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  1. Forgiveness I’d say is the same, TWs feel much firmer. TWs dig a lot more which wasn’t good for me. If I were to guess yardages were the same, I’m saying guessing because my lofts are slightly different with some different shafts in them.
  2. I think it’s measurable in that the MCs are just slightly bigger looking which I think gives me a little more confidence to swing them
  3. Lol! I’m with you too. If I’m going to chunk it into a water hazard, I might as well look good doing it
  4. I would say heel / toe strikes P7MBs aren't that far off the MCs from a distance standpoint, you are going to definitely lose a little bit on both of them, the MCs do feel better when you miss them IMO. Where I find the MCs to be a tad more forgiving is on shots above / below the sweet spot. Going through the turf I found them to be pretty similar and got similar turf interaction. I wish I had launch monitor numbers for you. I've spent a decent amount of range time with both, but only my MBs do I have significant LM data. I love them both, and actually have a set of MCs on or
  5. Anything in particular you want to know? I currently game 4-pw in P7MB, came from P7TWs, Miura MC501, and P750s. Face height and length are shorter than TWs and are sit somewhere between the P730s and 750s. Shaping is similar to 730s, maybe a tad more rounded, not much. I like the soles a lot, the clubs go into the turf and just want to come out, vs the P7TWs would just dig for me. The soles are wider than the P7TWs and probably similar to the 750s with a touch more camber than both. Feel wise, they are definitely soft feeling, wouldn’t call them Mizuno soft, they have their own un
  6. Our dynamics are probably really different, but I went straight in for the 125TX from Modus 120TX and was a very easy transition. The shafts are stout when you just try to bend them in your hands, but when you swing them I don't think it feels that way. I'd potentially try going straight in vs SS and you could be pleasantly surprised.
  7. I'm guessing it's more of a play to the DTC / casual player crowd, not necessarily designed for the more savvy golf equipment person. Probably have to be careful not to cannibalize from the TM side of things
  8. Just saw this on Instagram this morning. Digging the old school vibes with it, has that infomercial feel to it, anyone hit it yet or seen it in person? https://www.adamsgolf.com/
  9. Been playing 125TX in the P7MBs for a few months now and love them. Came from Nippon 120Tx, and never going back. No bad vibrations, plenty stiff, solid ball flight and balances well. I'm never going back to steel
  10. I'm here in San Diego, and gave up looking for someone local outside of grip changes. Not the most economical or timely, but I send everything to Will Peoples.
  11. My speculation here and in no order: 1. Shafts are more consistent within models how, if I pull a tensei white off the line, it's going to be the same as the next tensei I grab 2. Better at creating different feels for a wider variety of swings 3. Shafts are matched up to todays club dynamic trend (Low and deep MOI, Higher launching lower spin heads etc) 4. More precise in controlling stiffness and feel at different parts of the shaft
  12. I'm liking them a lot! I came from playing the P7TW which looked really good to me at setup, like a really big faced blade, probably bigger than my 750s. But issue for me was turf interaction, if I caught it even a hair fat, the soles on the TWs were so thin and gave no margin for error. With the MCs and MBs I get that sole forgiveness back, and realistically they are pretty similar to 730 / 750, which were really good for me in that department
  13. I didn’t build mine, but my builder said it was a pretty standard build to get them to D3.5 where I play my irons
  14. Yeah I’d say it’s similar to a DG X100, maybe slightly softer than Modus 120tx, but not by much
  15. I am, 4-5MC 6-PW MB 47*PW 4* increments all the way through
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