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  1. Watching the Tour Championship and it looks like Morikawa has a TM putter that looks like the Bettinardi he used to use, but with an insert!
  2. I think that is the Tiger Wedge where it is a no charge upgrade
  3. It's super easy to put stickers on and I leave them on unless I'm playing a tournament round. I've done gapping sessions with mine and agree with the previous poster it has been a huge help to get different feels and stuff in your swing and how it impacts the club / club path. On course pros are using it to see how far the ball should be going based on how the strike it vs how far it went, I've tried the same and its been cool to see how that has impacted me on course, for example if on the range I'm hitting an 8 iron 160, on course I do the same swing and I see on quad 160, but in reality it only flew 155, then I know that at this specific yardage it is going to play 5 yards shorter.
  4. I believe the dots are tour heads vs retail, one dot = retail, two dots = tour. They are the same heads but the tour ones go through their extra QC steps make sure head weights are tight, grooves are at spec etc
  5. I went from Modus 120tx to MMT 125tx. For me, I personally felt that the modus were stiffer, but the MMT seemed to carry the heft of the shaft lower / have a lower balance point. These are things I just felt, probably not true for everyone but for my swing it was. Modus have lower spin and slightly higher launch as well
  6. Used the app to secure my pair. At first wasn't letting me select my size when it normally saves my size. I finally clicked on the size I wanted, and used apple pay to check out and got the order complete in a minute.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CL8X19ile7C/?igshid=148bin1ra4s1g My friend got a hold of a XX Autoflex and was hammering it, got one to 206 MPH ball speed with a range ball. This thing was playing 47” and I think head weight was mid 190s.
  8. Great shorts, slightly thinner than the lulus. Both good and I love that they have a slightly shorter inseam option
  9. I don't think they showed much, if any, of him yesterday. Golf Channel showed him this morning on the driving range and he had the Autoflex in there still.
  10. the shaft straight in my SIM is ~47" maybe just start there and trim down?
  11. Finally got my 505x installed, went straight in no trim and it's just about 47" installed in my head. I got head weight to 189grams and it is D2.5. TLDR: cool shaft, not some miracle shaft but has a lot of merit to it. Only have a range sesh with it so not going to compare numbers as it is hard to tell vs my gamer. Should get on a monitor this weekend. But in short this thing is just wild and so different than what we are so accustomed too. Honestly the hardest thing for me with the shaft was the length, I normally play 45", been trying out 46". Once I got the timing of the length of the club down it was game on. I will say this is not some miracle shaft for me, but there is some merit to it and definitely worth some time with it. For how whippy the shaft is just waggling it around, it doesn't feel that way swinging it. Not once did I feel like I was losing the shaft in the swing. Dispersion didn't seem dramatically different either, and from what I could tell it was flying off the face.
  12. I’ve hit the utility’s and they are a different beast then the standard MMTs. I play 125tx in my irons and they are perfect I tried the utility and thought it was a board, felt like PX7.0 to me
  13. I’ve been playing 45” in a 70g shaft, went to my same shaft in 60g at 46” and used to live high toe and my contact has shifted more center as well. I’ll see what happens when I get my autoflex as I’ll throw it straight in which makes it even longer.
  14. Curious, how long does it take to ship from Korea, and did everyone get a shipping notification? I paid two days ago and was about to reach out to the individual I had communicated with via email.
  15. I caved and ordered a 505x. Fun, albeit expensive, little tinkering experiment. I wanted to try and go longer and my driver and I guess this will be first foray into it. @Dcoop86
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