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  1. If you watch this WITB with Dechambeau he explains at around 50 seconds why they look different lengths, basically they get stuck together in the bag.
  2. First up are new TM balls I'm no longer in need of as I've switched to Srixon. They are all custom #72. TaylorMade Custom #72 4 Dozen $130 Second up is a club in good condition. I'm pulling the shaft for another project so selling the head only. Price is shipped and PP'd. Titleist 716 T-MB 3i Head Only! $old Next are some nice MB's. Clubs are in good shape with normal bag chatter. All matching serial numbers standard loft and lie. 8i face has more wear than the rest of the set, figure previous owner like to use it as his range club. Titleist 716 MB 4-PW Heads Only! $old Also selling my Callaway Apex 2 Hybrid with KBS 95s+ Hybrid shaft. Also comes with original KK X-Flex shaft as well. This club is awesome but I just can't get along with hybrids of any type. 99% sure it's in my head. Callaway Apex 2 Hybrid $old Last up is a nice V series Heavenwood I reshafted with a UST Elements Earth shaft. Added 10g to the tip and plays shorter than stock. I really loved this club but at 20.5* it went almost as far as my 3w. I'm switching to a 20* iron instead to bring the distance down some. Comes with the original shaft I pulled as well. Callaway V Series Heavenwood $old
  3. The XP launch higher spin more have an overall softer feel.
  4. Hi Christopher, The plus sign shows that those are upright heads. There is nothing different about them other than their lie angle. If you have any more questions, let me know. Regards, Tyler Olson Customer Service Agent Srixon / Cleveland Golf / XXIO
  5. I learned from the Jim’s. Jim McLean and Jim Hardy. Spent some time learning Bennett and Plumer, and have been into the simplicity of Mike Malaska of late. Short game was influenced a lot by Stan Utley for feel. Coaching style is my own but I draw from those influences when working with people.
  6. ??? Wouldn't the shaft length decide if they played standard length with shafts from Mizuno, not the heads themselves? Sometimes when they are +1/2" the builder will use lighter heads or heavier heads when shorter. Sometimes referred to as B heads.
  7. I'm starting to think my choice of MCC+4 Align Grips is holding back my order. They seem to not be a choice anymore if you place an order today.
  8. Compared to some older clubs I've played. The blade size is actually small compared what I'm used to (Ping i25)
  9. I ordered on the 2nd and no ship notice yet. 4-PW with Recoil 110
  10. I bounce between a 2 and 5 handicap and I'll be gaming these. (Replacing my z745 & MP68's) I'd say, based on what my high handicap friends play, they would fit in the bag of just about anyone who can find the center'ish of the club face. The P790 have about a gold dollars size middle that is playable, if you stay in that area you'll do well, high and low shots on the face do well. Toe side further out drops off about a full club but with some help to keep it from getting too far right. Heal side is just as bad as any other blade - SGI. Heal hits are fades with more than a club distance loss.
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