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  1. Thanks, that's good advice, I will give it a shot. Nice to know that at least its in there somewhere, now to just find it consistently!
  2. Hey everyone, I have been working hard on my slight over the top move for ever. It's not terrible but leads to some fanned iron shots that are short right. Today at the range I set up a hitting station with an alignment stick in the ground at the angle of the shaft of the club, a bit behind the shaft (see photo below) that forces you to swing on plane and was just striping it. I was amazed at the instant feedback and improvement in my contact, distance and targeting. Just wondering if anyone else uses this drill and what you do to ingrain it, other than use the hitting station a bunch. Thanks
  3. I bought one about a 2 weeks ago, after trying all the usual suspects on a launch monitor. The st-z gave me the best launch and spin numbers by far (motore F3 stiff shaft). Plus the ball feels great off the face. It was a really interesting fitting as I was fit into a new TSi2 driver the week before. The TSi2 3 wood was good but the Mizuno was better and felt just as good or better.
  4. Yep another vote for the FJ hyper flex. Walked 18 first day out on a course with lots of elevation and they were fantastic. Really nice cushioning. Hopefully it lasts.
  5. Yeah the G425 was the worst of the bunch for me, and I didn’t like how the ball felt off the face.
  6. I got a much better launch angle from the stz. I was having a bit of trouble getting a proper launch angle with the tsi, especially off the mat. I don’t recall spin numbers. The feel off the face was fantastic. It was surprising since I had fit into such good spin and launch numbers with the tsi driver.
  7. I just had a fitting and hit everything from the Titleist TSi2 (which was the driver that worked best for me) to the cobra, Ping G425, Callaway, and the Mizuno gave me the best launch, spin and carry numbers and was also the one I made the most consistent contact with. I think its a great feeling fairway wood. Obviously your mileage may vary. I wasn't even thinking about a Mizuno wood but I'm sure glad I tried it.
  8. Yeah it’s like buying a really nice car that only turns right. It works but it’s not ideal. So frustrating. Maybe the forum should start a bag company!
  9. I have been going through the same thing. I have bought and returned both a hoofer and a hoofer lite. The club tangle was nuts especially in comparison with my 3.5. I really like the material of the Ping bags and the pockets but I don’t understand how anyone can stand the club issue. I really wanted to love them but it drove me nuts. I would love to know how the clubs go in and out of the FT. It would be great if someone would cross the 3.5 top and leg mechanism with the heavier construction on the Ping!
  10. Hey all, up for sale is a nearly new Callaway GBB Epic driver. 10.5 loft with a stiff HZRDUS green shaft, right handed, stock length. Excellent to like new condition. A couple tee marks but nothing else. Comes with cover and all accessories. The wrench and manual are still in the original packaging. $400 shipped Priority USPS CONUS.
  11. I have a 22 degree stage 2 hybrid that I hit 225 with a nice soft draw. Best club in my bag. Despite my best ho-ing efforts, nothing can knock this out of the bag, even with much newer clubs with premium shafts. Fantastic stick.
  12. Drink it. Be a man! No no your right. I'll send you my address and you can send it to me.
  13. Just got a kuro Kage from them new for 60 shipped. Came fast and was in perfect shape. Also answered question pretty quickly. I would definitely buy from them again. The shaft did have a demo plug in the end but looked new.
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