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  1. Not sure if you’re looking for Mavrik Max owners, but I have a set that I was fitted for last November. I’m using them with some Accra iSeries 70i shafts. Looking back now, I wasn’t hitting it well at all and probably would be fit into different shafts (probably heavier) since I came from heavier steel shafts and it took time to get used to these. I know you’re looking at the Mavrik irons, so I’ll focus more on that. I hit a few different heads from Ping, TM, Titleist too. The Ping G710’s and Max’s gave me the best numbers for my swing out of the ones I hit that day. They had the best carry, ball speed, and launch. It’s almost a year now, so I have put a good amount of rounds on them. The polished finish is okay, but they’re all pretty scratched up. It’s shiny in some areas and pretty heavily scratched on the sole, but that’s expected. I hit the range (mats) at least 3-6 times a month and probably more when I first picked them up. Average 1-2 rounds a week. They don’t look ugly and they don’t bother me at all, but they definitely don’t look like the first time I opened up the box. I’ve read on reddit some people’s badges falling off, but so far mine have held up fine. I wash my clubs 3-4 times a month and keep them pretty clean while I play. I’m not a big fan of them, but they don’t affect performance and I can live with it. I think I have pretty much dialed in this setup and have recently hit some other clubs as I’m starting to get the itch for a change. My driver swing speed is ~105 and these Max’s launch pretty high (could be the shafts too) and are pretty forgiving. When I first got them, I was pretty wild and was hitting it all over the face. I really think the significant drop in weight of the shafts messed up my timing, tempo, and overall consistency. Now that I’m used to it and hitting it in the middle the majority of the time, I can compare it to how I was first hitting them and the distances were not very different. I was hitting a lot of toe shots at first and did not suffer significant loss in distance. To me, I feel like the Max’s are very forgiving if you don’t always hit it in the middle of the face. As I mentioned before, my ballspeed was highest with the Max’s and with the forgiveness I’m getting, I don’t really want to switch them out. I want to see if I should change my shafts to something in the ~90 gram range, but I would prefer to keep the Max’s. If I go through the process of paying for a fitting to test shafts, I might as well test the newer heads and see if any perform better. Unless I see significant gains, I am most likely sticking with the Max’s for a while. I hope that helps.
  2. It looks to be up now. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUff5rmDGm5/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. Oh please let this be true.
  4. I started driving really bad last round. I went to the range today and was just as bad. I finally figured out that I was sucking the club too inside on the backswing. I never needed the No Turn part before, but it seems like I need to pay a little more attention to that now. I hate that your swing will constantly change as you age and your body fails you on a daily basis. At least we have the information to know what we need to do to make an optimal swing. The hard part is consistently executing it.
  5. I hope you added some hot melt after cutting it down to 44. Lead tape doesn’t stick to the broom well. I would not recommend it.
  6. AMG has a new YouTube short video on a drill to shallow your swing. Very similar to drills 2 and 7.
  7. I took a break for a few years and came back hard. I noticed my local course went to mats where they used to alternate with grass. I was hitting the range 3-4 times a week on mats. I started getting golfers elbow on my right arm. It would come and go, but was somewhat controllable. I ended up getting fit for some graphite shafts and while I think they are too light for my swing, the pain has completely gone away. I grew up playing tennis and took a long break. I started picking it up again a few weeks back and I did something funny. Now I have golfers elbow on my left arm. I started icing it and doing the exercises on the Theraband Flexbar and it’s pretty much gone now. This probably would have helped me with the pain I had in my right arm earlier, but I’m glad I made the switch the graphite. I would suggest others do the same. Just make sure you get the right weight or you may be facing some big adjustment issues. It took a while for me to figure it out.
  8. I love the hockey reference. I get what Monte is trying to do with the slapshot drill for helping certain people. It doesn’t apply to me, but I can see it helping some people like in the lessons. I noticed that from a face on angle, Monte looks like he’s performing a wrist shot when he goes through his broom motion. Down the line I am sure it’s not exactly the same as the follow through in a wrister is slightly different and the top hand is doing a different motion. Funny how the motions in sports are different, but yet similar. I love the video. I enjoy seeing the lessons and how these drills helped to improve real players, even if they don’t all apply to what I’m currently working on. It’s super helpful to understand the swing and when/how to create more speed. I never looked too much into the latest theories in improving swing speed as I am still working on consistency with my ball striking. But Monte’s video made understanding this topic pretty simple.
  9. I like them. I destroyed one with a combination of sweat and sunblock. It was so hot, I accidentally wiped my face with my glove on and the back of my glove is now see through. I’m guessing the chemicals from the sunblock and my sweat broke it down. I use it for my range glove now.
  10. Yeah, and wait for the new 2022 models! This search will begin all over again.
  11. I beat my personal best again last weekend. I definitely have more to improve, but am enjoying seeing the results over time. It’s funny, but true that some people are going to need a little bit of this, where others will need a little bit of that. For me, the No Turn doesn’t really apply to me. But Cast A is where I am seeing the most improvement with my ball striking. I know I need to work on this more, but I’ve hit the range about twice since I picked up the video a few months ago. I was going to the range trying to figure things out 2-3 times a week before I picked up the video. I do practice positioning slowly inside my house to get used to the feel and that definitely helps. It’s hard to convince myself to hit the range when I’m having so much fun on the course. I was so frustrated when I would hit a great shot and follow up with up with a horrible one next. Being able to recreate my “good shots” more consistently has made things fun again.
  12. I purchased it this afternoon. I’m still working on parts of NTC. But I can’t wait to watch this soon. I warned my wife that my upcoming broom work will not mean I will be sweeping around the house more frequently.
  13. Even when I was shooting in the 100’s, I can see a big difference with my approach shots and short game shots with a cheaper ball vs. a tour level ball. I don’t think handicap or typical score matter when deciding on whether to play a tour level ball. I’ll make it easy to help decide if it’s worth it. Get to your 8i distance to the flag. Hit your 8i in with a cheaper ball and see where the divot is compared to where your ball finishes rolling out. Do the same with a tour ball. Do you see any difference as to where your ball ends up? Hit a few short game shots like a pitch or chip shot with each ball. Do you see a difference between the two? If you don’t see a difference in both situations, play the cheaper ball. If you do see a difference, you need to decide if it’s worth the $$$.
  14. I was a student with Monte back at Oak Creek and then took a break for a few years. I started to see him ~10 months into starting golf. Before seeing Monte, I saw a couple of local teachers that helped, but I felt like I wasn’t improving enough. (I know I was still new and I now understand that I shouldn’t have expected improvements so quickly). I would get some really good ball strikes and then I would also make some horrible shots immediately after. Monte helped me out quite a bit with my consistency with my irons, but my faults with my driver were the upper body sway on the downswing and slicing pretty bad. Seeing that I did have a good swing in me at times, Monte assured me that my swing could get me to my goals and that I needed to work on my sequencing to get the consistency that I’m seeking. That gave me confidence knowing that my swing was alright, but I had a few things I needed to work on. I started playing again right before COVID, and I am finally back to where I was when I was first seeing Monte. My misses weren’t as bad as when I first saw Monte, but my consistency was still lacking. I picked up the new NTC video to try to support Monte. I watched the original foggy Oak Creek youtube video a few years back and while I understood what he was trying to say back then, I didn’t feel like it was a feel that would work for me. I even asked Monte in my lesson if this was something that I needed to work on and he told me no. This new video had so much more detail than the original video and I am so glad that I purchased it. The first cast is exactly the feeling that I get when I strike it pure. It’s a feel that I can tell when I do it, but had no idea how to replicate it. It’s amazing that something so simple can get that feeling that I was seeking for years. I read through every page of this thread as I was so excited about the improvements. I noticed that some people had issues with hooking it after watching the video. I had the same problem and recently started to figure some things out for me. I had a really strong right hand grip along with a strong left grip with driver. I would sometimes stripe it (~40% at best) and mostly slice or hit it fat the rest of the time. I think I was still having the sway issue that Monte called out in a previous lesson. After working on the first cast from the video, I started hooking drives hard for about 2 rounds. After weakening my right hand to where it probably should have been (slightly stronger than neutral pointing at my shoulder), I’m hitting so many more fairways and getting the right height I would expect compared to my irons and hybrids. I’ve always been a low ball driver compared to the rest of my bag. I thank you Monte for this video. While I’m not shooting in the 70’s yet, I just broke my personal best today. I also thank you for warning the viewers that you will NOT turn it around in a few days after watching the video for the first time. It’s going to take time and lots of repetition to get this to be natural. Yeah, I am still slicing it when I am making a horrible swing and I am also hitting it fat like some others have also posted. My body is still getting used to this feel and I am confident that I will eventually get it. I am seeing the majority of my shots improving, so I will continue to work on it through the good rounds and the bad..
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