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  1. $soldUp for sale is just a 64 degree JAWS Full Toe Raw Face Wedge. I hit about 10 balls in two scrambles I was playing in this weekend. Looks brand new still. Everything is standard L/L/L with the dynamic gold spinner stock shaft. PayPal and CONUS only.
  2. $sold Up for sale is a great condition Bettinardi 50 degree, 8 degree bounce with a KBS Hi Rev 2.0 125g stiff flex shaft. Has the standard Bettinardi grip. PayPal and conus only.
  3. $sold Up for sale is a Great condition Cobra Speedzone driver in the wonderful black and white color scheme with the matte crown. It looks so fantastic at setup. It’s 10.5 and has the Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 shaft with the Lamkin standard grip w/Cobra connect. Shaft is in perfect/new condition. Only played a few rounds with the shaft. Plays Cobra standard at 45.50. I also have an additional OEM 6g weight included. CONUS and PayPal only.
  4. $180 Up for sale is a minty Graphite Design AD-IZ 6S with a Cobra Adapter. Measures 44 inches from grip to tip. Has newer Golf Pride grip and I’ll ship with a Arccos sensor. This shaft was bought directly from Cobra. CONUS and PayPal only. Add $5 for west of Mississippi
  5. $315…. Up for sale is a brand new looking Bettinardi Queen Bee #6. Played one round with it and that’s it. It’s 35 inches at standard loft and lie. I put on a new Betti pure grip, along with a new blue shaft band to match. Included is the original grip which is basically brand new and a super stroke pistol 1.0 with weights and key. PayPal and CONUS only. Add $5 west of Mississippi.
  6. Absolutely, that’s why I use these Return nets only. Amazing quality and durability
  7. Lol yeah I know, it’s all from their robot testing. They are one of the highest rated nets out there and skytrak,and foresight only sells these on their site
  8. Up for sale is a brand new Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net. Goes for $695 -$795 depending where you look. Save yourself some bucks and take this off my hands. $sold PayPal and CONUS only. Not looking for any trades The Net Return Introduces the Newest Version of our Pro Series Net... the "V2" or Version 2. The Pro Series V2 has replaced our Classic Pro Series Net - with significant enhancements. You can also watch our video below outlining the benefits of the V2. The Net Return™ Pro Series V2 is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer. The Net Return™ Pro Series V2 handles ball speeds of 225 MPH and provides a 250,000 shot guarantee! One Person Assembly in Under 5 Minutes (No Tools Required!) Lightweight, Rugged,1.5" Powder Coated Black Tubular Aluminum Frame Commercial Grade, UV Treated Black, Polyester Netting Large, Stainless Steel Push Buttons Rugged, Black Duffle Bag Practice Anytime, Anywhere... One Net for Multi-Sport Use - Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse Specifications Height: 7' 6" Width: 8' Depth: 3' 6" Weight: 29 lbs.
  9. Up for sale is a Epic Flash Sub Zero with a Graphite Design Tour AD F-75 shaft in stiff. Plays at Callaway standard 43.25 The shaft is in perfect condition with not a scratch on it. I’ve played the head since the model came out so used but never abused. The shaft came from Will Peoples and I paid $250 for it in October. $sold OBO PayPal and CONUS only.
  10. I’m playing SZ with a GD IZ and I’ve never hit a driver better. My driving always used to cost me but it has been amazing for me. I’m playing it at 45.25 and replaced the 2 gram weight with a 6 gram. The avalanche white with the matte crown looks great at address. I’ve test the SIM with same shaft and length and it was pretty much the same performance but prefer the look of the Cobra.
  11. So much better. I hated when I was in classifieds when I hit back it took me back to the top. New interface is night and day improvement. Thanks for always supporting the community and keeping this forum flourishing.
  12. Absolutely on the sky marks. Love the infinity face to protect it
  13. I have the Gen 2 Ts and love them. Great irons. I got them a month or so ago. You wouldn’t be let down by them. Congrats on the Proto. Hopefully ships today or tomorrow.
  14. Apparently they don’t care about any orders but the Proto’s. Screwing everyone else whether it’s a wedges, 0211s or any Gen 2 items. Seems all the proto drivers are being built and everything else is being pushed back. There’s another thread about PXG wait times and this seems the case. I’m glad people are getting their drivers because they are great looking and hopefully they hit bombs with them but very frustrating. I called last week and they told me they are building orders by when they are received. Seems not to be the case ?
  15. Not for me, I ordered a 58 Romeo wedge on the April 25th and says build start date is 25 May. I’m getting close to canceling and getting an Bettinardi instead.
  16. Drivers are all governed by the same rules so most are just about the same in the terms of limits. Properly fitted or a specific driver just fits people’s swing. The PXG Gen 2 and this Proto both look really nice looking down at it.
  17. https://youtu.be/ZrTQhXkspWkFirst review I’ve seen.
  18. I ordered a 58 degree Romeo Wedge and I called to see the status on my order. The Rep said it should go into production on the 18th and ship out same week. I paid for 2 day shipping so looks to be around 4 weeks. Great customer service btw.
  19. The 2 wedges you'd like to test (complete with finish, grind, bounce, shaft, etc.)? 54/10/C and 58/10/C in chrome finish, N.S. Pro Modus3 115 Wedge Shaft, standard 360 Crossline GripWhat is your favorite feature of the HLX 3.0 Forged wedges? Milled sole grind for consistency & precise grooves. Also, these are amazing looking wedgesCurrent wedges? PXG Wedges 0311T 50, Sugar Daddy 54 & Romeo 58Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Absolutely
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