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  1. More ridiculousness about BD "new body" and "bulking up" and a clip of his average driving distance on the usual super soft your fairways followed by a 270 yard drive well behind a 49 year old. Classic
  2. The courses aren't obsolete. Did it look obsolete yesterday with the best players in the world playing it? That is simply va false narrative. Just a reminder that apparently needs repeating, handicaps are stagnant.
  3. It's obvious you want what you want, appreciate no one's views and really don't understand much about the business or human nature. Join 15's club and continue to try to dictate to the masses on this issue that is hurting no one. Have a nice day
  4. RS is a better player who hits it pretty close to the same spot every time. One if the major gains in new drivers is the retention of energy across the face. If you hit it on the screws every time then you won't notice much difference but proper fitting can make a significant difference which can be seen on any number of YouTube videos. TXG is something that everyone should watch to understand the crazy number if variables. It's not simply the shaft.
  5. That's ridiculous. It would be harder because vyou are ignoring human nature and reality. Reduce the speed limit to 35 and see the backlash and consequences. Faster and less expensive? So you are personally paying for all of the retooling and R&D the ball makers would have to do so that the cost doesn't get passed along? Yesterday Adam Scot hit a drive that was 50 ft uphill and it rolled out 70 yards. That's not a ball issue. You have a solution that is looking for a problem in a world of stagnant handicaps.
  6. Does it really matter what anyone says about them? You would defend them if they were murdering puppies on the front lawn as long as you got your way. We've been down your ridiculous rabbit hole far too many times. Try to NOT take a page from their book and stop acting like you are on some Holy quest as well as being so much smarter than the huddled golf masses.
  7. The USGAs agenda has been clear since they came out with their incomplete numbers and nothing and no one will stop Mikey and the boys from "saving" the game that they allowed to get " screwed up".
  8. Golfers haven't improved and the USGA witch hunt looking through the distorted eyes of tour golf while taking nothing else into consideration shows it's bias. You simply can't and it's irresponsible to roll things back. They let that ship sail and implementing their ridiculous ideas based on extremely questionable and incomplete data will do the exact opposite of growing the game.
  9. Is Bryson still trying to convince people he's fit? I haven't watched much golf at all in several months but he just looks like his arms are slightly bigger and the baby fat he's always had has increased in volume. They just showed a shot if him on the green and his belly button looked the size of a tea saucer as it protruded over his belt. Not exactly what you see in fit people. If it hadn't been for the announcers constantly droning on about his "fitness" I would have guessed he was on a pizza diet.
  10. Not much speculation required. He could play with Kmart clubs. His issues are between his ears. Equipment has never been his issue
  11. Yes, of course it's the clubs. Golfers are truly a special breed.
  12. Kevin Burns GolfYES! Just in time for the holidays. Enjoy.
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