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  1. Tour 7-P then 4-6 Forged is where things get silly. Forged 6 iron 3 weak or 2 7 irons with the Forged 1 strong.
  2. That is another option as well- just wondering which is the "standard" order to get the SEL lofts... this is probably it.
  3. Mizuno got it right with the JPX921 SEL combo set lofts with 4 degree gaps... 4-5 Forged and 6-GW Tour with the 6 iron at 30 degrees. So to make that work with the RH set does Mizuno recommend ordering a Forged 6 iron 1 strong with a Forged 5 iron 2 strong or a 6 iron 1 strong with a Forged 4 iron 1 weak. They couldn't have made this more confusing... either you have 2 6 irons or a 4 iron and 6 iron with no 5 iron.
  4. Has anyone ordered a full set of MP-20 MMC at the blade loft specs? Currently playing the 900 tours and I’m concerned about the 5 degree gaps in the short irons.
  5. How many rounds do you play per week? 2 Where are you located (City, State - US Only Please)? Moline, IL What footwear do you currently wear? Ecco, Adidas Have you worn ECCO golf shoes before? Yes, original Bioms, Biom G2s, Biom Hybrids What is your ECCO shoe size (see size guide here for info)? 44 If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing ECCO CAGE EVO review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the shoes. YES Please explain how you would approach testing the ECCO CAGE EVO Shoes. I always walk and I would rate them compared to the 2 previous Bioms in following categories: comfort, stability, traction, wet weather performance, style
  6. Question for Chris: With all the hype about "lofting up" with the forward CG heads, how would you compare the MP 650 line to these heads? Any plans for a 650 line replacement?
  7. [quote name='goloworgohome' timestamp='1377270344' post='7731524'] [quote name='kellygreen' timestamp='1377265889' post='7731064'] [quote name='devan' timestamp='1377261947' post='7730702'] It seems Tiger has trouble hitting fairways with his fade. Call me dumb, but why can't a player with his skills hit it straight? [/quote] 1. Golf is a difficult game. 2. Trying to hit a straight shot makes a difficult game even harder. [b]3. When you try to hit a golf ball straight, you are liable to miss in either direction (left or right)...so you only have half the landing area to aim for. So if the fairway is 30 yds wide, you aim down the middle...and if you miss 15 yds in either direction you're in the rough.[/b] [b]But if you try to shape the ball, you can generally take ONE side out of play. IOW, if you play a fade, you generally don't have to worry about the ball hooking and missing left. Also you leave yourself the full width of the fairway to shoot for. So you take the left rough out of play, and give yourself room to make a 30 yds error to the right, and still be in the short grass.[/b] [/quote] This was perfect...when you try to play a straight ball you will have a two way miss...by shaping a ball one way or the other you can effectively take one side out of play...except for the dreaded occasional double cross Problem with Tiger right now is that even trying to play the fade he hasn't eliminated the left side...he seems to be double crossing at least a few times a round and it is getting him in a lot of trouble [/quote] I've never understood this logic. If you play a relatively straight ball you have 15 yards on both sides, 30 yards total. With the fade, if you aim down the left edge and square the club up too much and pull it 2 yards you're in the left rough.
  8. Deere Run's fairways are a mile wide compared to most tour courses and the greens are relatively flat. It actually plays tougher in the spring/fall because the fairways don't run out like they do in the middle of July.
  9. Glynn's creek is one of the better public courses in the area. I would recommend it over Palmer.
  10. I've been using a Ping Hoofer 2 since 2001 that probably has over 400 rounds on it. The thing is indestructible.
  11. [quote name='canuck7' timestamp='1281808135' post='2638295'] Just purchased the ECCO GTX casual. They are by far the most comfortable shoes out of the box. Really soft leather and a great fit. I thought my Adidas Tour were comfortable but the ECCO's are much better IMO [/quote] +1
  12. [quote name='enis750' date='26 May 2010 - 10:40 PM' timestamp='1274931631' post='2469971'] love the murdered out look ! nice! [/quote] +1
  13. I used to have a 15 degree 906F2 but now play the 909H 15 degree off and on. It is much lower launching than the 906. I use it on windy days off the tee.
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