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  1. Monte as always thanks for the insight. I'm assuming its not so much stalling my hips and instead letting my right elbow and hands catch up to my right hip? I can feel how this move would shallow things out and keep my right foot down longer but its a skipping a stone feeling which I'm not sure is too shallow. Also MoutainGoat I'm definitely trying to get used to weakening the grip and i'm struggling with how to open the clubface and hinge without whipping the club inside.
  2. Hi Everyone, just looking for some swing help as i've been working on getting rid of my over draw/hook and have been struggling with my ball striking. Recently weakened my strong (3+ knuckle) grip but now it looks like I'm whipping the club too far inside and i'm still closed at the top. I'm struggling with the first half of my back swing, trying to stave off the shut club face while not swinging too much around myself. Just looking for some simple swing thoughts to get things a little more on track. [media=] [/media]
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone! It'll be nice to hit the range with some things to work on.
  4. Hi all, I was hoping to get some help with the swing as I've been struggling with quick hooks for most of the season. I've struggled with a shut face as well as a huge in to out swing path (even if i'm set up square, my divots aim way right) causing me to always be weary of the duck hook. The video below is a thin drawing 6 iron that didn't feel great. I've been trying to open my face more in the back-swing while swinging more left on the downswing, but my contact is still inconsistent. Last night tried to hit some 5 irons with the ball toward the front of my stance to encourage finishing my swing, but I was still bottoming out before the ball and hitting fat hooks. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  5. Sorry for the poor quality of the video, but I was hoping to get some insight into the mismash of a swing you see below. I've been struggling with ball striking consistency, and as always, battling my friend the draw/hook/snap hook. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi Scratch, thanks for the reply, tempo has always been an issue as my friends have always joked that i'd hit the ball further if i could hit the ball during my backswing. Wedge and chipping misses are either thin or fat (thin when I consciously try to shorten my backswing, fat when I know my backswing is too long and i quit on it). I've tried to slow things down in the past but have struggled with my transition. Couldn't agree more that getting things synced up is needed.
  7. Thank you for the response Monte! Any video in your arsenal that you would suggest or should I put the 10:30 move on repeat.
  8. Haha advice noted! I definitely noticed that right heel when i slowed down the video, and have viewed your "shift to 10:30" video quite a few times in order to slow down my hips, but I always end up dumping the club even further inside when i try and keep that heel down!
  9. Hi everyone, It's time to get the winter rust off and i was finally able to hit the range and play my first 9 this past weekend. Yet again, my swing flaws from prior years haven't magically disappeared over the offseason (what I think are a closed clubface at the top, and an in to out downswing) so both the range and round were filled with more than a few vicious hooks. My aim is often much too far to the right as well, compounding the hook issue. I threw down clubs to aim my feet and clubpath during each swing yesterday and that seemed to help me focus on swinging down the line, but any other tips or advice would be great. Thanks in advance! [media=] [/media]
  10. My SS is about 100 and i love the feel of the UST V2 65 Regular in my Callaway FT-5. Previous driver had a UST 65 Proforce Stiff, and the Regular V2 is easier to load, yet can handle my hardest swings with ease.
  11. i still don't really know what to think! still hitting a club shorter than normal, also notice that the shafts definitely feel like they have more kick, sometimes to the point that i'm fighting a hook. Its just i don't think i want to spend more money getting a stiffer shaft installed if thats the case, and i'm nervous if bending the lofts 2 degrees stronger will affect the playing characteristics too much
  12. Sorry about not replying earlier, during my round i still noticed a loss of distance with the clubs, solid hits fly a little higher than normal, then drop faster than i am used to. I am unsure if the culprit is the increased loft of the clubs, the nature of the PX flighted shafts, or a combination of both. The feel of the shafts are really nice, i just wonder if changing the loft or shafts on the clubs would help flatten out the ball flight.
  13. Thank you to everybody for replying, i'm actually about to go play nine with them now, so i will pay close attention to the ballflight to see if they are ballooning or not. I'll give an update when i'm finished, thanks again!
  14. Hey everybody, I just recieved my X-20 tours (3-pw) with PX Flighted 5.5 shafts from Callaway last week and have played with them a couple of times. I absolutely love the feel and look of them but they appeared to be flying about a club shorter than i am used to. My previous set were Tayor Made 300 clones with Dynalite R/S shafts that i hit decently well, but i needed an upgrade. Last night i went out on the course, dropped a couple of balls and hit the seven iron from each set. There was no wind, and i was hitting similar balls, yet when both hit solidly, the Callaway was still flying about about a club short. I left the course and had the lofts checked on each iron, and the Callaway came to 34 degrees while my old seven iron came out closer to 32 degrees. Would this cause the X-20 tours to be flying a full club shorter? What are your opinions on the amount of spin the X-20's put on the ball? And even though i am not a very high ball hitter (ss 95-100 with Driver but didn't want a shaft that was too stiff, hence why i went with the 5.5), would it be worth sending the irons back to Callaway and getting them bent 2 degrees stronger? Thanks for all your help! Kevin
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