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  1. I don't think it is out yet as it appears there have been production delays.
  2. Does the S3 give you distances to fairway bunkers? The literature for the WR62 indicates that this information is provided. If the S3 does this I may just get it rather than wait for the WR62.
  3. I too am interested in the WR62. I just checked on the tgw.copm website and it says that it is not expected to ship until 7/13. I growing impatient and may just get the S3.
  4. Mine was acting funny last year as well. Changed the batteries and it fixed everything. Maybe try one more set of new batteries.
  5. I hope it delivers too. I have had my eye on this as well. The distance to the bunkers is really appealing to me. I plan to purchase it in June when it ships.
  6. Thanks guys. I rented push cart last season at a local course for the first time. It was a pretty nice cart. I usually carry or ride in a cart. I really enjoyed it and my back felt much better after the round. I didn't look too closely at the brand but my stand bag kept turning to the side. It was a little frustrating so I want to make sure I get one that won't do this.
  7. Do they tend to turn on their side?Looking to purchase either a Clicgear 3.0 or Caddytek CaddyLite 15.2 http://www.caddytek.com/caddytek/product/view.aspx?pid=16 this year. I like the fact that the Caddytek has a bracket specifically designed for stand bags as I use an Ogio Sprint stand bag. Does the Clicgear have a similar system? Or will stand bags turn on its side throughout the round? Any help would be appreciated. Adam
  8. alevine

    BIg Moss

    Nothing really to do care wise other than vacuum. It is totally maintenance free, I like to vacuum it in different directions to slightly change the roll and break. Kind of mixes it it a little. Adam
  9. alevine

    BIg Moss

    I have the General 6' x 12'. I purchased it in January 2011 and think it is an awesome product. Rolls great and being able to change the break is pretty cool. I felt more confidence this summer too on the greens. I would definitely recommend. If I had to do it again i would get the Admiral. A little larger than the General.
  10. I just purchased the new for 2112 Ogio Sprint. Info can be found here; http://ogio.com/golf-4/ultralite/sprint I purchased this bag to replace my Ogio Vaporlite which was a great bag but was starting to fall apart due to the age (4 full seasons). I almost purchased the Ogio Velocity last spring but I did not like the configuration of the top. Fortunately the new Sprint has the same Woode top as the old Vaporlite! Yeah! The leg system seems to work much better as well and overall the bag seems much more sturdy and well constructed. Great zippers on the pockets too. I have not played
  11. I did a search for caljmdl1979 on eBay but did not come up with anything. Where do you purchase these from? Thanks!
  12. I tried the Golflogix on my Blackberry Bold 9700 (i know not a driod phone) last month. My battery was at full charge prior to the round and the phone died on the 16th hole, 3 1/2 hours later! I deleted it as soon as I re-charged my phone. For reference I usually get 2 full days of use between charges. The software worked pretty well but obviously there is an issue with battery life.
  13. I recently replaced a 24 and 18 degree Ping G10 hybrids with the 2010/2011 Mizuno Fli Hi 21 and 24 degrees as I am a better iron player than with my woods. I am very happy with the change. The Fli Hi's are very easy to hit, launch with a penetrating ball flight and carry as long as the G10 hybrids. I struggled with my G10's as they felt a little clunky and I could never get used to the look. Head felt a little inconsistent too. I also was fit for the clubs and I think the shaft was too stiff for me so it produced inconsisten results. So I purchased the Project X 5.5 (non flighted) in the
  14. I recently replaced my Ping G10 hybrids (18 degree and 24 degree) with the 2010/2011 version of the Mizuno Fli hi hybrid irons 21 degree and 24 degree. It has been wonderful. They are very forgiving and I love the project x flighted shaft. I was a little inconsistent with my G10's and I have always been a pretty decent iron player. The ball still goes pretty high due to the flighted shaft and I am much, much more accurate. It has been a great move for me.
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