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  1. What about when you walk in and your cat is filming Spider-Man 19 feline frenzy climbing up the mat on the wall?
  2. If you really want one, you can send your putter into ping and have it put on. They are holding up all of their grips for new ordered and maintenance orders. Won’t be seeing swing or putter grips available for a good bit. This is what I was told on the phone by multiple sources when sending in clubs and asking to buy grips.
  3. What grips match this Winn AVS dri tac shape? any of the leather best or grip master? Iomic? I see the Winn also has a gray option. I like this one but the color is kinda a bummer. It’s a black and blue camo type print.
  4. I have been in a 2 ball for ages and putting has been horrible for about two years. I walked into a store the other week and left with a Cleveland Huntington Beach soft 4. It feels so solid and didn’t hurt the wallet too much. they have tons of head shapes and a few necks out there to try
  5. Go putt with a Cleveland Huntington Beach soft. Sure it’s not as refined and milled from a block of material, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t feel amazing and can be had for a fraction of an OTR Scotty.
  6. Is it leather ? If it’s pleather or vinyl you may try some boat upholstery cleaner by star brite. Keep it off the fabrics of the shoe though.
  7. For those who practice putting a lot at home. How much mental equity do you have in seeing a ball actually go into a cup vs hitting a empty can, or glass or some object. I ask this because I think I value the ball actually going into a hole if I’m at a practice green or store so much more for some reason than what I have at home. I have a skilz mat but there is no hole to make it into. I have a putt out or I putt at an empty jar. I feel like my confidence would build and my practice would feel more fulfilled if I actually saw putts falling into a cup. Lumber is sky high right now so building a small raised platform may be out of the question but I’m considering it.
  8. Sorry, I was incorrect . No triple track in LH.
  9. I am a similar SS to you, I don’t have an aggressive transition. I wonder if it would still play for me. I played the Diamana D+ for years.
  10. Looking at an extra shaft slash replacement shaft for my G410 plus. I currently play the smoke blue RDX but it does spin a bit much sometimes for me. I was looking at the smoke green. It’s listed as slightly counter balanced and low spin. I have read the “hulk” is super boardy but I am looking at a standard stiff 6.0. Is it going to be a significant difference in spin? I can always loft up if the launch is super low.
  11. The strangest thing to me is my stroke feels completely different and my mental thoughts are different. I felt like with the mallet I was hitting the ball. For some reason with the Anser 2 style putter I and getting the sensation of brushing the ball in like a have a paint brush or broom. Not quite an open and shutting door but I’m looking at the hole and then producing the stroking motion to get it in there. Instead of hitting it at the hole.
  12. My putting has been an issue for many seasons. I have been putting for a while with a 33” 2 ball protype and flatso 3.0. After my most recent 5+ three putt round I obviously started browsing the classifieds and used sites. I also had a DSS gift card laying around. Popped in there for a grip and picked up one of the three lefty putters on the rack. It is a polar opposite of my current putter. 34” Cleveland soft 4 with a Winn AVS pistol. I’m not a putter aficionado but the 304 SS felt great. Maybe it was just the in store greens but the 6 footers were going in quite often. So different to feel a little tiny grip and plumbers neck swinging. anyone else make a drastic change in head shape, length, and grip? Did it last long term or was it a short honeymoon?
  13. It’s not a milled putter per say, but the first putter that made me consider the type of metal was actually a spalding TPM. That carbon steel with a pro V was a lightbulb moment.
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