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  1. Yes and it was just perfect timing too. I have been trying to unload mine for a month. I started high and every week I have to lower the price significantly to keep up with these sellers. They have gone from $175 down to now $115 in a matter of 2 weeks...
  2. You could easily sell the fairway shaft and buy a brand new hybrid shaft and new adaptor. Hybrid heads normally weigh more than fairway heads. No the fairway adaptor will not work in the hybrid.
  3. Kind of odd to see the whole TM crew not driving the ball as well as we're used to...
  4. What was wrong with the Ventus Black in the 4 wood?
  5. Well whatever shaft he had in the 10.5 SIM2 Max driver today, the combo failed. He couldn't hit his go to cut. I could not tell if it was this shaft, his trusty speeder, or a Ventus Black. The head, shaft, or both won't make it the rest of the tournament...
  6. Looks like DJ almost went through an entire box of driver heads... Those are some great glimpses into what seems to be an epic trip. Awesome job by everyone.
  7. Excited for this! Like QuigleyDU said these events are the best. Can't wait to see and read more guys. Thank you Golfwrx and thank you Taylormade for setting this up.
  8. How about the O.G. UST Proforce V2 super boardy and low torque. I had the 76-X tipped 1" in the Rocketballz Tour head years ago and I remember it feeling very telephone pole like. I would imagine trying a shorter driver you would want to go heavier?
  9. https://thepeoplesclubs.com/fujikura-ventus.html Red 8X is backordered, but you will see that there are far more options in comparison to many other retailers.
  10. Fujikura Ventus Black 6TX tipped 1" playing at a little under 45.5". Dispersion is far better and it is even more anti-left compared to the Rogue White I had previously.
  11. @Fujikura Golf may want to come in and give some info since it sounds like they have piqued the interest of many on the forum. I would say go untipped to start and leave it at a longer playing length to leave room for tipping if necessary.
  12. How much did you tip the Black 6x?
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