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  1. Yes but what also floats in water?
  2. Since when does big cat play trackman golf? I thought bozo was the only “serious” golfer?
  3. In the flesh! I bailed for a while ( more like 2015 than 2013, but who's counting, am I right??) After I had a son, got really busy, and didn't play much golf for a couple years. Now I'm back at my golf game with a vengeance. As for the site, I'm more of a casual user now than the "super user" I was in my former life, but I still enjoy the site and lurk on the BST almost daily. This will always be 'home' Outstanding. Congrats on the baby boy and congrats on getting back to the game. Much respect for being able to complete drop the game to focus on the family. Also congrats on probably
  4. Woah woah woah. Is this THE duffners waggle???? I haven’t heard from duffners waggle since 2013. When did he come out of retirement??? Duffners waggle !!!!
  5. I wish I could give a more thorough answer but I've had the 714s since they came out, I want to hit the newer models but I can't get rid of the 714s. Too solid. Or I'm cheap and dont want to drop a grand to upgrade. Or both. Cant go wrong with these sticks as long as you're comfortable with the shaft
  6. Once every two or three weeks. When I cant make it to the gym I have a short home workout routine to keep the 4 muscles I have from disappearing completely, that I try to do a couple times a week, it takes less than 25 mins (push ups, curls, squats, lunges, etc.). My best advice is keep lifting but lift less weight with more reps. Think about long limber muscles vs short and tight. Also dont fall asleep on the lower back, YouTube "lower back stretches". Longevity. You need to be able to beat your kids and grandkids and golf well into the future.
  7. Unreal. I hate that. That's my biggest fear. You been to a dr? Hoping some ice and rest is all that's needed and not some type of surgery?
  8. I'm not one to give unwanted advice....but I think you're doing it wrong?
  9. Hunter Mahan had kids, that one is self explanatory. He's making a come back, he's grinding on the web.com it won't be surprising when he gets his tour card back Not sure about lingmerth
  10. Don't forget you have limits on IRA contributions. 5500 per year if you're under 50 years old, 6500 per year if you're older than 50
  11. Masters hangover. It's a real thing.
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