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  1. I basically never make a full swing with my lob wedge anymore. If it’s a perfect number I might, but otherwise I play little half shots with my gap wedge. I’m enjoying the more mid weight of the shaft around the greens, as it helps me feel that the club head isn’t trailing too much.
  2. In all honesty, if Denver wasn’t so pricey, that would probably be my top choice. But either way, I appreciate the suggestion! If you don’t mind me asking, what church is your son the senior pastor at?
  3. I will be working from home for the foreseeable future, my wife is also working from home, but would like to transition to working for a non-profit. We love the outdoors: Hiking, going on walks, tennis. Would prefer golf year round, but as long as I’m able to hit balls, even if it’s indoors, I’m ok! Can’t stand the humidity, bugs, etc. Would like the cost of living to be fair. Doesn’t have to be extremely cheap like Alabama, Kentucky, etc., but shouldn’t be expensive like most of California, Colorado.
  4. Appreciate the suggestions guys, will give them a look! @puttnforthe8 I’ve actually been to Phoenix a couple of times and loved it! Definitely a little hot, but beats humidity any day
  5. My wife and I are a young couple looking to relocate in about a year. Looking for some suggestions on places we should check out! Doesn't have to be perfect, but we are looking for a place to find a good church home, friendly people, good affordability, good golf. Currently living in a very hot/humid area of the country, and would love to get slightly cooler weather lol.
  6. According to KBS's website, the 115 is the regular flex, while the 125 is the stiff flex. Is the profile actually stiffer, or is it simply heavier? I play the 115 version in my PM Grind 58* and have no problems with the shaft feeling loose or the ball flight being too high. 6i swing speed is 92-93 and don't load the shaft a ton for reference. My guess is that it's simply a weight difference, but would like to see if that is the truth or not!
  7. 40 on the front, 31 on the back. Oddly enough, the front nine at my home course at the time was much easier than the back. Had a 12 footer for eagle on 18 to shoot 30 on the back. They had just sanded the greens and was essentially more sand than grass on that green. Needless to say, missed it. Never thought I'd be upset to shoot -5 over 9 holes lol.
  8. Just one item for sale today. Current gamer, absolute bomber. Just not enough spin for me. PXG 0811x Gen 2 9* w/ Accra TZ6 M5 - $350 -> $300 -> $275. SOLD. Great condition. Edit: Realized I didn’t post face or top line pics. Will take them and send to anyone who’s interested.
  9. Reposting these after taking them down/sale falling through (It has been 1 month since previous thread was closed, just as an FYI for the mods). Accra TZ6 M5 65g - Keeping. 43 1/8” w/ TM adapter. Plays 44.5” installed. Accra TZ6 M5 75g - $120. 41” w/ TM tip. Plays 42” installed. Pured by TrueSpec Golf. Mizuno MP-25 4-Pw w/ X100 - Sold. 9iron shaft says S300, but the sticker was installed incorrectly when I reshafted at PGA Superstore. All shafts are X100. Standard length, 1.5* upright of mizzy standard (.5* upright of TM standard). Barely used MCC+4 standard
  10. Hey all, Will keep this short and sweet. Driver swing speed is 105-107 on average, 6 iron swing speed is around 91-92. I have always played x stiff shafts (used to swing faster), but I get into big trouble when I try to hit the ball too hard. My rhythm and tempo get overly quick and strike quickly goes out the window. My question is this: If I choose to play stiff flex shafts to encourage me to have a smoother rhythm and tempo (I play my best golf this way), am I going to have issues with launch and spin? I'm concerned about continuing to play x stiff shafts because I subconsci
  11. Sorry for the super late reply. They are 65 and 75, yes will separate if still interested.
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