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  1. They are gorgeous clubs, way more gorgeous than my swing, I would love to add them to my bag and try to do them a little justice.
  2. [quote name='FullOfBrushMan' timestamp='1377211113' post='7728024'] Just curious but comparing SS grip sizes to this one. Mid+ is 1.15 in diameter and 40 grams compared to the SS Slim 2.0 which is 1.20 and 45-55 grams. It's basically a lighter, slightly longer 2.0. Oversize is 1.55 in diameter and 70 grams compared to The SS Slim 3.0 which is 1.30, 55-65 grams, or the Fatso 1.70, 85-95 grams. So basically the Oversized Salty is a slightly longer 4.0. Do they suggest to people that use SS 3.0s to buy the Oversize and then sandpaper down to their specifications? I currently use a SS 3.0 and I'm very interested in this grip. [/quote] I would email, Tweet, or Facebook these guys and ask this question. They are super fast at replying. I am not sure what the maximum recommended sanding is on these. It's cork all the way through, so I'd assume you could take off as much as you need, but there is a sealant that you might go below.
  3. Very mixed bag, which is kind of cool to see. Any idea what the 3 wood is?
  4. He might still use the long putter after '15... He just won't be able to anchor it.
  5. I cannot imagine ANYONE getting a 60˚ wedge to carry 115 yards unless they are seriously delofting it at impact.
  6. He clearly needs to join GolfWRX. Not only would he instantly have the game to be playing blades, he'd also carry his driver 310, and have a + handicap. In all seriousness, I find it telling that he admits to needing for forgiveness than these offer, but there are many who don't have nearly as good a swing as he does that can't admit the same.
  7. Also, for the several times per round that I need to bust out the backwards flop, anything sub 60 degrees is a no go.
  8. 60˚ with very little bounce is pretty much my go to club around the greens. I would honestly be lost without it. My SW is 55˚, and I feel like I can much more confidently put the ball where I want it and have it stay there with my 60˚. There are some cases where I will play a chip and run, but for the most part I like to land it and stop it with my 60˚. I really think the key is not being tenitive or decelerating with it. It can be difficult to take bigger swings around the greens for people.
  9. I use the line that's printed on my Chrome+ balls. I crouch down and put that line exactly on the line I want the ball on, stand over it and put the line of my putter on that line, and hit it. I often find that the line is not the line I would hit if I were lining it up standing over the ball, so I think it's better for me. It might not be for everyone, just as Super Strokes might not be for everyone, but I like it and it makes me more confident in my putts.
  10. I played my second round on mine yesterday, I really cannot overstate the amount of feel this grip offers. People who are worried about the lighter weight of the grip, I have found that it really helps me feel the putter head better. I am pretty excited to continue to get more and more time with it. I think if they could get one of these on a tour putter on television they'd be backordered for months.
  11. I still hit a TM R580XD driver... so 2003? It used to be a 300 dollar driver, now it's a 12 dollar one, just like the SLDR will be someday. I still like it, though I am kind of looking to replace it with the new technology.
  12. I went to the 2002 Memorial and went through the gates and walked up near the green at a par 3 (14 maybe?) and the first shot I see hit is Jim Furyk getting a hole in one. I was like, 'DAMN, these guys ARE that good!' This was an early round, but he ended up winning that year amid Tigermania.
  13. [quote name='straightedge' timestamp='1375919739' post='7627832'] I also threw in a vote for Dufner (-6). I would love to see Phil win another, but I am not sure if he will miss the rough enough. I think Zach is a pretty decent pick too. [/quote] So what do we win?
  14. I think Vijay Singh would have benefitted as well, he was putting together really solid seasons even in the era of absolute TW dominance. But maybe it was just the deer antler spray? /kidding It's difficult just to look who finished second to Tiger most because I think there was a time when entire leader boards would wilt in his presence.
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