistently hitting it high enough when I wanted to attack a par 5 in 2 from 220 range when 4w was just a bit too much club. I recently picked up an Epic Speed 7w with an 85 gram X flex Aldila Rogue shaft. It's only been a couple of rounds so far (and no range session) but I must say that right now the results are mixed. I've probably used it for a total of 6 shots thus far (2 from the fairway and 4 from tee boxes) where I had traditionally played the 3hy. In one sense it's mission accomplished in that it's definitely going higher than the 3hy and carrying roughly the same which is what I wanted on equal like strikes. The negative is it's a bit too much of what I was looking for. Off the tee I've hit two or three MOON BALLS that are just not the flight I'm looking for. So high they came up too short and one plugged almost sub-earth on a wet fairway. My disappointment with the Epic Speed line is it isn't adjustable so I'm stuck at 21 degrees. I prefer my Flash Sub Zero 3w head that I can and have adjusted. I wish I could bump it down to 20 degrees and see if that makes any difference. I'll give it a few more rounds and some range sessions to see if I can learn to work with it because I love the idea. But I may also just end up looking at going back to the 3hy maybe in a different head design or maybe a 5w and bumping it up in loft to 19 degrees. I just don't want the club to get too tight with the 4w.
  6. 43YO. 105+ driver. 0.7 index play the Chrome Soft X Triple Track Obviously could play any tour ball and used to bounce around until I decided to just stick with one ball. CSX checks all the boxes for me though. It’s long, firm but not too hard/clicky, spins. I liked the Bridgestone BXS ball a lot. Prefer the feel of ProV1 over the X but prefer the spin and flight of the X (although it’s negligible). Don’t like the AVX ball at all. Too low spin. Also like the TP5x balls.
  7. My driver speed is 105ish. I don't swing fast enough for a 2hy for it to be super useful. Its similar to a driving iron for me (fun to tinker with but not practical). In fact I just bought a 7w with an 80g shaft to test replacing a 3hy (20 degrees). Top end would then be Driver (8 degrees), 3w (16 degrees), 7-wood (21 degrees) OR 3-hybrid (20 degrees), 4-hybrid (23 degrees) then 5-PW
  8. I'm wanting to experiment with a 7wood in the slot between my 3w (16 degrees) and 4hy (23 degrees). Because this is an experiment I'm not wanting to buy a new one; the challenge I have is finding a used one that isn't a senior flex or lightweight shaft. Need something in the 70-80 gram range shaft wise.
  9. Personally I find it "more difficult" to test all the brands. Back in the day when manufacturers had say one driver and one or two sets of irons sure. But now, everyone makes everything. I mean there are like 4 Titleist and Callaway driver head models this year. I don't have time to test all of this stuff... So I know I like Callaway's stuff for the most part and every 2-4 years I can go to a demo day and update some part of my bag if needed. But I don't feel the need to hit everything from everyone. I'm not 'posing' it's just convenient.
  10. Umm Bob Vokey designs wedges for Titleist and they use his name in the branding.... how would this not count? Same for Cameron.... it's just a Titleist "line" of putters using the designers name. Callaway hired Roger Cleveland and he designs their wedges- which is why some like me that liked the old Cleveland wedge designs like Callaway wedges. It's not outsourced to another company... I guess what I'm saying is every manufacturer has designers that make clubs. It's no different at Titleist or Callaway but Titleist chooses to use their designers names in their branding. If the Ping "Blueprint" irons were named after whomever designed them they wouldn't cease to be Ping irons... I have an all Callaway set. It's easy, convenient, plenty of choices. I could make an all Titleist set pretty easily. Someone could easily do Ping but I just don't like their stuff personally.
  11. If you haven't had them both up close and in-person I'd start there. I'm sure I could have gotten used to the MAX LS head (that was the one I thought I'd want based on marketing) but the Epic Speed was MUCH MUCH MUCH more suitable to MY eye than the Max LS. Sounded better, looks better, better shape, etc. I guess I'm buying into the "playable" spin case Callaway has made with this lineup. I switched from the Flash Sub Zero model where I had a 9 degree head lofted +1 to 10 (or could have played at 9). Now I'm in a Speed 9 degree head lofted down to 8 and still getting enough spin out of it to keep the ball in the air and the more penetrating flight has added some yards to my drives! Get fit!! It matters
  12. I have this exact bag - love it! Curious which Vessel you got to replace. GLWS
  13. Gorgeous putter. If I didn’t already have a Chicago… GLWS
  14. Yes, whether they did it in public or not if I were there legal team I would have immediately looked for ways out of the contract with Bryson. They did the best thing they could by calling him out. Others disagree but I think it was the only way they save face. The thing is… Bryson isn’t a great spokesman for any of his sponsors and his “unfavorability” is growing (to use a political term) They should know internally whether he moves the needle in one length. Granted they’re largely the only game in town from a mass retail standpoint so it doesn’t have to be tons of units because they’d have all the share but they’d know that. They also probably think his quest for distance is a good thing for their driver sales but again they should have that data. If the share isn’t growing I think they’d be better off using that money to seed lots of Korn Ferry or even college players and try to lock up some future guys while keeping Rickie as the flagship tour rep and hope his game comes around.
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