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  1. UTX for me, the Z was a little too firm for my liking and I love the extra tack on the UTX. I always hit the UTX with a brass club cleaning brush to get the cord showing a little more right out of the jump. I also have always found Lamkin to last longer than GP for me. Both are solid choices but do play slightly different.
  2. call them and set up an RSV directly. There isn't ant reason to involve a third or fourth party. They have gone above and beyond with all of my repairs.
  3. Make it a third who looked for info on the metros, both Sunday and stand. Ended up with a Hoofer lite.
  4. I have this bag, the gray is very charcoal gray to me. I have seen a photo white a blueish hue but I think that’s all about what kinda light you have.
  5. For them to be off as much as you are seeing would be a triple step if not more. Stepping should only be a 1/2” difference
  6. To anyone in this thread with this issue, I had this happen to three of my i25 irons. Ping took care of it every time. Give them a call between 9-11 AM and get a n RSV. They are moving at normal speed with repairs. one of mine they offered to ship to a course I was visiting the next week so I would have it waiting on me. I am almost in the Atlantic Ocean, I sent irons in to be bent last week. They got them on Monday, and had them back out to me Wednesday, in my town distributor center by Friday.
  7. Leave it out In the sun for a day.
  8. I guess I should have been more specific, it’s curves significantly less for me. Which could be the difference in OB or not .
  9. Some final thoughts on this ball for me. I’ve played a little more with it and am swinging better. if you are a higher spin player who loses balls off the tee or misses a lot of greens due to curving shots, sacrifice the chipping spin and some distance off the tee and play this ball. It’s incredible how straight it flies off of all clubs. HOWEVER, if you are a player who can hit it in play and swing somewhere in the 105+ range, you are going to lose distance off the tee with this ball compared to a firmer offering. You may be closer to the middle of the fairway though. I also find this ball at least a half club longer on irons off the deck, sometimes a full club off the tee. So take that as a positive or negative. If you wanna hit nukey boy mid irons this is also your ball. It may make up for the distance lost off the tee. It’s a solid ball, feels soft and springy to me. That’s a love or hate thing. I will keep the rest of my dozen for winter.
  10. Recently got a 21 hoofer lite and I have a question. The legs seem to dangle a little when I pick the bag up in a casual manner or simply without alot of force. They also dont hang the same amount. IF I yank the bag up quickly the slap right up tight to the bag. Is there something I need to adjust? I have never owned a ping stand bag so please explain it like I am 5. Or if I simply have to yank this think up everytime its time to walk. I will try and get a photo shortly.
  11. This may be my favorite thread ever. I love seeing a pair of boots age, or watching the teeth marks and hook rash build up on a favorite fishing lure. hopefully others post their tools. I have a Pinehurst tool that I use regularly but I can’t say it’s worn down at all.
  12. Looking for folks who have played or handled both the tour velvet plus four and cross line plus. Are they fairly comparable in terms of size? I always found the lamkin butt ends to be larger than GP in midsize. Also in terms. If softness how does one compare to the others?
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