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  1. From past posts about warrantees outside the 2 year window have ranged from being lucky and getting a replacement, getting a 30% discount code, and being told no....
  2. That's what many members, including myself have said in the past about photo leaks. As far as I know there has never been a faux photo release. Plus there have been a few members who have seen it and hit it that vaguely described the drivers and these photos floating around confirm they are in fact the 2021 Taylormade driver series.
  3. They look like pictures of a PowerPoint presentation.
  4. They all look draw biased, or maybe the SIM2 is neutral and the Max and Max D are draw biased. The front weight progresses closer toward the heel through the line. Also the front weight on the SIM Max looks moveable, it appears as though there is a small track to make it even more draw biased?
  5. These TM driver release threads have been the same for a few years now.. a ton of predictions followed by extremely vague info about looks and performance from reps and fitters, and a few photos like the one I saw on here that in my opinion looks like someone took from a PowerPoint of the product presentation. The photos get taken down every time because Taylormade owns the copyrights of those images and the moderators come on and say the photos will be removed and cannot be posted until Taylormade says the embargo is lifted. I checked this forum at least 1000 times before I saw a peek. T
  6. I am not Taylormade Golf nor am I paid by them, simply a long time fan. So the "condescending/distasteful " or what I would say an answer as to why Taylormade may not want the photos leaked was not from Taylormade, but by another enthusiast such as yourself. Photos get leaked because people take pictures when a product is introduced to the vendor. Sometimes it may be a salesperson/rep and sometimes a customer who shows up at the right time when a rep brings product to store to introduce the staff to the new product. That's how they were leaked. And you're correct I should not have been so broa
  7. This isn't suppression of free information. This is a product that has company deadlines that must be met to include manufacturing and that also requires vendors to have training worldwide in order to be knowledgeable about the product they will be fitting/selling. Also Taylormade appears to be benefiting greatly from the slower release cycles that gain hype amongst the consumers including everyone here, otherwise there wouldn't be 15 pages of people just asking for pictures.
  8. It sounds like the crown popping off isn't all that uncommon as well. I read one guy only had his for one range session before his went flying off...
  9. We're you sastified before that happened? That sucks regardless, but at least it will be replaced.
  10. I must have received one of the last 9* SIM heads as a warranty replacement as I filed my claim on 9/30 and recieved it on 10/31.
  11. Masters for sure. I will watch the high.. err lowlights of the Chargers later.
  12. So far, the only thing I don't like is all the blue, but if the color is customizable that shouldn't be an issue for anyone. It doesn't look like the weights interchangeable from the only pic I saw. I will be testing this against my SIM for sure.
  13. I went to the range the last two days to test the SIM since the weather is beginning to turn here in the PNW. I don't have my 21g rear weight yet, but I did have lead tape. I'll start by saying I haven't played as much as usual this year and I have hit the gym quite a bit so I'm swinging faster and have not had a chance to put any work into my swing with the speed increase. Day 1 My warm up was awful... I couldn't make solid contact with anything above my 7 iron until I hit my 3 wood. Absolutely love the 3 wood even though I'm contemplating an upgrade. Anyway, I hit a few bal
  14. You're enjoying this aren't you....
  15. I was hoping blue and volt accents but after QuigleyDU's comment I had a feeling blue or volt would be a main color. Is it comparable to this driver Continental Golf refinished or are we talking Nike Vapor Fly.
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