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  1. Only one item today, a MINT G425 10.5 driver head with 5g of hotmelt courtesy of Will Peoples. Has 2 rounds and 2 range session and I just couldn't not get along with it. Looking for $385 shipped
  2. Ideally I would like to keep them together, but if we can get a buyer for the heads and get close to my asking price I will gladly separate the head from shafts.
  3. Hi All, Looking a quick sale making room for some new toys. All prices are shipped via ups and OBO. All reasonable offers will be entertained. First Up, Mizunp JPX-921 Tour with C-Taper Lite S (4-P) Standard L/L. These have seen a handful of rounds and a few range sessions. Looking for $825 shipped obo SOLD Next a MINT 9.999/10 Sik Putter Pro C with headcover. This putter has saw a few practice sessions on the carpet and 1 round. My loss if your gain. Looking for $325 Shipped obo Finally Llke New Srixon ZX Utilty 4/23* bent to 22*. this looked so good, but I am not a driving iron guy. $165 shipped. SOLD
  4. Curious, what didn't you like about the apex hybrid build?
  5. @bonescu They are standard Length 6 iron is 37.5" and standard TM p770 lie which I believe is 62* they are also standard loft.
  6. I went 105tx cause of the weight of the shaft. These thing feel awesome! I will say the mmt do play firm to flex and so happy I soft stepped them. Next time around I will be hardstepping the stiff.
  7. Happy Holidays, Looking to clear out some toys to make room for some new ones on the way! All Prices are shipped prioirty/UPS. All reasonable offers will be entertained. Please let me know if you have any questions of need additional pics. First Up ... a set of 9.9/10 Taylormade P770 with Mitsubishi MMT 105TX SSx1 (5-P)only 5-P are shafted with MMT; 4 iron has stock KBS tour. Set was build by Will Peoples and has seen only 2 range session. I have over $1900 into this set but have decided they just arent for me. My loss is your game ... looking for $1400 4 iron has been sold separate. $1250 $1150 Shipped OBO. Next up a set Epon AF-Tour CB (5-P) w/ Oban CT115 hs x1. Build by Joe Kwok. I have used these for approx 15 rounds and numerous range sessions. They still look AMAZING! Looking for $1050 $975 Shipped OBO SOLD Next a set of EPON Tour Wedges 50,54,58. These were my gamers for the majority of last season. Sole does show some where and has some bag chatter but they still have plenty of life. Face and Grooves are still sharp! Looking for $135/$115 club or if you buy the set $300 Shipped OBO SOLD pin 12/17
  8. Hi looking for a quick sale of my Epon AF Tour CB irons built by Joe Kwok. Standard Lie / Loft / Length. Shafted woth Oban ct-115S hs x 1. Irons were played for approximately 15 rounds and in very good shape. Looking for $950 shipped OBO all reasonable offers will be entertained.
  9. Just a few items for sale today, all items are OBO and all reasobale offers will entertained. First up is a 9.99999/10 Custom SIK DW Putter with White 135 LAGP Putter shaft 34" with 10g weight reduciton. Bought this on one of of those lonely COVID nights and my loss if your gain. Currently this 135g LAGP shaft is backordered. Will entertain selling the shaft separately but prefer to keep it together. Looking for $650 OBO shipped. Shaft Only $350 Shipped. SOLD Next up a Brandnew set of Srizon Z Forged irons 4-P with Modus 120S. . Grips still have the wrapping on them with the expection of the 6 iron, which I did swing in the house. Looking for $650 Shipped OBO SOLD Next TS2 21* (+.5") and 23* Titleist Hybirds with Tensei Pro White 90s tipped 1". These were also pruchased on another lonely COVID night to replace my current hybrid setup, but I was not a fan of the "feel". They have 2 rounds on them, but essentially perfect. Once again my loss is your gain. Looking for $150 OBO shipped Last if a Raw Tensei Blue 75tx with Taylormade tip used for 5 rounds, Cut to play 42.5". Looking for $160 OBO shipped pin 11/11
  10. Hi All, got a few items up for sale today. All prices are shipped to the lower 48. Willing to ship to Canada but buyer will pay difference in shipping. All reasonable offers will be entertained. First up are a set of EPON tour wedges. 50/54/58 with MODUS 125 wedge shafts. They are have about 15 rounds on them and are in good shape. The sole of 58 is starting to show the copper underneath. There are plenty of life on the groves as they show little wear. These are the best feeling wedges but have moved onto to some JK customs. -- $150 obo per club or $400 obo for the set. Next up is a set of Miura MC-501 4-P with OBAN CT-115S. They have 5 rounds on them and are in 9/10 condition. They show minimal bag chatter and wear. -- $1800 obo Lastly is a Srixon 3 Hybrid ZH85 with Hazard black 6,0. This has 5 rounds on it. I bought it on a wim but never got along with it. -- $100 obo
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