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  1. SUITS

    Stroke lab grip

    Does anyone know what grip the stroke lab grip is? Is it a one off for odyssey? I would like to put one on my old odyssey protype.
  2. I have big digging problems and the I series pings changed my game. Not to mention the high bounce glides . I went i20 to i25 and have been in them for 6 years or so now.
  3. The Nike blades still fetch decent money. Not sure on the cavities.
  4. Up for sale or trade. Ping g 3w with a ping tour 75x. Head has a particle of something in it, I cannot seem to snag it through the weight port. Only trades would be for atmos black 6s, cobra tip preferred, or odyssey 9 putters. $70 USA
  5. I went from Mizuno MP60 to i20 and now i25. It’s a shock at first looking down. However when you miss one on the toe it doesn’t hurt and still catches the front fringe, also a good shock. I will say the blueprint and mizzy 921 line make it move.
  6. I hope not for Webb Simpsons sake. Guy prob still has some pent up aggression from the first ban. Keeps chugging along, but he may snap.
  7. Is there a leather putter grip that is the similar pistol shape to the Winn AVS mid. I feel like most of the leather grips are more similar to the pingman shape.
  8. I am considering getting a putter fitting. I believe I have a true spec within reasonable distance. Anyone with any experience with their putter fitting? I know that some of the fitters can exclusively fit you for super expensive products. I am not looking to get fit into a $600 custom putter. I more or less just want to figure out all my specs and be able to order direct from a ping or odyssey.
  9. I have a question for those more physics inclined than myself. I have a cobra F9, with the standard 2 and 14 gram weights. How would the driver play if I put a 8g weight in both ports? What happens if I stagger them 10-6 or 6-10? In addition I have put a shaft into it with a RH adapter (LH head). When I put it into the draw setting of the sleeve is that also reverse like the loft? Does that actually promote fade instead of draw? So my +1-0D actually be -1.0 Fade?
  10. Footjoy hyperflex has a semi soft heel, not a internal plastic cup
  11. How steady are your GIR and proximity to the hole stats? As my iron and wedge game suffers so does my putting , which is only natural I would assume.
  12. Got these at the outlet, worn for one round and some around the house break in. Too stressful to keep clean. 11.5 $50 shipped. Would consider some mallet putters,
  13. It’s a i110cw stiff. We are gonna find out one way or the other I don’t hit too many fat with this driving iron. So hopefully that helps. I need it for four more rounds and I can replace it . Or go back to the x100.
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