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  1. Looking for the following (must be in good shape): -2016 M2 9.5 -Tensei AV Raw White 65x or tx (driver length) -Modus 120x (not tx) pulls (4-Pw) -Newer Forged Players Iron Heads (Mizuno JPX 900 Tours, P760s, T100s, etc.)
  2. Looking for the following, nothing else! Preferably in great condition. Lmk! -T100 Irons 4-Pw, Modus 120x, std length -JPX 921 Tour or MP20s, 4-Pw, Modus 120x
  3. Looking for a driver head and irons. Driver head needs to be in good shape, 9-9.5*, $200 or less. Irons need to be in good shape, forged, and shafted with KBS Tour 120 Stiff, or heads only. Looking to spend $400 or less on the irons. $250 or less if it’s heads only. Lmk what you have!
  4. Apologies for the late response! I have an interested buyer for the whole lot, but if that deal falls through, will add more pics.
  5. Hey all! I’m looking to sell my current gamers as I don’t play as much as I used to, nor do I swing as fast as I did either. All items are in used condition, but still nice shape for their age. Pics tell the story! Will send additional pics if requested! Open to trades! (Iron sets w/ px 6.0 or kbs tour stiff) Willing to make deals if you buy more than one item! $600 for the lot! 910 D3 9.5* w/ Whiteboard 62x, plays 44.5”, D3 - $100. 913F 15* w/ Blueboard 72x, plays 42.5”, D2 - $85. 910H 21* Hybrid w/ Ahina 90x - $70. 712 AP2/CB Combo Set (4-6 Ap2, 7-Pw CB) w/ TI X100, D2, Standard Length, 1*up - $275. Vokey Wedge Set (SM8 52-08F, Vokey Spin Milled 56 and 60). X100. All play 35.5”, 1* up. - $150.
  6. A few items for sale today: -3 Nike Golf Shirts (the ones that don’t really have a collar) Size L. Blue, Green, and Grey. Worn 2-3 times each. - No longer for sale. -1 Nike Golf Shirt (same kind as above) Size M. Black. Worn 2-3 times. - No longer for sale. -Odyssey OG White Hot 2-Ball 35” - $180. Used for 1 round. -2016 M1 15* w/ Accra TZ6 M5 - $150. Plays 42”. Head is in good shape, but has a couple minor marks as shown in the pictures. Shaft was pured by TrueSpecGolf, has a couple of very small paint chips on the lettering, not the black part of the shaft. -Cleveland Precision Forged Tour Issue Raw 56* 2-Dot Wedge w/ Nippon ORA X Proto shaft - $75. In nice shape, not many rounds on it.
  7. Just a few shirts today. All are either new (no tags) or like new (worn once or twice). Blue, Blue/Grey, Black UA Size Small - Sold. for all 3 (Not splitting, shipping included). Green Striped UA Size Medium - $20. Worn maybe twice. Shipping included. White Nike Size Medium - Sold. Worn once. Shipping included. $100 for the lot.
  8. Just a couple of items today: -Titleist 712 AP2/CB Combo Set (4-6 AP2, 7-Pw CB) w/ Tour Issue X100. All swingweighted to D2. - $300. -Taylormade M1 15* w/ Accra TZ6 75 M5 - $175. Plays 42”.
  9. Trying to free up some funds for my next equipment experiment! Not interested in trades at this time. All clubs have essentially brand new MCC+4 or regular MCC grips. Standard size. If there is interest in multiple items, I am willing to do package deals! PXG 0811X Gen 2 9* w/ Ventus Red Velocore 6S - $OLD Plays 45”. Used for 1 round and a few range sessions. Shaft is untipped, purchased from Will Peoples. PXG 0317X Gen 2 19* w/ Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 - $OLD. Used for 1 round and a few range sessions. PXG 0211 5, 7, 9 irons w/ Elevate Tour Stiff - $210. Not looking to split these up. 1* up, standard length. Used for 1 round and a few range sessions. PXG 0311 Forged 52 & 58* w/ Elevate Tour Stiff - $OLD. 1* up, standard length. Used for 1 round and a few short game sessions. Cleveland RTX 4 58 Raw w/ Tour Issue S400 - $50. Used for a few rounds, lots of life left! Standard length, 1* up. Sun Mountain 4.5LS 4-Way Stand Bag - $125. Used for a couple of seasons, still in great shape. Adidas Primeblue Parley Spikeless Size 11.5 - $70. Used for a couple of round, lots of life left in these!
  10. Moving next weekend and looking to move these quickly. Just some experiments that have been sitting in my closet. 2017 M1 460 w/ Diamana S+ 60s - Sold. Plays 44.5”. Head is in good shape minus the paint fill on the toe. Pictured below. 2016 M1 15* w/ Accra TZ6 M5 - $130. Plays 42”. Also in good shape minus a small paint chip on the toe and one on the top of the face (neither are visible at address.) Small paint chip on the TZ6 as well, doesn’t affect playability. PXG 0211 GW w/ Elevate Tour S - $70. If you want the 3w and the wedge, $175.
  11. I basically never make a full swing with my lob wedge anymore. If it’s a perfect number I might, but otherwise I play little half shots with my gap wedge. I’m enjoying the more mid weight of the shaft around the greens, as it helps me feel that the club head isn’t trailing too much.
  12. In all honesty, if Denver wasn’t so pricey, that would probably be my top choice. But either way, I appreciate the suggestion! If you don’t mind me asking, what church is your son the senior pastor at?
  13. I will be working from home for the foreseeable future, my wife is also working from home, but would like to transition to working for a non-profit. We love the outdoors: Hiking, going on walks, tennis. Would prefer golf year round, but as long as I’m able to hit balls, even if it’s indoors, I’m ok! Can’t stand the humidity, bugs, etc. Would like the cost of living to be fair. Doesn’t have to be extremely cheap like Alabama, Kentucky, etc., but shouldn’t be expensive like most of California, Colorado.
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