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  1. Hello again! I have sold my GBB Epic SubZero with a Project X Hzrdus Yellow XStiff and have credit to get a new driver for free. I feel like it had more of a lower launch, but didn’t feel like I got much roll out on it. I am wanting to get a Ping G400 LS because I have always really enjoyed Ping clubs. However, I’m not sure about shaft. I feel like a mid launch would be solid for me, but I don’t have the time or money to go and get fit somewhere. I am looking at the Hzrdus Red 75, Adila Black 70, and a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 70. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on a different
  2. I just got selected to be a tester of this golf ball! I am jacked up.
  3. Price Drops on both of the woods... Willing to go head only. Also willing to take offers. Can give more pictures.
  4. All CONUS Please PM me if you have any questions or OBO, willing to sell heads only but please PM. Willing to Trade on Scotty Cameron. 1 - Callaway GBB Epic Sub-Zero 10.5 Driver with a Hzrdus 6.5 Shaft 63 Grams (moves down to $160 shipped) - **Willing to go $130 or OBO for just the head. 2 - Callaway GBB Epic 3 Wood 15 Degrees with Fujikara Speeder 665 Evolution 2 TS X Flex (moved down to $100 Shipped) - **Willing to go $75 OBO for just the head 3 - Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 Mid-Slant, I will give both the 10 and 20 weights, I bought the 20 weights to make it more heavy for
  5. Rory's putting will need to be better than atrocious for that to come to pass. He averages -0.6 strokes gained per round on Slower greens... I don't know, just feel like he will be okay here.
  6. I think it is going to come down to who has their irons going. I feel like Molinari/Rahm/Rory are gonna take it down.
  7. I played Chattanooga CC and really enjoyed the layout. It was a fun little course, but i heard Black Creek is awesome.
  8. I play a Crossover Ping... which is basically like a driving iron and I have it cut down a quarter of an inch... So that basically gets me at 39.5
  9. I will be going flag stick out for anything around 8-10 feet and in.... Keep it in for everything else.
  10. I have always had really good success with Ping wedges... May have to give these a shot.
  11. I am really considering trying to get rid of my callaway for a ping driver.. this thread helped a lot!
  12. Truly my favorite club I have owned. Great off the tee and fantastic in the fairway! I would highly recommend them. I really wanted to find a 2, but they don’t make one.
  13. Golf and Bowling are my two hobbies and my membership is a bit more then my league.
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