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  1. Can anyone help me with the zoom victory tour sizing? I wore a 11.5 in my Nike running shoes and most other nikes.
  2. What difference if any will I see in the Dynamic Gold 120 in my utility iron vs the standard 130? I have a x100 soft stepped in it now and I like it, but I wouldn’t mind a few more yards and a little lighter for the end of the day swings. I didn’t like the steelfiber 110 as much. Is the 120 going to be similar to the 130 other than weight?
  3. Not sure , but I just didn’t feel confident looking down on it. I still think they are gorgeous in hand but I just didn’t feel great looking down on it. Prob my years of looking at more heft in my i25
  4. Well I went in for my fitting and I hit the zx5 terrible. I was also slightly intimidated by the look. I hit the i210 really well so I went that route. I’m sure they are great sticks, I’m thrilled with my F85 fairway and U65.
  5. I could never get my distance control from 135 and in dialed with the SS. I have hit lots of wedges that flew almost a whole club longer. They feel like they are exploding off the face though.
  6. Looking at new irons this year and I love the looks of the new ZX4/5 irons. I am a high bounce player, I play ping i25 and glide WS wedges. Are the srixon offerings good for digger type AOA? I love my u65 3 iron but it’s more of a tee club or a sweep from the turf.
  7. I will hopefully be taking the plunge today, I’ve been playing i25 for around 6 or 7 years. I plan on trying the 425 in a fitting this afternoon. The lead time is slightly alarming but it will be worth it I hope.
  8. I’ve always gotten along with the Diablo tour more than the gamer. I do recall some cover durability issues with the gamer with the urethane covers. Wedges would eat them up. The Diablo tour is a very solid ball for the price when they run the specials around holidays.
  9. I’m not even sure I could manage to tell the sound in the fitting room I will be in. I will be bringing V1x to get my numbers with.
  10. You all have me very excited. I’m really hoping they pair up well with my trusty x100s. I’m thinking I may end up switching my wedge setup from 56-60 to 54-58, but won’t know until I hit the 425 W and U. I hit the i25 W around 135, and U around 125, then I step to 115 and 95 with the 56 and 60.
  11. Any other low to mid reviews, I’m looking for my next long term set. I am a 7 cap. I’ve been as low as 5 , and been playing i25 for years now. I am loving the newer compact size and shaping with the bevels. Am I going to see some crazy difference in forgiveness from the “i” series? I would love some extra help on the misses, but am concerned the extra offset could exaggerate the pull miss I have. I play blue dot currently, would I be better suited going black std with the added offset?
  12. I’m more concerned with the bottom of the bag. I am worried about the 9-P-U gaps. I would go 5-U if I went all 425.
  13. Looking for info from G425 iron users about their iron gaps. And specifically if anyone has done split sets with the i210. I have been playing i25 for around 7 years. And one thing I love about them is how consistent my gaps between clubs are. I am hoping to demo both the i210 and g425 this coming week. Have you had any issues with the gapping in the 425 sets? I am looking for more forgiveness but also want consistency in my distance. I’ve never played a G series club so I am wondering how the thinner faces will do. I currently have a setup of, 20 U65, 4-UW (i25), 56, 60
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